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Tempted From NEW YORK TIMES And USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Maya BanksPregnancy, Passion And The End Of Innocence Ashley Carter Had Saved Herself For Devon Carter, And It Was Worth It Now She Wants Their Passion To Last In Holy Matrimony But Her Dreams Of True Love Are Crushed By The Discovery That Their Marriage Is Another Of Daddy S Business Deals Her Strategy Act The Part Of Perfect Wife And Make Devon Love HerBut Devon Misses The Bubbly, No Holds Barred Woman His Wife Used To Be Who Is This Ashley With The Steely Demeanor Of A Society Wife And Will He Find A Way To Rekindle The Fire In Her Eyes Especially Now That She S Pregnant TEMPTED Was Originally Published As Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss

About the Author: Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

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    Holy shit Y all, this is bad This is the gold medal winner of the Bad Romance Novel Olympics The platonic ideal of bad It is so bad I enjoyed every page because I knew it could only get worse, and it never let me down.Okay, so you have the heroine, Ashley Ashley is a 23 year old college graduate whose list of things she doesn t understand contains the fo

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    Re read I actually added a star on re read That doesn t happen too often I wassympathetic to the heroine this time around I don t know why maybe I haven t read about any sweet heroines lately thus the angst wascompelling Hero is still an ass This isn t the edition I read Note to self it was Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss Never Too Late The story at end was dreadful

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    I ve often said that Maya Banks has found the perfect recipe to write a Silhouette Desire, a fraught situation and deception and a perfect blend of a hero who starts out as a jerk but is felled by an awesome heroine and best of all he has to work to get her back This is the third book in the series about four friends and as we ve heard in the other two books Devon the her

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    Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss is the third book in Maya Banks Pregnancy and Passion series, and another great story Like the other books in the series, the plot isn t terribly unique, but Ms Banks has taken what would have been predictable, fleshed it out, tweaked it and made it into something distinctively hers About the bookDevon Carter is all about business He s smart, determin

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    Ask Margo advice column excerpt Dear Margo, I am pregnant for the first time and realizing that the father is a complete fraud devoid of any decent human emotions I really love him, though, so I m going to try to change myself into the automaton he says he wants Signed Expecting Dear Expecting Him to Change His Behavior,Dump him You don t need him, and all the toxic behavior isn t good for

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    I ve been thoroughly enjoying the Pregnancy and Passion series and the third book doesn t disappoint Ashley s has been waiting for the right man and the right moment, and she believes it didn t get anyperfect than Devon Carter right here, right now But what Ashley doesn t know is that her seduction has been carefully planned by Devon, as part of a business merger with her father When she learns the

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    I hate to say it, but I love this book.Ashely is a sweet bubbly verging on airhead heroine who adores Mr Stick up his Derriere Devon with an eye on the prize Watching Ashley reel in horror over the MoC her father sets up with the man she loves is somehow enjoyable, and that is so sick Maya Banks has quite the varied style, and I love all of her Pregnancy Passion books I don t know what it is about the huge

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    4.5 starsI was excited to be able to preview this third installment in Maya Banks Pregnancy and Passion series The first two installments were solid 4 star reads for me, but this is my favorite so far.Ashley has a pure, sweet, vivacious personality and her excitement in finding her dream man was a joy to experience Of course, there would not a story if everything stayed on that path Devon courts and proposes to her

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    H was A level jerk and the angst was extremely high my heart ached for the sweet h that s why I liked it very much.

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    This one just didn t do it for me Mostly because the storyline was a done deal with hundreds of different variations in between And there was nothing spectacular with this one either.Ashley was the daughter of a wealthy businessman with whom Devon had been negotiating for a merger with his own company And when he was offered the merger with a condition that he take Ashley to be his wife, Devon thought nothing of it and agreed with th

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