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The Road to Wealth: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Money Suze Orman S Bestsellers The Steps To Financial Freedom And The Courage To Be Rich Changed The Way People Think About Their Money, Helping Them Overcome Their Emotional Roadblocks To Financial Freedom Now, Suze Delivers A Fully Accessible And Authoritative Resource, Loaded With Information Critical To Every Stage Of Readers Financial Lives The Road To Wealth Provides Readers With Practical Answers To All The Questions They Might Or Should Have About Their Financial Futures Sound, Straightforward, Fiercely Honest, And Easy To Understand, Suze S Advice Gives Them The Knowledge And Power To Create A Strong, Debt Free Foundation Amass Assets And Protect Them Through Economic Downturns Buy A Home To Provide For Loved Ones Invest With Confidence And Navigate The Market In Good Times And Bad Secure Reliable Income For Their Later Lives

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    I bought this on impulse over a decade ago, in the halcyon days of browsing and buying in brick and mortar bookshops Suze Orman was only a vague name to me I hadn t, and still haven t, ever even heard her voice After giving the book a few initial glances, it lay very prettily for years, surviving my occasional purges Finally reading it was a dry affair, but what began

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    The book had some good information, but the last chapter was a bit off the rails, in my opinion The chapter on annuities was particularly enlightening, as Orman does not recommend them Even though the information regarding taxation may be changing very soon, this book provides a good primer for familiarizing oneself with all of the financial options available.

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    This book just didn t have enough new information for me to justify having read it Maybe it would be beneficial someone who knew absolutely nothing about personal finance, but for anyone with even a modicum of knowledge, this book will be boring.

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    Less of a help guide to finances andof a biography through a financial lens Not what I expected at all, there are better books for those who want financial advice Best for those who care about people s life stories

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    Ton of questions, but the answers are a paragraph or less Better info on blogs

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    An excellent read

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    What is delivered in this book is a clear explanation and sound, sage advice If you want to take control of your financial life and make realistic decisions that will help you to thrive, then you will want to read this book I like the no nonsense language The book is easy to understand and the recommendations are easy to implement Over the years since I first read this book, I have found it to be a

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    Suze Orman is widely popular, being on the Today Show, Oprah, CNN, her own radio shows, etc This is a really good reference book I think I will be buying one for my own library This is a large book 597 pages and covers EVERY aspect of personal money from mortgages, savings, all insurances, stocks bonds mutual funds, etc Very good reference on some tax laws that most people get confused on, and lots of g

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    I m two disks down, and I feel instead of a road to wealth that it s a get out of debt question and answer book Anyone can google and find out all the information that is presented It s also ironic that I am finding her peppy motivational style of speaking a little annoying when all she is saying is, APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It s like she s trying to make a phone book sound really interesting S

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    I love Suze Orman I think that she is right on with her empowering approach to personal finance This book provides answers to so many questions that it can be a little overwhelming It s like listening to hours and hours of her show I like that format because it brings up scenarios that I don t even have the knowledge to imagine For reading cover to cover, though, it s a bit daunting and sometimes boring I liked r

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