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The Sheikhs Claim (Desert Nights #2) Their Tempestuous Relationship Had Crashed And Burned, And Lujayn Morgan Had Left Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan To Marry Another A Man Who D Died Soon After And Then Jalal And Lujayn Had Met Again And Shared One Unforgettable Night Now There Is No Denying That Lujayn S Son Belongs To Jalal.Marriage Is The Only Answer But Jalal Is A Contender For The Throne Of Azmahar This Unexpected Heir Could Break Him Or Be The Key To Winning If Only He Can Prove To Lujayn That His Claim Is Not For Their Son Or For The Kingdom, But Only For Her.

About the Author: Olivia Gates

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    Lujayn Morgan and Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan had carried on a secret affair for four years, until she walked out and married his wealthy best friend Now that her husband is dead, with only a touch, she succumbs to Jalal and they share an unforgettable night proving their passion is still alive In the morning she pleads with him

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    This story is so full of twists, turns and fabulous characters I could hardly put it down This is the first book I ve read where I actually was on the hero s side from the very beginning, despite what appearances were showing.The intense, searing emotions in this story had my heart rate doubling.It was heartbreaking reading about Ja

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    Those who know me know that I love a good sheikh book and that I think that OG is one of the best in writing about them, but I am sorry to say this one just didn t hit the mark.It was just a bit too busy, it was well over the top with all the drama and it just didn t seem like a sheikh book A lot of the drama wasn t fully explained especia

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    For the second book in the Desert Knights series, there are secrets to discover and devious manipulations that must be overcome before genuine happiness can come into the lives of its spirited couple Olivia Gates once again delivers when creating a sheikh hero who conveys alpha tendencies yet can be brought to his knees by one female Since he bel

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    The Sheikh s Claim has it all Fantastic, emotional writing like no other, matched hero and heroine who strike a lightning storm off each other from start to finish, very good reasons and rationalizations for the misunderstandings and why it wouldn t have worked in the past between them, and an actual and highly interesting plot in the background set amo

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    Too much over the top drama and I had a hard time following what was going on I also felt that the heroine marriage wasn t explained, did she love her husband Was it a real marriage Heroine had been involved with the hero for four years, but well they never cleared the air, she was a model and her mom a servant of the hero s evil mother She thought she was his

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    Olivia Gates is sooo talented I love how she builds the relationships in her books You feel what the characters feel and root for both You ll want to read all of her books after reading one.

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    Wow this book had drama on overdrive I felt myself wanting to cry at the end Some people are just to evil to live Good job to the writer Will we ever find out who becomes King

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    Hot passionate romance at its best Will take you away to a different way of life great for escapism Highly recommonded

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    3.5 stars As always, Gates delivers with the scorching sex scenes, opening with one of hate revenge sex, but I found this one harder to get into than others I ve read.Part of it was time jumpy we start with the hate sex, almost on top of her husband s coffin, two years after Lujayn left Jalal and IMMEDIATELY married his once best friend , which was after Jalal and Lujayn had had a secret

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