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The Greek's acquisition She owns his family s key island of Eireene and wants to sell it to him to pay for her moms cancer treatment her mom and his dad were lovers He hates her mom They had affair when she was very young and she lost the baby Seven years have passed When dealing with the devil It s taken years for the Dimitri Kalakos sized hole in Louise Frobisher s heart to heal Yet now she has to face him once again she needs the ruthless magnate s financial help but absolutely nothing Be prepare The sins of the fathers It s amazing how children, no matter what pain and unhappiness their parents may cause them, will still love them This is exactly what this lovely book by Chantelle Shaw is about.Louise Dimitri had become very close but due to the circumstances surrounding the affair between her mother and his father, were so cruelly torn apart.Years later Louise is forced to ask Dimitri, who has become a ruthless tycoon, for financial help.Though he s not shy to make his feelings towards her mother quite clear he utterly hates her is unable to deny the feelings he still has for Louise, even thinking that she s just like her detestable mother.He agrees to help her but it comes with a price Geez these billionaires.why can t he just help her with no strings attached But no, nothing is for free Okay, so the story started a bit slow for me..and then I began thinking that I had read this When Dealing With The DevilIt S Taken Years For The Dimitri Kalakos Sized Hole In Louise Frobisher S Heart To Heal Yet Now She Has To Face Him Once Again She Needs The Ruthless Magnate S Financial Helpbut Absolutely Nothing Be Prepared To Play With Fire Louise Is Offering The One Thing Dimitri Thought His Money Couldn T Buy The Greek Island That Should Be His She Thinks She Can It was a story of the past, similar to so many others though The heroine needed money to help her sick mama and the hero needed a mistress Little did they both know, that they loved each other but in order to have a future they must discuss the past A past where the he The Greek s AcquisitionThis was about two people who meet because of his father s betrayal to his wife Her mother had become his mistress and broke the family apart She was never really loved by her own mother But she loved her They had an affair seven years ago and was torn a Chantelle Shaw know to write romance in such a magical manner that you will feel like the princess who finds her prince.In the Greek s Acquisition she has done so again Strong and powerful characters,each with a background that in the end brings them together and a with a secret that simply shocked The setting was perfect for romance,the author s plot brilliant and I was transported to a world of captivating and delicious romance.The dialogue was somewhat quick and witty at times and at others so passionate it moved me very deeply.Lo RomanticA great story with two wonderful characters, I was taken away on love and heartache A must read for all the romantic s out there Sexy, delicious and oh so compelling, Chantelle Shaw s The Greek s Acquisition is vintage Modern Romance Louise Frobisher is desperate She needs to raise enough money for her terminally ill mother to have a life changing operation that could give her the much needed second chance she so desperately craves Having exhausted all other avenues, Louise realizes that the time has come for her to swallow her pride and come face to face with the one man who had shattered her heart and destroyed her confidence handsome Greek billionaire Dimitri Kalakos Louise has never managed to forgive Dimitri for his cruel betrayal nor has ever managed to vanquish him from her heart Yet, Louise is prepared to do anything to save her mother s life even beg the one man she has never stopped loving for mercy Dimitri had been gobsmacked when Louise had walked through the doors of his luxurious offices and he was absolutely stunned when she made him a business proposition for the one thing he thought his money couldn t buy the beautiful island of Eirenne Dimitri had been yearning to possess Eirenne for years yet Louise had always refused to sell it to him So what had prompted this sudden change of heart Wearing a designer dress straight off the Parisian catwalk, eye wateringly expensive shoes and exclusive items of jewelry, Louise does not look like she is desperate need of cash Dimitri is convinced that his former flame is keeping something Good but predictable 3.5 stars The story is good but too predictable, too familiar Same old plot A helpless h in immediate need of money to save her dying mother, an arrogant H who thinks she is a gold digger, a blackmail, the big question

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