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The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology This is a collection of short stories with the common theme of the God Machine, an elusive entity from the new World of Darkness game setting What is the God Machine That s a question I don t know the answer to even after reading the book The damn thing is not only elusive but wrapped around layers of mystery, plus this is only the appetizer for the actual game book World of Darkness The God Machine Chronicle, which I have yet to read But did I give it two stars because I didn t unders This is a collection of short stories with the common theme of the God Machine, an elusive ent Very good horror weird fiction anthology. The stories are ok, in a very twilight zone sense.I enjoyed a number of them, while others are merely ok The problem is there is little connecting them, and I ve never been a huge fan of short story anthologies.But if you like short stories, and horror, you will love these. A couple of stories were sublime Voice of the Angel, Stories Uncle Don Told Me, Concession, Diamonds , but most of them were alright, and a couple were simply awful All in all, an adequate anthology of metaphysical horror stories organized around the theme of The God Machine. There are definitely some five star stories in here There are also some that aren t P Overall, I enjoyed the collection Story quality varied, and a number of typographical errors managed to creep in Full review to follow soon. Meh Good writing Chaotic anthology. In 2004, The World Of Darkness Rulebook Introduced A Concept That Intrigued, Tantalized And Inspired Readers And Players, And Left Them With The Question What Is The God Machine You Hold In Your Hands The Book That Might Answer That Question Or Might Simply Complicate It.The God Machine Chronicle Anthology Contains New Fiction By Justin Achilli, Eddy Webb, Stew Wilson, David A Hill Jr, And Many Others, As Well As Previously Published Stories By Chuck Wendig, Ray Fawkes, Rick Chillot And Matthew McFarland All Of These Tales Feature Encounters With The God Machine, And Serve To Pave The Way For The God Machine Chronicle Itself.What Rises May Fall What Has Fallen May Rise Again. Entertaining read.

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