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104 Horses This was a fantastic book which appealed to me because I love animal stories, but turned out to be a history lesson told by a woman who was affected greatly I loved this book, in spite of the gruesome tragedies that befall the horses. A gripping, poignant story, especially as the events are so close to home I had to pre read this book for my 10 and 12 year olds who love horses, but found it drawing me in and So many fled Zimbabwe because of Mugabe s terror I admire Mandy and Pat s tenacity, and their love and care for the horses amidst huge obstacles, including rustling, lack of qualified vets, new diseases, inbreeding due to lack of paperwork, horsemeat for lions, horsemeat stolen for people, ventures corrupted, and worthless pensions At times the story was slightly confusing, simply because they had to uproot and abandon their farms so often as the war veterans advanced, and because so many of the horses are described and characteris A Letter Is Handed To You In Broken English, It Tells You That You Must Now Vacate Your Farm That This Is No Longer Your Home, For It Now Belongs To The Crowd On Your Doorstep Then The Drums Begin To Beat As The Land Invasions Gather Pace, The Retzlaffs Begin An Epic Journey Across Zimbabwe, Facing Eviction After Eviction, Trying To Save The Group Of Animals With Whom They Feel A Deep And Enduring Bond The Horses.When Their Neighbours Flee To New Zealand, The Retzlaffs Promise To Look After Their Horses, And Making Similar Promises To Other Farmers Along Their Journey, Not Knowing Whether They Will Be Able To Feed Or Save Them, They Amass An Astonishing Herd Of Over 300 Animals But The Final Journey To Freedom Will Be Arduous, And They Can Take Only 104 Horses.Each With A Different Personality And Story, It Is Not Just The Family Who Rescue The Horses, But The Horses Who Rescue The Family Grey, The Silver Gelding The Leader Brutus, The Untamed Colt Princess, The Temperamental Mare One Hundred And Four Horses Is The Story Of An Idyllic Existence That Falls Apart At The Seams, And A Story Of Incredible Bonds A Love Of The Land, The Strength Of A Family, And Of The Connection Between Man And The Most Majestic Of Animals, The Horse. One Hundred and Four Horses offered an exciting tale of adventure, not the kind you look for, and resilience Resilience of family, love and the will to survive and help your herd survive The author, her family, and their herd of horses face trials than you could think Never once does the author curse the universe for her plight, she simply faces it with her family, and they make a plan over and over to deal with the obstacles that are before them I was inspired by her resilience, but also unexpectedly I am reminded that I am stronger than I know, and that we have within us to face what lies before us with grit, and clear seeing, if we take a moment to breathe and then simply make a plan for what is right in front of us Though, by the end of the book there is a part of me that wonders why all of I m not really a fan of animal themed books, they usually die so One hundred and four horses by Mandy Retzlaf, would not be something I would normally pick up However, the theme for Bookchat this month was animal stories, so this is what I went with And yes spoiler alert some horses do die, and I did cry But aside from the equine carnage this was actually a really gripping story.Mandy and Pat Retzlaf met in South Africa in the 1970s They married and moved to Rhodesia as it was known then which was in the middle of a civil war They bought some land to farm and were producing bumper crops when the war ended in 1980 and Robert Mugabe was voted into power Rhodesia transitioned to Zimbabwe and it was around about this time that things started to change for the worse Farms were slowly being confiscated and turned over to the veterans of the civil war As neighbours were being evicted from their properties, they would ask the Retzlafs if they could look after their horses until the situation improved Well, what could they do One day Mandy was home alone, there was a knock at the door and she was handed a letter telling her that the farm did not belong to them and they had four hours This is an extraordinary true story of Mandy Amanda Retzlaff and her family as they brave Mugabe s stand in Zimbabwe Both charming and tragic, this well written book demonstrates the love between a family and their horses I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in horses, A profoundly moving account of perseverance and courage.This is a riveting story of a couple s perseverance, courage and dedication to providing a safe home for 104 horses, many of which they generously took in after their owners were forced to abandon them during Zimbabwe s violent farm seizures Later, like hundreds of other white farmers, Mandy and Pat Retzlaff were also robbed of their land and means of making a living For their family and horses to survive, they undertook a frightening and grueling trek into neighboring Mozambique, fighting the weather and bandits along the w This was one of those books I just couldn t put down It really gave you an amazing look at a type of life that most people couldn t comprehend The strength and determination of these people is amazing Well worth readi Compelling, heartbreaking and triumphant.This book is the voice of abandoned animals all over the world It tells the dreadful story of the plight of the animals in Zimbabwe While the human suffering is hard enough to digest, the fate of the horses and dogs and cats and livestock left behind when their owners were given just a few minutes or the lucky ones a few hours to pack up their worldly goods and leave their homes forever, was and still is a terrible tragedy The book is extremely well written and tells the true story of the sacrifices the author and her husband made when they couldn t bear to leave their beloved horses or those of their neighbors to be tortured and massacred In the end, having run out of all their options, they had to leave their homeland and find new pastures for the one hundred and four horses they had rescued.Each and every horse had a name and its own character and one cannot help but become invested in the fat This book swept me away I was completely engrossed reading it didn t want to put it down.I loved everything about this book I loved the author s descriptions of the wonderful, warm, generous Zimbabwean people minus the awful government war vets, of course I loved the descriptions of life on an African farm They farmed in the same district I grew up in a beautiful piece of country I enjoyed picturing the places mentioned in my mind I loved their compassion for animals it moved me deeply I could appreciate the fear, loss, great heartache they experienced over the land invasions because I felt it showed perfectly the beauty of the resilient Rhodesian spirit the ability to overcome great obstacles, make a plan, move on all of which the Retzlaffs did It is admirable Inspiring Beautiful Their story resonated deeply in me it reminded me of why

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