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Night of the Werecat (Ghosts of Fear Street, #12) She Was Warned Wendy Is Excited When She Spots The Cat Charm In Mrs Bast S Booth It Will Be The Perfect Addition To Her Cat CollectionBut Mrs Bast Refuses To Sell It To Her She Warns Wendy That It Isn T A Cat Charm It Is A Werecat Charm And It Is DangerousWendy Doesn T Care She Has To Have It She Grabs The Charm, Throws Down Some Money, And RunsAnd That Night At The Stroke Of Midnight Wendy Starts To Change

10 thoughts on “Night of the Werecat (Ghosts of Fear Street, #12)

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    This was my all time favorite book as a child The entrancing idea of changing into a cat at night sparked my imagination I love this book so much I know it s not a classic but to me it s perfect.

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    Even though I m not a big cat fan This was totally one of my favorite reads when I was younger I think this was actually one of the very first R.L Stine books that I ever read as a child As I figured it was the least scary of his collection And do to the fact that I have always had an affinity for the dual nature

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    i love all of r.l stine s book, and this is no exception wendy takes a charm, against the wishes of the seller what the seller warns her about is coming true she tries to take the charm off, but can t at the last moment, she finds the seller and she removes it but it s too late for wendy, the transformation is com

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    The Ghosts of Fear Street was my favorite series when I was younger They were really all great books, but I read them a long long time ago, so I don t remember much about them.

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    I really enjoyed this story I really loved the characters, plot and how there was a cat lover also, great ending

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    I drew cats with stars on their foreheads for quite a while after reading this I really loved the story.

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    There s a good deal in charm and curiosity in cats.

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    3 1 2

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    Cats are nice, but you wouldn t want to be one That s about all I got from this installment, which spent so much time cat obsessing that it forgot to have much in the way of plot, thrills or chills Sometimes she s a person, sometimes she s a cat However, the obligatory twist didn t make me cringe too hard, and it s the

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    It s a kid s book, so I have to take it at face value for that But this was a cute, lightly spooky read Perfect for Halloween season, since October 1st is tomorrow Definitely a kid s book, and something I started and finished in maybe twenty mins But I enjoyed it.

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