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Crystal Kingdom (Kanin Chronicles, #3) Reading Crystal Kingdom Kanin Chronicles, 3 Author Amanda Hocking The Kingdom She Loves Has Turned Against Her Can She Save It Before It S Too Late Bryn Aven Unjustly Charged With Murder And Treason Is On The Run The One Person Who Can Help Is Her Greatest Enemy, The Gorgeous And Enigmatic Konstantin Black Konstantin Is Her Only Ally Against Those Who Have Taken Over Her Kingdom And Threaten To Destroy Everything She Holds Dear But Can She Trust Him As Bryn Fights To Clear Her Name, The Kanin Rulers Darkest Secrets Are Coming To Light And Now The Entire Troll World Is On The Brink Of War Will It Tear Bryn From Ridley Dresden, The Only Guy She S Ever Loved And Can She Join Forces With Finn Holms And The Trylle Kingdom Nothing Is As It Seems, But One Thing Is Certain An Epic Battle Is Under Way And When It S Over, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

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    5 I can t believe this wonderful journey is over starsTroll seeking other trolls to combat evil troll armyThis summarizes pretty much Crystal Kingdom.Add some adventure,devastating deaths,loathsome villains and heartbreaking romance and you have an excellent novel Bryn is on the run,falsely accused of murder and treason and finds an unexpected ally in the face of Konstantin Black.T

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    Right off the bat, I wanna admit that I had no idea this was part of a trilogy when I requested it from NetGalley I just saw Hocking s name and clicked it immediately.In my defense, there was no mention of previous books in the description, so I just assumed this was the start of a new series And you know what happens when you ASS U ME something You end up with marshmallow fluff, hardening a

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    Well I just read this whole trilogy in a day so obviously something kept me reading The idea of a magical troll world hidden in our modern world was interesting The writing s average and some parts felt underdeveloped, but I really liked how the stories are set around Canada and Lake ...

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    Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Crystal Kingdom by Amanda HockingBook Three of the Kanin ChroniclesPublisher St Martin s GriffinPublication Date August 4, 2015Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Goodreads Bryn must decide follow her head or her heart Thrown into a world of suspense and intrigue, Bryn now has to fight to clear her name But she s not alone With help from the Trylle

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    It is so contradictory that life can be the worst it s ever been and the best it s ever been all at once It s strange how love can blossom even in the darkest placesOkay,first of all,there is so much foreshadowing in this book that I pretty much knew what s going to happen who s going to die etc.But that doesn t mean that it was easier for me to cope with all of those things.I loved how we got to see the whole Trylle Kan

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    Ice Kissed left with Bryn on the run, she s now on The Most Wanted List among the Kanin With no one to trust or turn to she finds herself aligned with fellow fugitive and gorgeous bad boy Konstantin Black Under the rule of the evil Queen Mina, the people of Doldastam are trapped under her tyranny Together Bryn and Konstantin travel all over the troll kingdoms seeking help to over throw her rule and to save Kanin trolls, but who w

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    WHY THAT WAS SO CRUEL My heart cannot take this.Amanda Hocking absolutely rules I recommend this series to everybody Just incredible.

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    DNF 35%Yes, you can understand the book without the prequels but I really don t recommend it Why Well, let s say that it took 35% of the novel for things to get going because the author has to recap the other books Thing is, I m not talking about for it to start getting interesting , I m really talking about to get going By the way it looks, I don t even think that the first and second book were very excitingIt s flat, slow and just overall pretty mo

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    Loved this series And was awesome to see Wendy and Loki again although I wanted to see evenof them I loved Bryn and Ridley but my heart also went out to Konstantin Good ending to the series.

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    Everything is at risk for Bryn, her life, her world and those she loves On the run, Bryn has done her best to stay off the radar, but Konstantin has found her, now what He claims to be on her side, to want to aid in her quest against evil, but isn t this the very man who did Mina s bidding Can she trust him Mina s brutal reign must end, but it will take a war, bloody, massive and brutal How can Bryn convince other kingdoms to join ...

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