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Jillian Megan, Recently Out Of College And Working A Meaningless Job As A Gastroenterologist S Secretary, Openly Hates All Of Her Friends For Being Happy And Successful She Makes Herself Feel Better By Obsessively Critiquing The Behavior Of Her Coworker, Jillian, A Rapid Cycling, Grotesque Optimist, Whose Downfall Is Precipitated By The Purchase Of A Dog

About the Author: Halle Butler

here you can find a pretty lazy selection of a few books i ve read still haven t gotten around to the pillowman.

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    Ok So here s what reading Jillian is like It s like waking up one morning with a stinging hangover and discovering a strange woman wielding a knife in your kitchen She s cutting freezer bagels and has possibly too large of a smile on her face and she tells you a rather funny story about someone she works with at the office, you know The entire time she s holding

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    This is some potent writing I got into the skewed twinning between the focuses on Jillian and Megan, but I think the real skill here is how Bulter keeps you alternating between rooting for and not liking either of these characters It s masterfully done and very moving, even in a normal daily life kind of scenario It definitely beats you around a bit too if for no other r

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    Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for a copy of this book This is the kind of style of writing I enjoy and can almost relate too It s a short, quick novel and as the characters could be considered unlikeable I found this novel to be just the right length of exposure into their lives After reading this I would look forward to readying other novels by Halle Butler

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    Been there, not proud of it.

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    too close for comfort, painfully sharp dialogue, deliciously loveable unlikeable women characters, and in the last two chapters a beautiful zoom out look at their surroundings that took me by surprise perfect poison can t wait to readfrom Halle Butler curbside splendor is publishing the best kind of american nightmare fiction.

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    It happens once a year, if I m lucky More realistically, they arrive every other year We are 10 days into January 2020, and it s already happened the emergence of a new favorite author, Halle Butler Favorite author is a difficult category to ascend to There are many books that I like a lot, even deigning to label them favorites but my pantheon of favorite authors, on the other hand, is lightly populated A

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    I sent on my copy of Ottessa Moshfegh s excellent debut novel, Eileen , to a friend and she returned the favour with this novel and the caveat, I m not sure that I liked this, but there s definitely some similarities Indeed, I can see how one would read Moshfegh and Butler s work and draw parallels between the focus on unpleasant physical phenomenon and not always likeable characters However, Jillian lacks the comp

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    Having read Butler s most recent novel The New Me I thought I knew what to expect from Jillian but this is like that book s awful, evenmisanthropic and wild sibling Where TNM was biting and satirical this falls flat The characters have little to no redeeming qualities but in the way where I just didn t care about anything that happened in the story as opposed to in a way which made proceedings morbidly fascinating I found t

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    I m relieved that Halle Butler s The New Me is therecent of her two books, because for as much as I loved that book I could not wait to be finished with Jillian This was a viscerally unpleasant reading experience Jillian is about Megan, a young woman who seems at first to have a grudge for her coworker, Jillian, but whom we gradually learn judges all of her friends just as harshly By the end of the book, she realizes as the reader h

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    I m pretty sure I read this because someone compared it to Eileen It s somewhat similar, I guess unlikeable directionless female narrator, saddled with ennui and hobbled by substance abuse and lack of ambition But it didn t exhilarate me in the same way That s not to say it was unpleasant it s well written and entertaining, novella length and imaginative But it was also mostly forgettable.

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