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The Kings Sister EPUB The Kings Sister Author Anne OBrien 1382 Daughter Of John Of Gaunt, Sister To The Future King Henry IV, Elizabeth Of Lancaster Has Learned The Shrewd Tricks Of The Court From England S Most Powerful Men In A Time Of Political Turmoil, Allegiance To Family Is Everything A Plantagenet Princess Should Never Defy Her Father S Wishes Yet Headstrong Elizabeth Refuses To Bow To The Fate Of A Strategic Marriage Rejecting Her Duty, Elizabeth Weds The Charming And Ruthlessly Ambitious Sir John Holland Duke Of Exeter, Half Brother To King Richard II And The One Man She Has Always Wanted But Defiance Can Come At A Price 1399 Elizabeth S Brother Henry Has Seized The Throne Her Husband, Confident To The Usurped Richard, Masterminds A Secret Plot Against The New King Trapped In A Dangerous Web, Elizabeth Must Make A Choice Defy The King And Betray Her Family Or Condemn Her Husband And Send Him To His Death Sister Wife Traitor She Holds The Fate Of England In Her Hands.

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    From the very beginning Elizabeth of Lancaster is characterised as vain, prudish and snobbish She is the daughter of a wealthy man, John of Gaunt the Duke of Lancaster, so as a consequence she has all the characteristics of a spoilt child And to make things worse she is the sister of the future King of England Henry IV The whole world turns for her convenience, and her pompous nature reassures

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    A little too much historical romance and not enough historical fact, for my liking

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    Recommended for those who love historical romance, but probably tedious for those like myself who don t.

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    Elizabeth of Lancaster, John of Gaunt s younger daughter, was quite a woman Anne O Brien s The King s Sister relates the life of this strong woman Elizabeth, a Plantagenet princess married three times, and she had six children with her second husband and two with her third, but the time period within she lived was a time of great political turmoil Elizabeth finds herself placed inhe middle between

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    Elizabeth of Lancaster is cousin to the King It is her place to marry well and to make the right connections for her father, John of Gaunt But Elizabeth is headstrong and spoilt and wants to make her own future so she marries the King s half brother, John Holland, instead But when her brother Henry comes to claim the throne, Elizabeth must make a terrible choice Which side of her family should she

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    In choosing to write The King s Sister, O Brien is creating a novel which is almost a sequel or at the very least a companion to The Scandalous Duchess This is the story of John of Gaunt s second daughter, Elizabeth of Lancaster, consigned to history as a wild girl who caused nothing but trouble and who put her own carnal desires before her family duties It is kind of surprising that it has taken th

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    The King s Sister is the third book of Anne O Brien s that I have read with the other two being the King s Concubine and the Scandalous Duchess This is the story of Elizabeth of Lancaster, the daughter of John of Gaunt, third son of King Edward III, and his first wife Blanche of Lancaster Her full siblings include the future Lancastrian King Henry IV and Philippa, Queen of Portugal Her ha...

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    Anne O Brien just kills me.I thought that this novel fell into two very distinctive portions The first was the wooing and falling in love stage of the novel There was little action in this half of the novel from a political standpoint, therefore the romance and the development of John and Elizabeth was central Unfortunately I did not warm to Elizabeth, she was selfish and vain and I hoped that she wou

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    Elizabeth of Lancaster is the formidable daughter of John of Gaunt, and as such inherits the pride and arrogance of the great Plantagenet dynasty Rejecting a marriage to John Hastings, the juvenile Earl of Pembroke, Elizabeth flouts convention to marry the ruthlessly ambitious, Sir John Holland, Duke of Exeter, who is half brother to the King Richard II The marriage is passionate, volatile and not with

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    This is better than The Queen s Choice which I read last week and is recently published I had not intended to readby this author because of that book but had already ordered it from the library, where it arrived tout de suite so I read it.It s a bit of a stretch to call it biographical fiction because, as the author acknowledges, little is known about Elizabeth of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt Sh

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