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About the Author: Saki

Hector Hugh Munro, better known by the pen name Saki, was born in Akyab, Burma now known as Sittwe, Myanmar , was a British writer, whose witty and sometimes macabre stories satirized Edwardian society and culture He is considered a master of the short story and is often compared to O Henry and Dorothy Parker His tales feature delicately drawn characters and finely judged narratives The Open Window may be his most famous, with a closing line Romance at short notice was her speciality that has entered the lexicon In addition to his short stories which were first published in newspapers, as was the custom of the time, and then collected into several volumes he also wrote a full length play, The Watched Pot, in collaboration with Charles Maude two one act plays a historical study, The Rise of the Russian Empire, the only book published under his own name a short novel, The Unbearable Bassington the episodic The Westminster Alice a Parliamentary parody of Alice in Wonderland , and When William Came, subtitled A Story of London Under the Hohenzollerns, an early alternate history He was influenced by Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, and Kipling, and himself influenced A A Milne, No l Coward, and P G Wodehouse

10 thoughts on “The Westminster Alice

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    This is the second satire based on the characters that Lewis Carroll created in the Wonderland books that I have read, and I have to admit I m a bit dissapointed I like Saki, he was a good short story writer, so I was expecting something better I laughed at a some of the jokes, a few may even be relevant today, but I didn t really get most of the humor It seems to

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    If I knew the politics of Boer War era Britain well, I bet I d find this hilarious And, as it is, there are some very funny and interpretable lines Alas, I m too unfamiliar with the cast of characters and the event to really get the humour.

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    The illustrations are an important part of this book A familiarity with Alice in Wonderland and British politics of the early 20th century makes the bookmeaningful and entertaining.

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    2 stars While I enjoy Saki s humor, this policital satire parodying Alice in Wonderland was too dated to be funny I did enjoy the illustrations.

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    Very quick and interesting read It s a series of short satires about British government using characters from Alice In Wonderland Interesting view of the early 1900 s

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    I can t rate this one, as I have absolutely no knowledge of the political context it was written in It didn t make sense for me to read the book in the first place, really.

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    Ruth Golding reading for Librivox 5 starsLibrivox being free audio recordings read posted online by volunteers 5 starsAlmost everything by Saki 5 starsThe premise 5 starsMy ability to follow most of this parody based on my knowledge of the politics of his time 1 star My ability to apply some of the satire to politics in general 2 starsBut I ll bet that when these little parodies showed up in the Wes

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    Qu se puede decir de SAKI Poco, es un maestro del relato corto, y en esta joyita lo vuelve a hacer, relatos basados en los cuentos de Alicia en el pa s de las maravillas con los que se sirve para satirizar e ironizar la clase pol tica inglesa de principios de siglo XX Deliciosos, y la edici n, ejemplar Una buena lectura.

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    Unless you are heavily into British politics circa 1900, this doesn t make a whole lot of sense, unfortunately.

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