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It Happened One Night Shift It Happened One Night Shift PDF Epub Author Amy Andrews Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Ever Since Brooding Ex Military Medic Gareth Stapleton Lost His Beloved Wife To Breast Cancer He S Kept His Distance From Everything And Everyone Until, One Night Shift, Dr Billie Ashworth Keyes Waltzes Into His Life And He Finds Himself Locked In The Hottest Kiss Of His Life Is Billie Exactly What He Needs To Make His Days And Nights A Lot Meaningful

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    Had to give this one 3 stars A few things stood out Billie, a 26 year old doctor who can t stand the sight of blood Her relationship with Gareth, the ex military nurse, seemed weird to me, the way it progressed However, it was enjoyable to read.

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    It Happened One Night Shift is a medical romance by Amy Andrews It is a delightful, easy read Nurse Gareth Stapleton, former military medic, was headed home after a hard night shift at St Luke s ER when he saw a taxi going over the lane lines and back He had a

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    Billie was on her way home after a disastrous dinner with her family member where she involved in a minor accident Being a doctor, she rushed to help a taxi driver and upon seeing the gory image of blood, Billie managed to keep hold of herself until the paramedic arrive

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    Amy Andrews tells a moving story with some of the most best medical details integrated in this story The hero, Gareth is an ex military triage nurse who has secluded himself from everyone since the death of his beloved wife This is the first time I have read about a nurse as a he

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    Both Gareth and Billie are in the medical field and have a trauma that they are still trying to get past Gareth is at the point of his life where is sure about what he s happy with and where his life is going to go Meanwhile Billie is still young and being pushed around by her parents and

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    A quick read If I didn t already know that the author was an ex nurse, the way medical parts of the book were written made it extremely evident.One thing that threw me was that the book is set in Brisbane, Australia yet the terms college and university...

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    Who knew that a good night s rest can make Billie all perky and ready to go, I m awake now, she murmured, her voice husky in the charged atmosphere And I gotta say she paused to give his erection a squeeze you don t feel that tired...

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    4.5I loved this I love medical romance and I love Amy Andrews, so when I saw she had written another medical, I requested that baby in a flash A lovely and sweet romance, but with plenty of heat and some ripping sexual tension Oh, and thank you for the silver fox, Amy Much appreciated

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    Thanks Amy, you just made my afternoon 5 Stars

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    not bad

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