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Breakfast at Tiffanys It S New York In The 1940s, Where The Martinis Flow From Cocktail Hour Till Breakfast At Tiffany S And Nice Girls Don T, Except, Of Course, Holly Golightly Pursued By Mafia Gangsters And Playboy Millionaires, Holly Is A Fragile Eyeful Of Tawny Hair And Turned Up Nose, A Heart Breaker, A Perplexer, A Traveller, A Tease She Is Irrepressibly Top Banana In The Shock Department , And One Of The Shining Flowers Of American Fiction.This Edition Also Contains Three Stories House Of Flowers , A Diamond Guitar And A Christmas Memory.

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    Holiday Golightly She s quirky, comical, and glamorous She s fashionable, in the know, and in the now She s lonely, lost, and waiting to be rescued You couldn t resist her charm if you tried, and you can t help but fall in love with her Well, at least in the Hollywood film version Capote s original novella paints a darker portrait of Miss Golightly Unlike Audrey Hepburn s adora

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    3 delicious hours of audio read by Mr Michael C Hall aka Dexter What a wonderful performance of Truman Capote s novella I saw the movie years ago but I ve never read the book I m so happy to have listened to this edition of the audio...

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    Breakfast at Tiffany s Truman Capote s Novella of Love or Something Like ItIf she was in this city I d have seen her You take a man that likes to walk, a man like me, a man s been walking in the streets going on ten or twelve years, and all those years he s got his eye out for one person, and nobody s ever her, don t it stand to reason she s not there I see pieces of her all the

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    This is getting shelved under The Movie is Better but honestly, I can t decide which version I prefer Because I am indecisive, let s make lists.Reasons The Movie Is Better Audrey Hepburn plays a considerably less racist and foul mouthed Holly, which is nice But let s be honest Holly could spend the entire movie snorting crack off a sidewalk and Audrey Hepburn would make it the mos

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    Breakfast at Tiffany s , was a delightful film I consider it a classic As for the novel, well I didn t know there was a novel A novel by Truman Capote, whom I am not familiar with until Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar for playing him.I was fortunate enough to discover this book in the library Breakfast at Tiffany s is a little deceptive since it seems like a pretty easy read It

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    A charming little anecdote about some ruby rare bright young thing ensuing crew delightly ful To be read in a complete sitting in some secret well lit garden with a basket of tea and crumpets Necessary as stress relief and sweet as a caramel Another plus for...

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    Fred, our story s narrator, has been called by Joe Bell the proprietor of Hamburg Heaven because he has heard about Holly So begins Truman Capote s classic Breakfast at Tiffany s, the tale of New York society girl Holly Golightly As soon as Fred hears about Holly, the story flashes back to 1943 and we begin our story of Holly Growing up I knew Aubrey Hepburn as Eliza Dolittle and Tif

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    Capote has a mesmerizing way with words His description of the aptly named Holly Golightly is splendid and the character herself is a sort of blend of Daisy Buchanon and Madame Bovary The friendship of the narrator Paul Fred with Holly is beautifully and painfully described as are the parties and lovers that she entertains I must see the film now see below The atmosphere of the book i

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    I m struggling to figure out what makes this quite so great, it could be Truman s beautiful limpid style which winds its sentences through your inner ear so that you might think that language itself had been melted and turned into vanilla frosting or it could be that this is the sweet sad little tale of a guy who met this creature and got stuck permanently in the friend zone, and kind

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    Delicious.Upon finishing Truman Capote s 1958 brilliant short novel Breakfast at Tiffany s my first thought was that Capote had been influenced heavily by F Scott Fitzgerald s 1925 Jazz Age masterpiece The Great Gatsby I was intrigued further to find that several other reviewers had noticed the same similarities Both involve and are centrally concerned with a charismatic and alluring so

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