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Stranded with the Boss My Gram was a voracious reader and my Mom is convinced that s where my love of reading came from, apparently skipping a generation Gram devoured Harlequin romances, there was always a pile sitting on the table between her two living room chairs When visiting her, I d pick them up and for a young girl they were fine, quite tame.I still have several of them that are than 45 years old, not for the stories but for the sentimentality.Gram would definitely not recognize the modern day incarnation of her beloved books Gone are virginal, virtuous maidens who blush at hand holding and a chaste kiss Tessa the heroine in this book has twin girls and a lawsuit against her former company for unlawful termination, sexual discrimination and claims she was fired for being pregnant She faced the pregnancy alone since her fiancee was killed before the babies were born.The owner of her former company, Dragan is incensed at the lawsuit but intrigued with Tessa He arra Tessa stated her twin each have the personality of one of their parents Yet Tessa seems to display the twins personalities pending on the circumstance She can be fierce n billigerant with her assumptions based on her perception n at times coloured with other people s biases Then at times friendly n open Yet the switch at times is A Single Mom And Her Twin Babies Are Snowbound With The Boss Can They Melt His Frozen Heart When Tessa Randall Sues CEO Dragan Markovic S Company For Unfair Termination, He Insists On Hearing Her Side Of The Story But The Billionaire Known As The Dragon Gets Than He Bargained For When He S Stranded At His Snowy Alaskan Lodge With Tessa And Her Twin Toddlers Now The Flame Haired Beauty Wants To Uncover His Story How Can He Tell Her That Her Children Remind Him Of His Harrowing Past And All That He Lost Or That The Sweet Family Of Three Is Slowly Melting The Dragon S Frozen Heart This was a sweet light read I tend to avoid anything with billionaire in the title description but I was craving a story with children in the mix and I gave this one a shot Tessa is suing Dragon s company because she was wrongfully fired while she was very pregnant with her twins I found the pace of the story to be very quick They meet and fall in love over the course of 3 days or This is like so many of the quick romances that I like to read I love quick, fun and easy books that can take my mind into a different world while I am doing laundry and the dishes. Amazing Audiobook. Good book When Tessa s pregnancy resulted in the loss of her job, she was left with no income and no insurance With a mountain of bills resulting from her high risk pregnancy and the certainty that her firing had been unfair at the least, Tessa felt she had no option but to sue the company Her lawyer wants than just a quiet settlement, she thinks the company should be made an example of, so the case will be going to trial.Dragan has worked hard to build the company and prides himself on running a good business He wants to know if this is a case of someone out for all she can get, or if she really was wronged Since their lawyers won t let him talk to her directly he comes up with a plan to get her to himself for a few hours so that he can get her side of the story He doesn t expect her to have her twin girls with her, or that a malfunction with his plane will strand them for several days at his remote Alaskan lodge Overall, I liked Dragan He really just wants a chance to get at the truth without a bunch of legal wrangling He s a little cynical about peoples motives, but that s 3.5 Stars I had been looking for a book that wasn t overloaded with angst and grief and I gave this a try I really enjoyed this read.Tessa Randall was wrongfully terminated and feels she is left with no other choice than to sue CEO, Dragan Markovic s, company It is either that or file bankruptcy Although Dragan was unaware what had transpired he was determined to get to the bottom of this situation, beginning by listening to Tessa s side of the story He devises a plan to get her to fly with him to Anchorage where the trial is about to begin He hoodwinked her and had her chartered flight cancelled and his plane fueled and ready to leave as he set his plan in motion She had no idea who he was at first.They end up stranded together with her 16 month old twin daughters in a lodge the corporation owns and he sees what it would be like to be a member of a loving family Dragan had a horrific and heartbreaking past His uncle brought him to America when he was approx 15 years old and was the only surviving member of hi When Dragan Markovic learns that Tessa Randall refuses to accept his generous settlement and intends to follow through with her lawsuit against him company, he decides he wants to hear her side of the story So when Tessa s flight is delayed, Dragan offers her a ride on his private plane although he never expected her to bring along her twin toddlers or for them to be stranded at his lodge in Alaska Events from Dragan s past has him wired to stay away from Tessa s children, but he finds himself growing closer to them and their mother Dragan has been through a lot Growing up in war torn Sarajevo has left him emotionally capped off and because of what happened to him he doesn t want to be a father, he doesn t want to be responsible for bringing up children, and he doesn t want to allow himself to fall in love He s a damaged yet lovable hero Given what he s been through, I would have almost expected him to come off as angst filled and surly Instead, he pulls away when he starts getting close to Tessa and the girls Yet when they need him, he s there no questions asked While I felt as though a vivid picture of Dragan was painted, Tessa wasn t as thoroughly flashed out The little I learned about her could fill a thimble She s a fiercely protective single mother of two adorable yet rambunctious toddlers Her fianc died She was wrongly fired from her job and now has a lawsuit filed against the company She s drawn to Dragan, even though she tried I really enjoyed this book The twin girls Maddie, and Missy was the stars of this story The girls were just learning how to walk Tessa was a great mom, but her daughter Maddie was a little escape artist I loved the part where Tessa was feeding the girls spaghetti, that part had me laughing It was nice to read a light book with very little drama Tessa got fired from her job because she was pregnant She was left with no income, and no health insurance The worry caused Tessa to go into early labor The girls had to stay in the hospital for a long time, fighting to live The hospital bills piled up She had no choice but to go after the company that caused her so much grief She wanted her day in court.Dragan was the president of the company His legal team advised him to meet her in person, and find out about her He had a hand in canceling her flight, so he could offer to fly her, himself in his plane There was no way he could have predicted that his plane would malfunction, and they would have to make an emergency landing Tessa, and her twin girls was stranded in a cabin with Dragan She was so mad when she found out who he was After her anger dissipated, she knew she had to at least try to get along with him With the snow storm, they didn t k

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stranded with the Boss book, this is one of the most wanted Elizabeth Lane author readers around the world.

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