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Endless Possibility (Rush, #1.5) 5 Perfect Stars I loved everything about this little book that didn t feel or read like one It was perfect Charlotte was perfect Noah was beyond perfect Their story was perfectly perfect Getting inside Noah s life during the six weeks he was finding himself while Charlotte travelled was brilliant It was hard to read It was scary It was emotional It was everything I ve come to expect from Noah He made a difficult journey toward Charlotte and in doing so has become my favorite book boyfriend Period.Then we get to the epilogue and I was a mess Tears happy ones in my eyes because the Epub Endless Possibility Rush, 1.5 Author Emma Scott Undercostruction.eu Noah Lake Describes His Arduous Journey Across Europe, Learning To Cope With His Blindness, And His Life Now With The One Woman Who Never Gave Up On Him Noah S Memoir Picks Up At The End Of RUSH And Goes Beyond To Noah And Charlotte S Life After The Salzburg Concert That Would Make Her A Star On The World S Stage, And Through A Frightening Ordeal That Threatens To Tear Their Beautiful Love Apart Forever This Cannot Be Read As A Standalone It Is Recommended One Read RUSH First To Avoid Spoilers And General Confusion The Cover Will Be Added Sept 20 And The Actual Length Will Be Around 100 Pages. 5 This might be a good one One of the best ones One of the rare finds that stays with you forever Stars Its Live US UK and Noah return, and boy what a return it was, Endless Possibility made me hopelessly happy.I am always a little leery when an author offers up a novella in relation to a book that they have previously released Sometimes it adds value to the overall story that has already been told, but often than not I just find them a pleasant catch up with characters I have some fond memories of, than actually offering anything new or unique to the already told story I think you can tell by my rating that Emma Scott exceeded my expectations with Endless Possibility and then some.I had a lump in my throat, and my heart in my mouth for most of this novella, I fell hard for Noah in Rush, and the journey that Emma took him on across Europe in Endless Possibility, to essentially work out for himself how he now fits in with the world at large, in the realms of living as a blind man, and to then accept himself as being someone worthy of the love that Charlotte had for him Well it was just beautiful to read Pure escapism, you know the ty Endless Possibility is the companion to Rush and must be read after Rush, it is not a standalone It s pretty much Noah s journey back to Charlotte Mostly in Noah s POV, it s amazing and a must read if you loved Rush I devoured this and Rush back in August I love this couple so much This was amazing I had to keep moving Always To her She was at the end of a long, dark road where I was going to be beset with impossible 4.5 STARS RUSH, book 3 of the City Lights series, should be read first All the books in the series are otherwise standalones This short, but powerful memoir told in Noah s POV, was gripping and heartbreaking It wasn t tragic in the sense of a bad ending, on the contrary, it was beautiful It was tragic that Noah had to endure so much to finally reclaim what he thought he d losthimself Told during the period between him leaving Charlotte and her subsequent European tour with her symphony, this novella hashes out all the hurt, turmoil, confusion, angst and self derision Noah underwent in trying to accept his disability There were several scenes that had me tearing up Some of the experiences Noah had made me angry at people that see blindness as an excuse to disrespect or swindle a person Other times, Noah seemed to shine as he slowly emerged from years of self hatred and pity.The scenes where he fought tooth and nail to stay focused, to stay dedicated to his promise to Charlotte, despite all the hurdles he faced, were heartbreaking What I loved about this though, aside from the lovely and original plot line, was how raw and effortless this was written You felt the anguish, the pain, the stench of failure But the joy, happiness, success and sense of accomplishment was just as affecting I think this was a necessary addi This journey was going to break me down in every way, and I d either arise from it victorious, or it would destroy meThat s was pretty much how I felt reading the follow up novella to Emma Scott s Rush my heart ached and it sang I m such a picky bugger when it comes to novellas but Scott This novella was just PERFECT This is Noah s incredible difficult journey to self discovery, self acceptable, and just learning how to live being blind, not denying or hiding from it any longer.I fell even 4 STARS I don t know about you but I just love, love, love, a good novella after a happily ever after book This book is the novella for RUSH and I recommend to read that one first.At the end of Rush, Noah and Charlotte end up together in Europe, I can t remember which city at the moment but that s okay What we didn t find out was what Noah had been up to after Charlotte heads out on tour He sets a challenge for himself, travel throughout Europe without any assistance Of course our dear, sweet Lucien was going to force a bit of help where he could, even if Noah didn t want any of itAren t you always telling me that the best thing is rarely easiest I have been known to use that phrase from time to time Well, this isn t easy It s the hardest fucking thing I ve ever done, so it has to be rightNoah is so damn stubborn but I still love him It s that stubbornness that was preventing him of letting go of his previous life, when he could see and learning how to live as a blind manYou want to learn how to live blind Then fucking learn, snowflake This is no other way.Except that wasn t what I wanted I didn t want to learn to function blind I didn t want Oh Noah, I didn t think it was possible to love you , but the depths are endless I read this right on the heels of finishing Rush and I positively loved it This is Noah s POV of the events which happened in book one, and he answers an important question as to why he packed his bags and left the love of his life The decision was painful f

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Emma Scott is a bestselling author of emotional, character driven romances in which art and love intertwine to heal, and in which love always wins If you enjoy emotionally charged stories that rip your heart out and put it back together again, with diverse characters and kind hearted heroes, you will enjoy her novels RECENT RELEASESBring Down the Stars Beautiful Hearts 1 Long Live the Beautifu

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