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The Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Wolfe S Modern American Satire Tells The Story Of Sherman McCoy, A Wall Street Master Of The Universe Who Has It All A Park Avenue Apartment, A Job That Brings Wealth, Power And Prestige, A Beautiful Wife, An Even Beautiful Mistress Suddenly, One Wrong Turn Makes It All Go Wrong, And Sherman Spirals Downward In A Sudden Fall From Grace That Sucks Him Into The Ravenous Heart Of A New York City Gone Mad During The Go Go, Racially Turbulent, Socially Hilarious S

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    I hope Tom Wolfe has gotten so laid because of this book I hope women have put down this book, thrown on some lingerie, and walked over to his apartment unless Wolfe is gay, in which case, I hope men have done the lingerie thing I hope women or men invented a time machine to travel back in time and lay young Tom Wolfe because of this book I hope Tom Wol

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    This is one hell of a book When the Eastern Nebraska Men s Bibliophile Social Club a.k.a my book club picked The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it was about and, ultimately, how it d make me feel New York The 80s Wall Street and Wall Street big hair and bigger cell phones Masters of the Universe and Greed

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    What an amazing book Wolfe not only tells a great story but is a master of the English language and his prose is rich with multi layered metaphors, symbolism, allusions, and I was fascinated by the various references to Edgar Allan Poe I was sorry to finish it I must now watch the movie again if nothing else to highlight how pale a medium is film when com

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    This book was a refreshing change from the introspective, thoughtful books I d been reading It had been a while since a book had me glued to the bed all day, lying on my right side or lying on my left side, with the A C turned on or with the A C turned off, wearing my shirt or not wearing my shirt, with the book in hand or without the book in hand, marveli

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    Bullshit reigns The Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom WolfeA brilliant, shrewdly constructed satire of the 1980s in America, and particularly in New York City The Bonfire of the Vanities is big, biting and humorous Wolfe belted NYC USA with jabs, one after another each simultaneously ruthless and delightful burning the excesses of Wall Street, tabloid journalism

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    This book was good but, as are all Tom Wolfe books, it was long winded and there were too many pages and it could have been cut down drastically And even though it was too long, the ending seemed as though all those pages don t even tell the whole story.

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    Bonfire of the Vanities is not so much one massive pyre but several large and closely situated camp fire like conflagrations Conflagration 1 Master of the Universe, bond baron and archetypal WASP Sherman McCoy, has reached the top of his particular tree and is enjoying the view from on high while ensuring that his chin is always seen at the right angle It is

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    Well well, I find I never reviewed this one It wooshed back into my mind yesterday when I came across the hangover scene in Lucky Jim Tom Wolfe was clearly trying to go one better with the various hangover scenes suffered by his slimy English journalist character This is something that happens in art You like a thing, could be a movie or a novel, and then you

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    This book is noisy Too noisy that it makes it painful to read The characters are always talking as if they are all suffering from dialog diarrhea Not only that Wolfe likes to capture every single sound from either human or non human entities in the novel Take this as an example Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw, sang the Towheaded Tenor Hack hack hack hack hack hack

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    Wow I started off feeling very lukewarm about this one, mostly because I couldn t get over my distaste for some of the characters But about 100 pages in I started to feel confused about whom I actually felt sympathetic toward the only truly good character never gets to speak 200 pages in, I couldn t stop reading any This book is hilarious in a bitter and infuria

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