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The CEO's Little Surprise I liked the story but wished there was background on Gage s brother I have many unanswered questions about both companies too Reconnecting with a lover after 10 years is nice to read about but left me a bit flat This was definitely an HEN and not and HEA. I loved this book I was introduced to this phenomenal author earlier this year by the one and only Zoe York, and I cannot thank her enough I fell in love with Ms Cantrell s writing while reading Claiming her SEAL, a series she is writing with Ms York and Anne Marsh Now I cannot get enough of her wonderful books.This is the first book in the Love and Lipstick series that Ms Cantrell is writing for Harlequin It is a phenomenal book about the second chance at first love Cass fell head over heels in love with Gage in college Unfortunately, Gage, not so much He was definitely not ready to settle down, and had no intentions of ever doing so He broke Cass s heart, and she learned her lesson with men Never let them close Now, ten years later Cass s company had developed a new formula for skin care and Gage wants it and is willing to buy it for his company.I really love the way writes an emotional story, and is that not the best kind There are a lot of twists and turn in this wonderful book, and I loved reading about these two learning to trust each other again.I received a gift ARC copy of this wonderful book for an honest review.You really need to get this exceptional book.Thank you for reading my review. It S A Corporate Takedown In The Boardroom And The Bedroom Until A Little Secret Raises The Stakes Cassandra Claremont S Favorite Position Is CEO And She S Sure As Hell Not Stepping Down For Gage Branson, The Sexy Playboy Who Once Broke Her Heart When Inside Intel Threatens Her Company S Success, He S Her Number One Suspect So Why Is She Still Entranced By His Sexual Spell Gage Is Determined To Stoke The Fire Beneath Cass S Icy Exterior And Clear His Name Fortunately, Working After Hours With The Blonde Beauty Allows Him To Pursue Both Goals But When Secrets From Gage S Past Are Exposed, Will Cass Lose Her Company, Her Heart Or Both I had read the 3rd book in this series and loved it This 1st in the series was every bit as good I laughed, I cried, I couldn t put it down Cassandra Clairmont s only interest is being CEO of Fyra Cosmetics, the company she and her three best friends founded together She seldom dates and she has only been in love once, and that man left her shattered when he left Now her biggest concern is finding the leak in their company before any further damage is done As CEO she knows it is her responsibility to plug the leak, and when the one man she never thought to see again shows up wanting the rights to their newest and best product to date she has to wonder at his unusual timing.Gage and Cass had a great fling in college and he mentoring her through several of her projects Now her company is on the cutting edge of a breakthrough new product that should be his and he s come to collect what she owes him, and he isn t leaving without it When a shocking surprise from Gage s past is thrown into the mix Gage will fight to clear his name, while working to defrost the icey walls Cass has built up all while coming to grips with a future he never expected or thought he wanted.I can t wait to start the next book All are stand alone but do have some sequencial elements that make sence if read in order I can t recommend this series enough GET THEM ALL The CEO s Little Surprise is Kat Cantrell s first book in her Love and Lipstick series I m a sucker for second chance stories and this definitely did not disappoint I thoroughly enjoyed these characters Cass Claremont and Gage Branson are competitors In college they were seriously involved but then Gage walked away He has difficulties committing Cass has never forgot their relationship and when he offers to buy her company, Fyra s, latest creation she questions whether he honestly is wanting to purchase this or if he is behind a corporate leak regarding the new product.Gage commits to helping Cass find who leaked the valuable information about her new product Of course, trust plays a major role in this story Can Cass learn to trust Gage Can she overcome her past feelings for him Enter Gage s little surprise and all bets are off The CEO s Little Surprise was a quick read I loved it from start to finish I can t wait to read the next book in the series I d like to disclose that I received a copy of The CEO s Little Surprise in exchange for a fair and honest review. Man oh man What a great second chance romance Second chance is my absolute favorite theme for romance books and Kat definitely delivered I should have seen the surprise coming but like some of the other reviews, I was so into what was happening that I didn t even take time to speculate about what the surprise was, let alone remember that there even was a surprise in the book When I start reading one of Kat s books, I completely immerse myself in the story and completely forget what I read in the teaser and I also often forget what the title of the story is Every single one of her stories have been so easy to immerse yourself in the story and you are always hanging on the edge of your seat I don t want to give any spoilers away so I will just end this with my absolutely honest opinion of this story PLEASE PLEASE read this I was absolutely enthralled with every single book that I have read of Kat s and I know that will not change anytime in the future If you want to read a book that you could relate to, then try any one of Kat s book and I promise, you won t be disappointed I was given an ARC in return for my honest review Kat Cantrell has a unique voice that takes her characters through journeys from light to dark and vice versa In The CEO s Little Surprise, the first book in her new series Love and Lipstick, we find that unique writing style present between the pages We are taken on a turbulent voyage where two people, polar opposites yet fiercely attracted to each other battle it out in the boardroom and the bedroom The sizzle and fire between Cass Claremont and Gage Branson had never been put out They soon discover this when they must face each other at work on a deal regarding a new product But when her new product is leaked could Cass trust Gage And was she strong enough to fend off her undying attraction towards him Overall, The CEO s Little Surprise by Kat Cantrell is a fast paced story with sexual tension burning up the pages Recommended4 Stars A GoodReads winner autographed copy Thank you, KatInteresting little tome, bit of corporate espionage, board room drama, and some hot action as well And a little surprise along the way Fun read, but, who was the leak It was a recurring theme, and a large set up for the whole book, but was just swept over at the end Whodunnit That aside, love to read by this author Kat Cantrell is an auto read author for me and the opener to her Love and Lipstick series is another great read I love a second chance love story and Cassandra and Gage provide us with a journey that s inviting from the startDon t think of me as your competition, not tonightTogether at university, young love didn t end particularly well for Cass and Gage Years have passed and both are at the helm of successful cosmetics companies, and when Gage is tipped off that Cass company has developed a formula that he wants, he s prepared to go the extra mile to get it Cass was great smart and driven, she s no pushover and is very much Gage s equal, but it s clear that she s still not over him Witty, charming and thoughtful, Gage was a perfect blend of driven CEO, attentive lover and dog loving softie And when they begin the search for the employee who shared the insider secret that resulted in their reacquaintance, the passion and understanding between them is reignitedI want you And not because you re wearing a sexy outfit Because you have a brain Because you challenge me Because I like being around youIt was a little disappointing that the whodunnit aspect was never resolved and was pushed aside for other elements of the story towards the end, but on the whole The CEO s Little Surprise was an engaging, enjoyable read with a great bunch of characters creating scope for the series And with Alex and Phillip s story set up nicely, I m excited to see what their story brings aside of the obvious when A Pregnancy Scandal releases in June Copy received courtesy of the author for an honest and unbiased opinion. Very good second chance story with some mystery added to the mix I was already somewhat familiar with the mystery, as I have previously read the second book in the series A Pregnancy Scandal I was very happy to read the first book and get some of the backstory I had missed.Cass is the CEO of a cosmetics company that she founded and runs with three friends They have recently discovered that information on their newest product has been leaked to the press, putting their company s success at risk A short time later, a rival CEO arrives offering to buy the formula for that product Cass isn t interested in selling, especially to Gage the college love that broke her heart Besides, she s not so sure he isn t the one behind the leak.Gage has his own very successful line of skin care for men, but Cass s new product could put a serious dent in his business He was her mentor in college, and plans to use that fact as leverage to get her to sell him the formula He has fond memories of their time together, and hopes for some replays of those times He doesn t expect the cold reaction he gets to his appearance.I really wasn t too sure about these two at the beginning There is no doubt that the sparks are still there, but both of them have been corporate big wigs for a long time Gage knows exactly what he wants, and he is willing to do anything to get it, even use seduction He remembers Cass well from all those years ago and is intrigued by the changes he sees in her, but still looks at it as a challenge I was a bit disturbed by his attempts to manipulate her Cass remembers all too well her devastation at the end of their relationship She took her pain and channeled it into her business plans She also hasn t trusted a man since then She is suspicious of the timing of his appearance and determined to do what it takes to find out if he s playing both sides She, too, is willing to use whatever means she can to find the truth.I began to enjoy the back and forth between them as each one tried to figure out what the other was thinking and planning Gage tended to use charm and flirting to get under Cass s skin, while she tried to give the image of someone who was simply humoring him Both of them were far affected by the heat between them than either would admit Cass decided that keeping Gage close was the best way to get the truth, and talked him into helping her find the leak I was a bit disappointed in Gage when he kept putting off the promised help, until he realized just how important it was to her.The passion between them wasn t diminishing at all, and Cass quickly realized that she was in serious danger of getting hurt again She knew that Gage s attitude about commitment hadn t changed in the years apart, and believing in a future together wasn t going to happen Then Gage is blindsided by a secret from his past, and Cass is the only one he can turn to for support I loved seeing the huge changes that he experienced, and the effect those changes had on Cass But trust is still a huge obstacle, and when Cass confronts Gage with some disturbing information he doesn t take it well I loved seeing him have to take a hard look at his own actions and see that he was equally at blame I loved his big moment at the end and the epilogue that leads into the next book.At the heart of this book is the friendship among Cass, Trinity, Alex and Harper, and the business they built together Each one has her own niche in the company Unfortunately, the presence of a corporate spy has put a strain on the business and the friendships, as Cass feels the pressure of being unable to find out who it is There are times when Cass feels very alone, but I wanted to shake her because she wasn t asking for help Though one name has come up as suspect, there is no resolution at the end of this book I expect that the truth won t be known until the end of the fourth one, but I can t wait for the journey.

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USA Today bestselling author Kat Cantrell read her first Harlequin novel in third grade and has been scribbling in notebooks since she learned to spell What else would she write but romance When she s not writing about characters on the journey to happily ever after, she can be found at a taekwondo tournament, watching Big Bang Theory or dancing with her kids to Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili

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