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Reunited with the Rancher Will Secrets Tear This Rancher S Marriage Apart Or Lead To A Reunion Only From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sara Orwig For Estranged Husband And Wife Tom And Emily Knox, A Heartbreaking Loss In Their Past Is Keeping Them Apart In The Present They Still Share A Ranch, But Not A Bed And When The Blackmailer Terrorizing Royal, Texas, Accuses Tom Of Keeping A Secret Family Behind Emily S Back, They Re Thrown Into An Even Deeper Tailspin But Could The Darkest Misunderstanding Contain The Seeds Of A Second Chance, As Tom And Emily Come Together To Dispel False Accusations And Face Their Past

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    I just didn t like itThe whole book was off I hated how she was always having negative thoughts when they were working on the house together and he was flirting and stuff Then I didn t like his thoughts when they got back to the ranch, after he got her in bed again and now he wanted a divorce It wa

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    second chance

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    This book is kind of a downer I had a hard time getting through it and there is zero resolution of the mystery Guess they decided the threat through the whole book was no longer a threat.

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    Note I read the Swedish translation, but couldn t find that edition on Goodreads.

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    Unfortunately this was very boring

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    Reunited with the Rancher is really a sweet story The story is truly heartbreaking Tom and Emily lost their son in an accident and things never were right for them since They are married but living separate lives suddenly I hear Phil Collins Maverick, an anonymous blackmailer gets to Emily Trying to convince her that Tom has a secret family stashe

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    Blackmail is the catalyst to get this estranged pair talking again Although, now that I look back, the bad guy never asked for anything and doesn t makecontact after the initial email I have not read the others in the series, so I don t know if this is the normal pattern or not.This was a hard read, even though I haven t lost a child like that The actions a

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    I really enjoyed this story This one is part of the Texas Cattleman s Club Blackmail However, little of the club was discussed in this book I cried and smiled while reading this one It broke my heart sometimes for both the main characters But I like a book that I can get emotionally involved in.

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    Interesting second chance at loveEmily and Tom had a lot of kids and painful memories to work through before they would reunite The story was good and I liked the characters I would have liked to find out who Maverick was without having to read complete series.

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    Two stubborn hurting people Again Maverick blackmailed someone But in this case it brought them closer Was that his real intent I am expected them to get pregnant now since they were nit expecting a baby I wanted to know how their future ended up

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