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Catharsis This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BJEZA On Paper, Jason Has A Great Life He Attends A Prestigious Private School On Scholarship And His Parents Are Reasonably Well Off Yet Life Hasn T Been Easy For Jason He Has Spent Most Of High School Being Tormented By Both The Students And Faculty And His Parents Are Never Home Frustrated And Alone, His One Escape Has Always Been Video Games In Game, He Can Feel The Type Of Power And Freedom He Lacks In His Day To Day Life Fortunately, A New Virtual Reality Game The First Of Its Kind Has Just Been Released, Which Promises The Opportunity For An Even Greater Escape Once He Begins Playing, Jason Quickly Finds Himself On The Path To Becoming The Game S Villain In The Process, He Also Starts To Suspect That There Is Something Unusual Going On Within The Game This Novel Contains Graphic Violence And Language Books Don T Have Ratings, But, If They Did, This Book Would Be Rated M For Mature

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    Catharsis Awaken Online 1 by Travis Bagwell is an awesome lit RPG novel I had heard so much about so I got the audio and listened and I agree I saw some reviews that said they read the first 10 20 pages and quit because it was boring This is where the author is setting up who the characters are on the outside of the game which is super important later There

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    Be aware, this is a very disturbing book I could have sworn this was a horror book and not LitRPG In any event, I would not recommend reading it if you re squeamish.

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    One stars, two stars I m not sure, but I m doing one to counteract all the positivity I did a bunch of research to find the best place to get into the LitRPG genre Yikes This better not be the best it has to offer.Let s start with an analogy Your ten year old non prodigy plays through a challenging violin concerto in the privacy of your home in front of family It s a spirited

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    Uuurgh I don t know how to review this book.It was fun, that s one thing It had a likable protagonist, a fun setting, and in interesting premise This is probably my first full LitRPG, and the audiobook was really well narrated.But there are some glaring flaws The antagonist is a clich , worse than many terrible comic book villains Any scene with him was actively annoying, and I disliked

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    So, I found the beginning at school a bit boring and annoying That silent angry distracted type read teenager frustrates me And I also couldn t be bothered to read those italicized alternative pov chapter intros So boring I actually put the book down, but I picked it back up yesterday And then he started playing the game I found myself going back to read all those intros I skipped, hehe They were

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    This book was hard for me to rate On the one hand, it really was not a great book The dialogue was pretty shoddy, the characters were shallow, the writing was not great The big twist that the main character was a bad guy occurred almost immediately as soon as the game part of the book got started The RPG side of things got incredibly repetitive hey, I wonder if he will put these stat points into willpower

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    So GOOD 5 Stars.I can hardly believe that this is the author s first book I love a good Villain story, but this book is so muchthan that I m fangirling to much to explain in coherent sentences.

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    Bingo Squares Debut novel, self publishedPlot SummarySo, this book is set in the future, around the year 2076 virtual reality video games are a big thing, and a new game that s supposed to be record breaking and ground breaking is being released soon During the control tests with beta players the AI system that controls the whole video game starts going rogue The AI named Alfred is over riding protocols, and doing things he w

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    My original Awaken Online Catharsis audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer Awaken Online Catharsis is the first of two books in the Awaken Online series written by Travis Bagwell The audiobook edition is richly narrated by David Stifel who has voiced books in nearly every genre provided on Audible at the time of this review The book is best classified in the Literary Role Playing Game LitRPG subgenre It is

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    The synopsis on Goodreads is pretty great, and honestly, if you re the type of nerd who reads that synopsis and is intrigued, or thinks it may be good, you re probably going to like it I feel the only time someone wouldn t like it is if RPG books aren t their thing I happen to love them, which is why I looked for a book like this in the first place I sifted through a few books, and I m so happy this one was the book I chose Okay Enough of the re

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