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His Ex's Well-Kept Secret Piper meets Jaeger in Milan while both are there..they spend a passionate night together before parting to both head to New YorkShe has some sapphires to sale and Jaeger tells her to call when she gets to NY so she does but she hears nothing from him and is threatened if she doesn t quit calling..Finally she goes to Ballantyne After a few fantastic nights with Jaeger Ballantyne, and showing him the beautiful sapphires that are in her possession, Piper Mills finds out she is pregnant She knows that Jaeger told her that he did not deal in forevers or love but she felt he had a right to know he was going to be a father Problem one is she for some reason could not get in touch with him all areas of communication were closed to her So she does what she must and goes on until she finds that the dead father who never claimed her has swindled fortunes from people and the house and beautiful antiques her mother bequeathed her are going to be taken To save her home she approaches the Ballantynes as they purchase antiques and collections, to sell her sapphires which will pay for the house This opens a Pandora s box as she meets Jaeger again and he doesn t appear to know She S Keeping This Billionaire S Son A Secret Down On Her Luck Heiress Piper Mills Will Do Anything To Help Her Baby Even Strike A Deal With The Devil Who Impregnated Her Due To A Car Accident, Jaeger Ballantyne Has No Memory Of The Passionate Night He And Piper Shared Or That He S Ty S Father Purchasing Piper S Heirloom Sapphires Is The Only Thing On His Agenda Until Seducing The Green Eyed Temptress Takes Over Piper S Falling For The Stubborn Tycoon, Even As She Continues To Guard Her Secret Can A Man With No Memory Of Their Past Find A Way To Forgive Her So They Can Create A Future His Ex S Well Kept Secret Is Part Of The Ballantyne Billionaires Series. His Ex s Well Kept Secret by Joss Wood takes an unusual twist on the amnesia trope to deliver a sexy and unique second chance romance Jaeger Ballantyne, a wealthy businessman whose family deals in precious stones has a chance to acquire a set of beautiful Kashmir sapphires worth millions when art appraiser Piper Mills shows up at his office with the desire for a quick sale She s a single mom with a 9 month old baby someone he d normally stay far away from having lost a child to sudden infant death syndrome and then having his marriage fail too 18 months earlier, Jaeger had been in a serious car accident in Milan, and lost 2 months worth of memories but had used receipts and meeting notes to painstakingly try to track those lost days The data tells him that he and Piper have met before, but he doesn t remember anything about their encounter.Piper s fling with Jaeger in Milan, a night of passion she s never forgotten even if he apparently has , resulted in her pregnancy and the birth of her beloved son Ty Attempts to reach Jaeger when she d become pregnant had failed, and she d resigned herself to him not being part of their son s life The death of her father and a sudden turn of events in her financial fortune has made her desperate to sell the sapphires left to her by her mother in hopes of saving her childhood home So desperate in fact, that she s willing to approach Jaeger about purchasing them, a topic they d dis Joss Wood, YOU had me from the first word printed till the very last..Jaeger , Pipers, and Tyler.Three people in desperate need, Jaeger who has no memory from his accident, Piper who is a loosing heiress, and Tyler in desperate need of his father.Piper many months ago had a memorable night with a man who now has NO MEMORY of their one sensational night together Wil His Ex s Well Kept Secret by Joss Wood what happens when Piper Mills meets Jaeger Ballantyne again he doesn t remember their time together due to an accident She must get together with him to take care of her dead beat father s estate They find themselves attracted to each other, she remembers eve His Ex s Well Kept Secret by Josh Wood is the first in the Ballantyne Billionaires series and it s Jaeger Ballantyne and Piper Mills story Jaeger is the gem hunter of the family and Piper Mills has something that Jaeger wants her sapphire collection Due to a car accident Jaeger lost two months memory, including is memory of the passionate night he and Piper spent together in Milan They meet again 18 months later when Piper tries to raise money by selling her sapphires, what she didn t tell Jaeger is that he is the father of her 9 month old son I loved this book from start to finish The story grabbed me from the first paragraph, both Jaeger and Piper are amazing characters with tons of love to give, Ty is the cutest baby and together they all make a wonderful family I hope to h Unputdownable, unforgettable and quite possibly a perfectly written story which I am incredibly sorry to finish A perfect mix of plot, incredible characters blended with humour and a gorgeous little boy, I thought this story was so wonderfully detailed I was right there g 1 She DID REALLY try to tell him about the pregnancy but got put on the crazies list2 he slept with couple of selective women since the accident, she dated no others.3 he has told ANYONE with a microphone he doesn t want a wife OR a kid4 so why would she go out of her way and tell him that they have a baby when she was stonewalled to begin with 5 yet HE felt cheated out of his sons life and of her love when he, apart from the time in hospital was having Plot 4 5Characterisation 4 5Prose 3 5How much I enjoyed it 4 5

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