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Claiming His Secret Heir Can He Win Back His Wife When Caroline McNeill Shows Up Outside Her Husband S Mansion, She Claims To Have No Memory Of The Past Year Or Their Passion Filled Honeymoon But Faking Amnesia Is The Only Way Caroline Can Find Out If Damon Was Behind Her Abduction She Needs To Trust Him A Man She Craves But Still Barely Knows Before She Can Tell Him About Their Infant Son Did The Silicon Valley Mogul Merely Marry To Claim An Inheritance Then Dispose Of Her Or Is What They Share Real And Forever

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    Fairly decent Hey you all know I m an amnesia junkie The timeline seemed wonky here At first you think she s pretty advanced in her pregnancy when she gets off the island but later you think maybe not The thing tha

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    3.5 starsI m surprise this book is in the Desire line and not Intrigue It had a very good suspense track with the MCs trying to figure out who had kidnapped Caroline and how, though it wasn t hard to figure out the culp

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    4.5 Stars Loved it This book has it all love, devotion, monogamous couple, redemption, a horrific kidnapping, amnesia, an extremely evil father, a daughter who wants to believe in said evil father but doesn t know who she ca

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    4.5 StarsCaroline McNeill doesn t remember anything of the past year, so showing up at her husband s mansion is a little daunting Still, if it s the only way she ll be able to discover what happened to her, she s willing to do an

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    A few things before I start I ve been reading Ms Rock since she started writing for Harlequin It s been a while Karen Rock is her sister in law Yes, that Karen Rock who also writes for Harlequin And yes, I read her books, too I love b

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    Claiming His Secret Heir by Joanne Rock is sexy as hell, emotionally engaging, and fast paced Risks, danger, and intrigueall in one perfect read Themes such as second chances, new beginnings, love, and family are found A woman just married

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    Damon McNeill used all the resources available to him to find his wife who disappeared shortly after their honeymoon Her father claims Caroline wanted out of the marriage and nothing further to do with Damon Imagine Damon s shock when one year

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    The moment I read the first page of Claiming His Secret Heir by Joanne Rock I knew I was going to love this book.Caroline McNeill returns after disappearing almost a year ago Her husband, Damon McNeill, had done everything in his power to find her a

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    4 1 2 STARS A bittersweet reunion leads to the uncovering of secrets and lies as Joanne Rock brings the next of the McNeill Magnates to life The plot is exciting as we wait to see who is behind the dastardly deeds and if their love can survive the decept

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    3.5 stars Caroline shows up at her husband s house after being missing for almost a year with the claim of amnesia She was kidnapped a month after their honeymoon Caroline was drugged so much that she has spotty memories of the time of her kidnapping When she

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