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The How & the Why To me, you re still sort of intangible I know you re in there, but you re not obvious yet You re tight pants You re heartburn You re the space alien slowly taking over my body You re X Going into this book, I thought it was going to be an easy read Oh, I was so wrong It was deeply emotional and beautiful I found my eyes filling with tears as I read Cassandra s story Family stories are a definite must read and I never wanted this to end Cassandra is adopted and she never knew her biological parents She just turned eighteen and has questions about who she is and who her biological parents are Cass starts filling out forms to request all the information she can get and even turns to adoption websites for answers She finds out that her biological mother wrote her letters during her pregnancy They may hold clues on who her biological parents are and lead her into the right direction to discovering herself.This all happens during the most important part of a persons life, senior year of high school Cassandra and her friends should be worrying about graduating, choosing the perfect school, and having all of your firsts Cassandra and her best friend, Nyla have on their plate Will Cassandra find the answers she s looking for Or will all of this come to a dead end Cassandra s story is something that I didn t know much about I didn t know how the adoption process works and I was glad to learn something You ll fall in love with Cassandra, her family, and her friends Even though you don t get to see Cassandra s biological Mom much, you ll realize that she was one of the strongest characters here I really would love to read about her The How The Why is such a moving book, it actually brought me to tears numerous times This book made me feel human that I have ever felt I hesitated with this book and I shouldn t have It opened my eyes and I know it ll open yours Just remember to be the best you. REVIEW FOUND ON MY BLOGhttps emilythebooknerdxo.blogspot.c Thank you to the FFBC and Cynthia Hand for an arc copy of the book I had no idea what to expect going into The How They Why and I was pleasantly surprised This is one of my new favorite books for many reasons Let me gush about this amazing novel I cried, I laughed, I smiled almost the entire time reading the book I could not put it down It was so good that I read it in about two sittings This book was very easy to devour The How The Why is all about discovering yourself and family Everyone needs to pick up this wonderful book.The book is told in two alternating perspectives One is the main character, Cass who was given up for adoption as a baby The second, Cass s birth mother at the age of sixteen right before she gives Cass up for adoption It s heartwrenching but also extremely interesting to read her birth mother s perspective How hard it was choosing to give Cass up so she would have a better life I cannot imagine how hard that would have been making that decision You immediately begin to care about these characters The book really knows how to capture your heart I loved the closeness of Cass and her adoptive mother and father How the author showed that blood doesn t make a family Blood also doesn t make a parent Throughout the whole novel, the mother is in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant This only added on to my tears Reading the parts of her adoptive mom sick made me weep I just felt so much for these characters.Then add on the fact that Cass is a theatre nerd and there are so many theatre and music references throughout the book It made me extremely giddy inside I grew up doing musicals myself and music has always been my life I just became very connected to Cass and her friends I could relate to them on a deep level As in High School, I was a theatre nerd myself There were so many moments that made me excited inside.The writing flowed amazingly The past was intervened so seamlessly and naturally It made for a very interesting story I will definitely be picking up other works by Cynthia Hand because I loved this book so much The How The Why is easily one of my new favorite books and the best book that I have read this year I wish the book didn t end I wanted even Five stars from this book nerd A Poignant Exploration Of Family And The Ties That Bind, Perfect For Fans Of Far From The Tree, From New York Times Bestselling Author Cynthia HandToday Melly Had Us Writing Letters To Our Babies Cassandra McMurtrey Has The Best Parents A Girl Could Ask For They Ve Given Cass A Life She Wouldn T Trade For The World She Has Everything She Needs Except Maybe The One Thing She Wants Like, To Know Who She Is Where She Came From Questions Her Adoptive Parents Can T Answer, No Matter How Much They Love HerBut Eighteen Years Ago, Someone Wrote Cass A Series Of Letters And They May Just Hold The Answers Cass Has Been Searching ForAlternating Between Cass S Search For Answers And Letters From The Pregnant Teen Who Gave Her Up For Adoption, This Voice Driven Narrative Is The Perfect Read For Fans Of Nina LaCour And Jandy Nelson Beautiful, heartbreaking, hopeful Such an emotional ride This book seems to have the author s heart imprinted on each page And honestly, I loved every aspect of this novel and every character It s a story about family, friendship, and the need to belong in both ways about first love and first major choices, about passions and and achievements and disappointments it s a story about so much.It s powerful, it s heartwarming, it s incredible and deep and still beautifully subtle in some ways.I highly recommend it.Full review soon. Full review to be posted on closer to the release date which is in November, not December Oops , but just know that this is probably going to be my favorite book of 2019 So read this book as soon as you can get your hands on it And also have a box of tissues ready The point is, I hope you get it the why of the whole thing I hope you have a good life a boring, no drama, no real problems kind of life.Good luck, X I wish you the bestI have such a weakness for family stories I will without fail, pick up a book if family is a central focus, and I can say The How the Why is a great addition to the emotional family centric stories that I love The story is told in 2 perspectives 18 year old Cass as she s getting ready for all that comes with senior year , and letters from 16 year old, S who gave her up 18 years ago I really liked Cass as a character She s honest and flawed and it s so easy to feel for her through all of her struggles Her friendships with Nyla and Bastian are wonderful Seeing from her birth mother s perspective was really nice, and woven into the story seamlessly S can really set a scene My biggest complaint with the story was that I didn t really buy Cassa and Nyla s acting prowess, so some of that stuff fell falt for me Otherwise, The How the Why is an emotionally raw story about family and identity that will tug on your heartstrings Sidenote I would LOVE a novella that explores what happens after the epiloge I think the story ends in the right place narratively But as soon as I finished the book, I put it down in my lap and said NO so I would really love to see the next of THe How the Why I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This review and many others can also be found at Musings of a Book Girl Content Warnings adoption, hospitals, heart disease, surgery, racism, abuse, depression, suicide attempt, drug abuse, alcoholismThis book THIS BOOK Oh my gosh Every single sentence oozed emotion I felt every word all the hope, fear, longing, embarrassment, anger, confusion, dread, excitement.It s hard to write a review for a book like this Cassandra s mom dealt with heart issues and was in the hospital for the majority of the book which made it incredibly difficult for me to read but I m so thankful I did This is a story that clearly came straight from Cynthia Hand s heart and I m honored I was able to read it You have to feel what you feel There are alternating storylines between Cassandra s birth mom writing letters during her pregnancy and Cassandra s senior year in high school It was so easy to be invested in both stories They were woven together exceptionally well and I loved being able to connect the dots between the two.The characters were all incredible Each person had an amazing amount of depth and they were so dynamic They felt like real people almost as if I could open Facebook, type their names into the search bar, and see them living their lives through pictures and status updates Your genes don t define you The How the Why is a truly beautiful and heartbreaking yet hope filled own voices story It s one that demands to be felt I devoured it in two sittings it would have been one but I have a toddler okay and I almost want to start it all over again right now I know I ll be carrying Cassandra with me for a very long time A digital ARC was provided through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Additionally, all quotes should be checked against the final copy. A beautiful poignant story which brought a lump to my throat at times when the emotions rose like a tidal wave.This book was about family, a young 16 year old girl S who gave up her baby for adoption and Cassandra the baby who was adopted and was now eighteen and wanted to find her birth mother The story also dealt with the relationships with her parents, grandmother, best friend Nyla and Bastian Her ambition and future education were well weaved into the story Her mother was on the waiting list for a heart transplant, Cassandra had to deal with the reality of that situation too.My first book by author Cynthia Hand, and it was just so beautiful Written in simple words, the story touched my heart with its honest emotions The author s thoughts, via her characters, came across crystal clear The bond in that family, the love they shared, made me want to bask in its gentle rays like a sunflower in the morning sun.The book spoke about reality coated with hope It spoke about problems covered in strength It spoke about fear encompassed in love Every single chapter was real, Cassandra stole my heart away, and it was S s story which stopped my heart at the magnitude of her love and sacrifice.Read the story, cry with this family, laugh with them Enjoy their love, see how they deal with their pain and hurt Don t just read the words, feel the words Every single one would touch you deep in your soul It might be a Young Adult genre, but it spoke the long known language of love and family. This is the second book I ve finished today and both have made me cry A lot Is there a correlation between my tears and loving a book Maybe But not necessarily I ve definitely still cried for books I ve hated, so There s that.However I didn t hate this book at all I figured this would be emotional as it was about adoption, family, and also likened to FAR FROM THE TREE by Robin Benway another story that I m pretty sure I remember made me cry a lot.This one is told in two timelines of a sort via present day Cassandra and the letters being written by her birth mother, eighteen years before, while she was pregnant and waiting to give up her baby for adoption There was such a richness to this story, both in the various situations where people were adopted, and also the reasons that lead to them, but also just family in general both those of your blood and those you choose I honestly have so little to say about this book despite loving it so much I think mostly because I m still a little stunned by the ending I was loving this book, solid four, but the final chapter I mean sure, maybe it s a little bit incredulous, a little bit unlikely, maybe even fantastical, but that oh my god, I m just yeah, hello, this gets a bump for that But honestly, ending aside, this book is so great THE HOW THE WHY packs a lot of punch but I think it also does it in a smart way There s romance but it s not the focus There s strong enduring friendships that aren t without realistic jealousies and natural speedbumps And I love the focus on the bright, miraculous, even luminous moments in life, even amongst all the sadness or tragedy that we still experience Sometimes things do work out Sometimes we overcome our pasts Sometimes we say the wrong things but are forgiven Something we make a fool of ourselves but get something good out of it in the end Sometimes that s just the how and the why of life.Sorry for the cheese.Read this book.4.5 stars I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at Covering coming SOOOOOOOON.

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Cynthia Hand is the New York Times bestselling author of several books for teens, including the UNEARTHLY trilogy, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, MY LADY JANE and MY PLAIN JANE with fellow authors Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows , THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE, and the upcoming novels THE HOW AND THE WHY and MY CALAMITY JANE also with Ashton and Meadows Before turning to writing for young adults,

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