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Songs from the Deep I dived blindly into this book hoping the story is all about sirens singing and luring unsuspecting victims to their deaths but it s not all It s about a girl sleuthing a murder because she believes the killer is not who the police says it is This book is slow going all the way through It sparks some interest in me when Jude reveals Moira a secret he has been keeping The story focuses also on how their friendship started and then fall apart and how their fathers were fascinated by the sirens There are some surprises of where the story were heading that I didn t expect.This book is told in the first person point of view following Moira, 17 as she played the violin by the cliff s edge while the sirens lounged around down on the beach There used to be than ten sirens when she first played the music but sirens do killed people and the islanders allowed sirens hunting until a ban was placed A new body found by the beach this morning and it s not the usual tourist but one of their own islander and Moira is adamant that it s murder Being fascinated by the sirens, Moira vow to find the real killer rather than sit still and let others blame the sirens for the killing so that the hunting ban could be lifted She enlisted her friend Jude, 19, to help.Songs from the Deep is well written Moira being a daddy s girl isn t on good terms with her mom I don t like how she walks about like she s important and has little regards for adults A favorite character in this book for me is Jude just because he works at the lighthouse Interesting how he personally wants the job and wants to keep it continue down the generations of his family I like how the friendship slowly morphs into love The love is very faint that this book can be for middle grade readers too I wonder what year this story takes place because Jude was excited to finally get a telephone.Pro island, violin, sirens, friendship, lighthouseCon slow pacedI rate it 4 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to Simon Schuster Children s Publishing for inviting me to host a blog tour I appreciate the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honest.xoxo,Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com for details This book was well written with a super interesting concept I even liked that the story was focused on a girl and a boy trying to solve a murderous crime to prove sirens innocent I was cool with the sirens being in the background too, I just wasn t head over heels in love with these characters Maura was kind of a grump to Jude a lot of the time for no reason, and with Jude, I just wanted him to be a little aggressive about things However, there were some great scenes between the two And the conclusion was rather satisfying Sweet Jesus, I am so bored.I wasn t in the beginning Actually, I kind of thought I would love it The writing is elegant and the story atmospheric It basically starts with a BANG, since we re immediately thrown into the murder case I even liked Moira s voice.But the I read, the I got of the same I didn t feel it in my bones that the storyline progressed somewhere There were many leads, many suspects, many questions none answered I finally stopped reading at around page 170 because I felt like I wasn t getting anything from this book And, sadly, pretty writing and atmosphere is not enough any to keep me hooked Another thing is that Moira became one dimensional to me In the beginning, she made her love of music clear, she discussed her family history and friendship history with Jude and I really got a sense of who she was as a human being But once she stopped talking about herself and what we got was mainly a sense of her personality, I realized that her personality wasn t that strong and developed I think it s great that she s trying to solve the murder case, but she doesn t know what she s doing Another thing is that despite the fact that this story features mermaids in the sense that they are discussed here and there by the characters, they re not actually present Not in the first 170 pages, anyways Like, there is no mermaid character Moira doesn t even talk to one Plus, their history is very unclear Moira basically believes they either were there since the very beginning or were created somehow by the sea Hmm, okay A disappointment, but an elegant and atmospheric one Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Songs from the Deep by Kelly Powell is a young adult fantasy that has entwined itself with a historical mystery This book is actually the author s debut novel and just from the description alone you can imagine the creativity behind it was definitely a thumbs up and hard to imagine it being a first.Moira Alexander is a young woman who lives in a town upon an island the is often surrounded by deadly sirens Moira has always found the sirens quite fascinating and would often come as close as she can with precaution to study the deadly creatures even boldly serenading them with her own violin.One night Moira is out with a companion when they come across the body of a young boy Before sending for help Moira couldn t help her curiosity as she takes a closer look at the body and determines this was murder and not a siren attack However, Moira seems to be the only one not willing to blame the sirens so she enlists her friend, Jude Osric, to help her find the real killer.Songs from the Deep felt very atmospheric in the world building with this one taking a reader not only back in time but to this small island with mythical creatures It was actually quite a twist to find that the sirens making this a fantasy somewhat take a backseat to a mystery Certainly and entertaining and impressive debut overall.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit Moira knows the Sirens who inhabit the sea around her island home are dangerous But she still sneaks near the beach to watch them She plays her violin from her hiding place, letting her music travel through the salty sea air to the mysterious creatures She carries iron to protect her from their mesmerizing, magical songs When a boy s body, bleeding and broken, is discovered on the beach, the villagers are quick to blame the death on a siren attack But Moira feels something is wrong Very wrong Why would sirens leave a dead 12 year old boy on the beach Wouldn t they have dragged his body to the sea With the help of a childhood friend, Moira is determined to discover the truth This story is so engaging and interesting Part sea monster tale and part murder mystery, this book kept my attention from start to finish Moira and Jude work well together I enjoyed their investigation and the development of their characters throughout the story This is a YA book There are no gory death details or graphic sex No cursing The sirens are a bit scary and there are killingsso the story might be a bit much for someone under 13 Parental guidance suggested, as with any monster story The front cover art for this book is perfect It is what first interested me in reading this story This is the first book by Kelly Powell that I ve read I will definitely be reading I like her writing style The suspense, action and mystery are well written, perfectly paced and definitely engrossing I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Simon Schuster All opinions expressed are entirely my own. Read a newer version and it is just as wonderful as the first time around I love the new details Kelly added in and the badass Slytherin Moira Alexander is and the sweetie Hufflepuff that is Jude Osric At the core of this amazing story, everyone needs to read it for the adorable, heartfelt relationship that is these two characters that are my adopted children heart eyes for days I am lucky enough to say I read this gorgeous debut just after it got picked up and HOLY MOLY GUYS Kelly has weaved such hauntingly beautiful prose and a setting that draws you in just as a siren s song would I was glued to my screen from start to finish, stealing time so I could get back to this world and the characters I now love so much Let me tell you now, Jude Osric is your next Book Boyfriend You heard it hear first He is the Hufflepuff boy we all need in our lives heart eyes Our heroine Moira is an amazing mix of resilient and vulnerable, I couldn t have asked for a better protagonist to lead me through the story of solving the terrible murder on her island and understanding feeling her emotions of regret and nostalgia that help to weave a truly layered character I cannot wait to see what the final product of CACOPHONY will be and I ll be screaming my love for it and my dear friend Kelly all the way to publication next year Add this to your to read list, everyone Believe me when I say this is a debut to watch out for Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Nathalie DeFeliceI started reading this book because of the sirens and I stayed because of what another reviewer called a Hufflepuff love interest and Slytherin heroine I loved this story to bits because it treads a very fine line between mysticism and magic The characters are complex, but it s the journey that I feel readers will truly love The murder mystery is intense, and builds into this gorgeous climax There s so much going on with this little island that is home to a population of sirens, and it s a song you ll be longing to hear once you ve finished reading this book I have personally always imagined what siren song would sound like, and wouldn t mind being tied to the mast of a ship just so I could experience it If they were real, that is.Moira has always been fascinated by the deadly sirens that lurk in the shores of her little island town Although their song can lead anyone to a watery death, she gets as close as she can, playing her violin to them just outside of their reach When a young boy is found dead on the beach, the islanders assume it s the work of the sirens, but Moira is certain the boy has been murdered She convinces her friend and lighthouse keeper Jude Osric to help her find the real killer before the islanders starting trying to hunt the sirens down, while also rekindling their old friendship into something They ll need to race against time if they re going to stop the killer, before it s too late for the islanders and the sirens.This book has such a mystical atmosphere from the beginning We have this mythical creature who lives by the shores of this town and it makes you wonder if it s a blessing or a curse to have them so close Though the story is mostly told from Moira s perspective, readers will get to glimpse snippets of it through Jude s perspective as well It s really refreshing to see, because we don t often get fluffy male characters What s , I really appreciate the sense of community that the islanders have built for everyone, despite the fact that Moira is a little different It makes the things that are playing out so interesting.Moira is a very cunning and strong character She doesn t pull punches, and makes sure that you know exactly what she wants from you Jude plays the perfect foil to this because where Moira can be overbearing and frustrating, Jude comes in and soothes hurts and feelings He s sensitive to things that Moira isn t, and really helps move the story along well I love their interactions the most because Moira isn t afraid to cross boundaries, and Jude s blushing makes it all worthwhile.I d say the story is plot driven than character driven, and while I still enjoyed it regardless, I feel that this is one that would have benefited from being character driven instead The story had a really formal tone that I enjoyed for the most part, but other readers might not find appealing The time period does explain a good portion of this, but I feel like a less formal tone would have definitely been suitable Like I said, the story is about the mysterious death s that are happening on the island and who s to blame, than it is about Moira and Jude They re all players on a much larger board, and I loved seeing how that played out in the end.The story starts slowly at first, and builds momentum, and toward the end is fast paced and the anticipation swells into this crescendo, much like a musical piece There s something lyrical about the story overall, and the music, both from the sirens and Moira s violin, ties everything together The romance plays out very well in my opinion, and again, because of our characters very different personalities, makes for a very palatable pairing Jude has been one of my favourite male protagonists and I would love to see someone do fanart of him I m going to rate Songs From The Deep an 8 out of 10 It s a wonderful story full of a quiet life despite the dangers of a watery grave, with some amazing protagonists It would be great to see Moira and Jude in another story, because I can t wait to see what this author writes next. You can find this review on my blog Shades of PaperA flash of silver under sea, where siren song hath taken me Absent of color, absent of light, absent of all that I knew in life Bolt the latch and watch the waves, pray the sirens do not take me tonightWhenever I hear the word siren in a book or a movie or just anything, I ll definitely pick it up, so needless to say as soon as I knew that this book had sirens in it I added to my TBR I thought the premise was so intriguing and interesting, and since I m a huge fan of murder mystery stories with sirens I went with pretty high expectations, thinking I was going to absolutely love Songs From the Deep Unfortunately, I was so highly disappointed by the execution of the story.My main issue with this book was that I honestly expected to see sirens in it I know it is a pretty stupid reason to dislike a book, but I technically didn t like it just because of that, but that was an added bonus I think we barely got any information of the sirens, apart from how they looked and that they took humans from the surface and yada, yada, yada The most unique element of the story, and the one in my opinion could have made the book stood out was barely addressed throughout the story, and only walked by I would have loved for the author to explore that magical world and integrate it with the plot, instead of just being a separate element of the story.Now, my biggest issue with this book was regarding the plot Even though I for sure am not an expert in mysteries, I ve read quite a few of them throughout these few years, and I m quite good at anticipating those big revelations And I think that this particular book didn t add a lot to what I have previously read It was a very generic murder mystery, with a lot of similar elements that other stories have, so I didn t have that sense of anticipation and wanting to know who the murderer was, or that there was going to be a major plot twist that would blew my mind, and if a mystery doesn t keep me engaged and thrilled to want to continue reading it, it s missing somethingThey are distant and impassive, marble statues staring out to sea Movement is rarely what catches their attention Sound is how they hunt, what they wait for Any noise, whether soft or abrasive, is tenfold interesting to them than a little wave of fingers or shuffle of feetThe ending and that big revelation was so predictable in my opinion, and the way it was done was a bit weird and strange, and maybe not the best to create that shocking element to the reader, and how everything was solved was a bit too convenient and juvenile.When it comes to the characters, my main thought is they were okay but weren t mind blowing Since it was a very short book and the majority of the story was purely focused on the plot till the point I felt I was reading the same exact thing over and over again , it didn t leave a lot of room for the characters to shine Our protagonist was brave and had so much potential, but honestly she felt quite flat to me We didn t know that much about her apart from her relationship with her father and how she was fascinated by mermaids, but she didn t have pretty much any evolution throughout the story Her interactions were a bit odd sometimes, and the romance was just so unnecessary because she barely had any chemistry with her love interest, and with everything that was going on regarding those murders, that romance honestly seemed like it came out of nowhere, since those characters were that simple.Overall, I was sadly pretty disappointed with Songs From the Deep I had such high expectations, but the plot and characters didn t hit that mark for me, and though it had a very interesting concept, it was a bit boring The pacing was so lineal that it didn t build that anticipation the reader should have while reading a mystery, and I just wish I had seen sirens in it I received an ARC of this book in exchange for and honest review This doesn t change my opinion whatsoever All thoughts are my own.I don t know whether the sirens watch me as I leave, or if the cliff0s edge holds a pull of its own Whichever way, my heart feels leaden as I head for home But I have long realized a piece of it will always belong to the seaThank you Simon Schuster and Margaret K McElderry for the ARC.Blog Twitter Instagram BlogLovin A Girl Searches For A Killer On An Island Where Deadly Sirens Lurk Just Beneath The Waves In This Gripping, Atmospheric Debut Novel The Sea Holds Many SecretsMoira Alexander Has Always Been Fascinated By The Deadly Sirens Who Lurk Along The Shores Of Her Island Town Even Though Their Haunting Songs Can Lure Anyone To A Swift And Watery Grave, She Gets As Close To Them As She Can, Playing Her Violin On The Edge Of The Enchanted Sea When A Young Boy Is Found Dead On The Beach, The Islanders Assume That He S One Of The Sirens Victims Moira Isn T So SureCertain That Someone Has Framed The Boy S Death As A Siren Attack, Moira Convinces Her Childhood Friend, The Lighthouse Keeper Jude Osric, To Help Her Find The Real Killer, Rekindling Their Friendship In The Process With Townspeople Itching To Hunt The Sirens Down, And Their Own Secrets Threatening To Unravel Their Fragile New Alliance, Moira And Jude Must Race Against Time To Stop The Killer Before It S Too Late For Humans And Sirens Alike I am honored to say I ve had the privilege of reading this story I always have a hard time writing reviews because I am so afraid of spoiling something That said, here are a few thoughts of mine that I hope will convince people to give this the chance it absolutely deserves The main character is so real with not only her strength and determination and passion, but her flaws as well Her relationships with everyone around her are likewise real, and that s something I enjoy so much about Kelly s writing She has the ability to make you feel like these are real people you could know, and it s because of that, that you cheer for them and desperately need them to succeed One of the most important characters of the story is the island itself With its dangerous sirens and fascinating history, the well crafted world building done for this tale is something most writers could only dream of capturing.This is a very strong debut novel from a young and fresh talent that everyone should be keeping their eyes on Congratulations, Kelly I m so glad people will be able to submerse themselves in this mystery and come to love these characters as I have.

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Kelly Powell writes fantasy for young adults and currently lives in Ontario, Canada She has a bachelor s degree in history and book media studies from the University of Toronto.

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