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Sisters of Shadow and Light The Night My Sister Was Born, The Stars Died And Were Reborn In Her EyesZuhra And Inara Have Grown Up In The Citadel Of The Paladins, An Abandoned Fortress Where Legendary, Magical Warriors Once Lived Before Disappearing From The World Including Their Paladin Father The Night Inara Was BornOn That Same Night, A Massive, Magical Hedge Grew And Imprisoned Them Within The Citadel Inara Inherited Their Father S Paladin Power Her Eyes Glow Blue And She Is Able To Make Plants Grow At Unbelievable Rates, But She Has Been Trapped In Her Own Mind Because Of A Roar That Drowns Everything Else Out Leaving Zuhra Virtually Alone With Their Emotionally Broken Human MotherFor Fifteen Years They Have Lived, Trapped In The Citadel, With Little Contact From The Outside Worlduntil The Day A Stranger Passes Through The Hedge, And Everything Changes

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    DNF at page 82 Sisters of Shadow and Light has major Strange the Dreamer envy but is a pale phantom of the exquisite tale crafted by Laini Taylor DNF at page 82 Sisters of Shadow and Light has major Strange the Dreamer envy but is a pale phantom of the exquisite tale crafted by Laini Taylor

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    I was hooked from the very line The night my sister was born, the stars died and were reborn in her eyes and literally couldn t stop until I finished it It has a wonderful, original magic system, a gripping plot, and, above all, it is about sisters whose bond is stronger than any kind of spell.The book has a soothing fairy tale feel There is a semi abandoned Citadel, an

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    I believe there are no bad booksjust books I don t enjoy, but someone else does The reason why I avoid to rate a book less than 3 stars is because I do not want to discourage the author from improving, however, If I gave three stars to this one I wouldn t be honest In fact, if I solely would rate it for my enjoyment only than would be less than two stars This was the first b

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    Blurbs for SOSAL I was completely swept away with this fierce magical story of broken family, and sisters trying to survive a mysterious past Romance, betrayal, gryphons, forbidden doorways, and devoted sisters had me flipping the pages to unravel the secrets of this dark world where no one is who they seem to be Larson has created a spellbinding world that has all the elements I

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    As long as there is no love triangle between the sisters, I m in

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    I have read and loved every single book Sara B Larson has written including this one.Sisters of Shadow and Light is a brilliantly imaginative and lush world full of magic, wonder, love, sisterhood, family and action.Sisters, Zuhra and Inara were raised in a Citadel walled by a magical giant hedge that keeps the outside world away and them in.The Citadel is all that remains of their father

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    This was amazing I was hooked from the first page The characters were flawed and real and the world was so immersive Ahhhhh I need a sequel immediately

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    Reading almost like a long lost fairy tale, this book takes us on a journey of self discovery, the power of forgiveness and the lengths two sisters will go to save one another and I enjoyed every second Sisters of Shadow and Light follows two young women hidden behind a hedge that threatens anyone who tries to enter, orimportantly leave Zuhra remembers little from the night her sister was born other

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    Two sisters grow up in an abandoned citadel that once was home to magical Paladin Warriors Forthan fifteen years they ve been trapped behind a sentient, deadly hedge until a young man is mysteriously allowed through Zuhra has always protected her baby sister Inara but the hope of escape and possibly love is something that burns brightly within her Inara s appearance brands her as half Paladin but many fo

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    SISTERS OF SHADOW AND LIGHT is about two sisters who have been trapped in an abandoned citadel with their mother and nurse for fifteen years since the night the younger sister was born and their Paladin father disappeared Then a stranger shows up and everything changes I loved this book The magic was mesmerizing, the romance realistic and swoon worthy, and the twists completely unexpected but perfectly logica

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