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Middle England Di Coe avevo letto solo La famiglia Winshaw che mi era piaciuto molto Speravo con questo suo ultimo libro di capire qualcosa sulla Brexit Sapevo che aveva ripreso i protagonisti di altri suoi romanziLa banda dei brocchi Circolo chiusoche non conoscevo, eppure non ho faticato a prendere confidenza con loro, ma la parte miglior resta il suo tentativo di spiegare, a se stesso mi sembrato, pi che al lettore, come diavolo gli Inglesi siano arrivati a questa scelta Per far questo immerge i suoi personaggi nel mondo reale, e questo secondo me la scelta migliore dell autore chiamando per nome politici come Cameron, Farage, Boris Johnson, inserendoli negli avvenimenti che negli ultimi anni si sono succeduti determinando un clima di caccia alle streghe, sfiducia, paura, difficolt economiche, nonch pregiudizi gonfiati ad arte, e che hanno determinato lo scontento che esploso con la rivalsa di farla pagare a qualcuno Ed ecco che quindi analizza uno dopo l altro L incomprensione delle reali difficolt determinate dalla crisi econo Brexit. Set In The Midlands And London Over The Last Eight Years, Jonathan Coe Follows A Brilliantly Vivid Cast Of Characters Through A Time Of Immense Change And Disruption In Britain There Are The Early Married Years Of Sophie And Ian Who Disagree About The Future Of Britain And, Possibly, The Future Of Their Relationship Sophie S Grandfather Whose Final Act Is To Send A Postal Vote For The European Referendum Doug, The Political Commentator, Whose Young Daughter Despairs Of His Lack Of Political Nous And Doug S Remaining Tory Politician Partner Who Is Savaged By The Crazed Trolls Of Twitter And Within All These Lives Is The Story Of England Itself A Story Of Nostalgia And Irony Of Friendship And Rage, Humour And Intense Bewilderment.As Acutely Alert To The Absurdity Of The Political Classes As He Is Compassionate About Those Who Have Been Left Behind, This Is A Novel Jonathan Coe Was Born To Write. Set between the general election of 2010 that ushered in the coalition government and September 2018, this is a state of the nation novel that tells the story of our times Anyone who voted Leave may want to approach this with caution and have the blood pressure tablets handy the rest of us can relive the tumultuous events of the last 8 years from the riots to Jo Cox, from the Olympics to the emergence of Jeremy Corbyn, and all the hideous hatred and vitriolic rhetoric that Brexit has legitimised Coe isn t really saying anything new here as his characters line up on both sides of the debate those who think there s nothing wrong in poking fun at lezzers vegetarian, at that , or quoting Enoch Powell s rivers of blood speech with a patronising told you so air or those with a inclusive, compassionate, complex and layered sense of what it means to be English today like young academic Sophie There s less humour here than we might expect from Coe There are only a few books which I ve read than once Pride and Prejudice is one of them Brave New World another And in this rare group you ll also find Jonathan Coe s What a Carve Up Sadly, his latest book, Middle England, will not be joining my fiction hall of fame It seems Coe was asked to write a book about Brexit and that s what he did He resurrected his characters from The Rotters Club another great novel and put them into Britain s turbulent 21st C political landscape And yet those characters who were so engaging in The Rotters Club, seem so dull in Middle England Because here s the thing Brexit is boring Yes, it s important Yes, I have a viewpoint I ve even taken to the streets to express it, and yet I find it as dull as dishwater In Middle England, Benjamin had written a book, which he asked his friends to critique and one of them advises him to get rid of some of the political, historical stuff well, actually, all of it But if you took away Coe s political stuff, there d be little left That s not to say I didn t enjoy Doug s chats with the Tory spin doctor, the rivalry between the children s entertainers and Colin s selective memories of Midlands manufacturing But without the Brexit timeline, ther Middle England un romanzo che si nutre di attualit e che misura la temperatura elevata che in questo momento si percepisce in Gran Bretagna.Coe fa, prima, una cavalcata di qualche decennio attraverso alcuni eventi sociali e politici, nevralgici per il Regno Unito.Tra gli altri le Olimpiadi di Londra del 2012, decise in una generale iniziale indifferenza diverranno, in un crescendo di partecipazione collettiva e di affermazione dell orgoglio nazionale, una occasione di coesione del paese paradossale che dove arriva lo sport, altro fatica ad arrivare.Ma il punto cruciale del romanzo l approdo al referendum democratico sulla Brexit nel giugno del 2016, dove gli inglesi si sono giocati a dadi il futuro del paese, bench la Brexit rappresenti una opportunit , ma dalla porta strettissima.Inizialmente il suo nome fu Brixit non Brexit, la nazione Britain, non Bretain ma etimologicamente la parola Brixit pi incisiva perch conserva la parola exit che d il senso ad un movimento verso l uscita, mentre in realt la Brexit un ripiegamento verso l interno.C un passaggio esplicativo in cui la cattedrale di St Paul a Londra, viene descritta come uno degli ultimi baluardi di un mondo che vede perdere i suoi punti saldi Sembrava piccola e vulnerabile, impegnata ad affermare la sua identit di fronte alle creazioni moderniste, brutalist Jonathan Coe has been one of our foremost British exponents of the state of the nation genre, with a series of novels following a group of friends throughout their formative years, starting from their schooldays in 2001 with The Rotters Club His current novel covers eight years from 2010 and includes many memorable news references Gordon Brown s faux pas about the bigoted woman, Ed Miliband s bacon sandwich, the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, and his main topic here the political fault lines leading to the earthquake of Brexit.Coe s comedy of manners style is polished and very readable but his satirical approach is disappointingly marred in this instance by his own blatantly biased stance The sympathetic characters are all Remainers and the Brexiteers are depicted as deplorables with one character in particular coming across as such a villainous caricature as to be laughable rather than despicable Unfortunately, this level of comedy is just about the only humour in the novel apart from a farcical episode in a wardrobe The black and white stereotyping resu A questo libro avrei dato anche 50 stelle Per tantissimi motivi, forse non tutti condivisibili, ma assolutamente miei Per iniziare direi che Coe sempre una garanzia di un determinato tipo di libri e per estimatori dell Inghilterra a prescindere Quando iniziai a leggere la banda dei brocchi, intanto ero giovane, e poi avevo Manchester e il mio Erasmus cos dentro di me che sentire raccontare qualsiasi cosa di una banda di giovanotti inglese mi faceva battere il cuore Poi, con gli anni, recuperai e lessi tutto Coe, a volte con grandi entusiasmi, altri meno Middle England, comprato d impeto, mi ha mandato in estasi Era proprio quello che volevo leggere, avevo voglia di quell Inghilterra pre e post Brexit interpretata e raccontata da una serie di personaggi ormai invecchiati come me E stata una lettura meravigliosa, perch la bravura di Coe sta nell intrecciare una trama romanzesca non sempre al top, spesso con dei lieti fine da orticaria ma se Middle England revisits characters from Coe s earlier novels The Rotters Club and The Closed Circle I suppose the three books could be said to form a loose trilogy and follows them from 2010 to the present day Their experiences are juxtaposed with a wealth of political developments and newsworthy events the Conservative Lib Dem coalition, Amy Winehouse s death, the London riots, the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, the run up to the EU referendum, Victoria Wood s death, the murder of Jo Cox, the results of the referendum and its aftermath to name a few of the developments that loom large in this particular story.While all this is going on, we get glimpses of what s happening in the lives of our cast, made up of the The Rotters Club alumni, now middle aged, and their younger relatives Doug struggles to connect with his teenage daughter, the unfortunately named Coriander Benjamin gets a book published and it s unexpectedly nominated for the Booker His niece Sophie marries a man she isn t sure about, and later gets suspended from her job in academia when she s accused of discriminating against a student Sophie is in many ways the saving grace of this novel, but my god, her relationship with Ian resulted in some of the strongest second hand fr ,.

About the Author: Jonathan Coe

See this thread for information Jonathan Coe, born 19 August 1961 in Birmingham, is a British novelist and writer His work usually has an underlying preoccupation with political issues, although this serious engagement is often expressed comically in the form of satire For example, What a Carve Up reworks the plot of an old 1960s spoof horror film of the same name, in the light of the carve up of the UK s resources which some felt was carried out by Margaret Thatcher s right wing Conservative governments of the 1980s Coe studied at King Edward s School, Birmingham and Trinity College, Cambridge, before teaching at the University of Warwick where he completed a PhD in English Literature In July 2006 he was given an honorary degree by The University of Birmingham Retrieved 10 55, February 2, 2009 from

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