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Color Outside the Lines Review to come The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Full review HEREThis anthology was quite well done First of all, there were a lot of different genres included, which is something I did not expect I thought it was going to be only YA contemporary and so I was pleasantly surprised.The main theme of this anthology is interracial relationships and so there were lots of interracial couples or families and a lot of good diverse representation I also appreciated how some queer couples were included in some of the stories.As always I did not love every single stories, but there are some that I truly enjoyed.Here are my ratings for every storyTurn the Sky to Petalsby Anna Marie McLe 3 5Promby Danielle Page 3 5What We Loveby Lauren Gibaldi 3 5Giving Up the Ghostby Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas 4 5Your Life Mattersby L.L McKinney 3.5 5Starlight and Moondustby Lori M Lee 2 5Five Times Shiva Met Harryby Sangu Mandanna 4 5The Agony of a Heart s Wishby Samira Ahmed 4 5The Coward s Guide to Falling in Loveby Caroline Tung Richmond 4 5Death and the Maidenby Tara Sim 3.5 5Faithfullby Karuna Riazi 2 5Gilman Streetby Michelle Ruiz Keil 3 5The Boy isby Elsie Chapman 3 5Sandwiched in Betweenby Eric Smith 4 5Yuna and the Wallby Lydia Kang 3.5 5Something Gay and Magicalby Adam Silvera 3 5 This book has been on my tbr for a very long time, probably since the day it was announced And I was so happy the day I got approved for the ARC This is such a delightful read, full of adorable meet cutes and chance encounters and every story in its own way emphasizes that our differences can bring us closer and it s so much better to learn from each other, than letting the color of our skin divide us Really a nice set of empathetic stories and I would definitely recommend it to everyone My experience was also enhanced by the fact that I buddy read it with my dearest friends Below are my individual reviews for the stories Turn the Sky to Petals by Anna Marie McLe It s always jarring when the first story starts off in second person, but this one turned out to be easy to adjust to This is the story of a Latina girl who loves dancing and a Romani boy who s very passionate about playing the cimbalom, who bond over the fact that the thing they love so much is also the reason for their body getting battered and having to live in constant pain Their dread of maybe having to give up their art for the sake of living a relatively less painful life was very palpable and I could totally feel it But what made this story was the descriptions of the amazing variety of flowers which made this a very atmospheric experience Rating.5 Prom by Danielle Paige Another little story in second person, this was about two childhood friends who feel it s just inevitable to be together, but one of them is a bit worried what others will think of their relationship I m actually unsure how I feel about this because it was too short to form an opinion Rating What We Love by Lauren Gibaldi The story of a Jewish girl and an Indian boy, this one quickly took a dark turn with a white girl continuously bullying the protagonists And while they wanted to fight back, I thought it was both cute and awesome that they took inspiration from Star Wars to make their point but also not take revenge, deciding that they were better than the bully I found the development of friendship and pretty adorable Rating Giving Up the Ghost by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas A world which has ghost mentors for each person, this story was hilarious I loved how snarky and bitchy Sanjiv s ghost Ching was, but it was nice discovering she was a softy inside probably inside isn t a valid term for a ghost And the resolution of Ching s centuries old heartbreak against the backdrop of Sanjiv reconnecting with his childhood best friend was both extremely funny and sweet Rating Your Life Matters by L.L McKinney It was awesome seeing a black female superhero in this story, set against the Black Lives Matter movement while also dating a white girl who s father is a racist cop This one dealt with heavy themes like police brutality and racism and microaggressions, but ended on a hopeful note And I loved the message that all black folks lives matter, not just that of a black superhero only because she did something good Rating.5 Starlight and Moondust by Lori M Lee I can t say I fully understood this story of Hlee, who belongs to the Hmong community and Argus, a white boy But what affected me about it all was how much non western cultures and stories are treated as weird, Hlee bullied just for believing what she does, and the journey it takes for her to realize that she has every right to believe what she wants and she doesn t need to be the sidekick in anyone s story The whole atmosphere of this story was also quite amazing Rating.5 Five Times Shiva Met Harry by Sangu Mandanna Firstly, I love the author a lot so I m a bit biased The meet cute happens in a library and there s a hint that it might become , which I completely loved And the underlying theme of history being written by victors and colonizers, and how we are never taught both sides of the story in school was presented very well The idea that it s important for us to try and learn from multiple sources to get the whole picture is very relevant and I think it was told in a very relatable manner Rating The Agony of a Heart s Wish by Samira Ahmed This story set in 1919 pre independence India is full of fire, passion and longing, and the beautiful connection that forms between a young Indian Muslim woman and an Irishman who happens to be a soldier in the British army I adored how they bonded over their love for poetry and the wish for their countries to be free But that ending just about killed me and I can t stop crying Rating The Coward s Guide to Falling in Love by Caroline Tung Richmond The setting of this story is the National Gallery of Art in DC and I read this exactly a day after I visited it, so I felt very very excited to see some familiar names And it s about Juliet who s got a huge crush on her best friend and is feeling very anxious about expressing them to him I loved the idea of the story that we should seize the moment and not take too long to tell what we feel, or we might lose the opportunity to ever do it Rating Death and the Maiden by Tara Sim A sapphic Hades Persephone retelling, this story features Parvani who decides to give up her life of earth and become Hades s wife for the sake of vengeance This is a tale of a woman in despair finding purpose in her life and trying to do something beautiful to better the lives of others The descriptions of the underworld were beautiful and eerie and I loved the amalgamation of cultures Rating Faithfull by Karuna Riazi Featuring a Christian girl who is unsure if she wants to be part of a new community after her mom marries a Muslim, this story is about finding your people among those who might dismiss you and trying to form new bonds I m not sure I understood the whole emphasis on food, but it was a good read Rating Gilman Street by Michelle Ruiz Keil This story had so many elements in it, I was surprised by the skill with which the author managed to fit everything in The sadness of not being close to your best friend any, the thrill of the kiss that makes you question your sexuality, feeling lost because you feel you don t belong completely to either part of your heritage and finally feeling joy when you meet someone who is pretty similar to you this story which is set in the 80s has it all and it s sweet and beautiful and very thoughtful Definitely on point with the biracial and bisexual rep too Rating.5 The Boy Is by Elsie Chapman Between a mom who just wants Holly to fit in with the white majority of America and a dad who wants her to meet his Chinese friend s son, all she wants is actually the chance to make her own choice This is a cute story about all the possibilities that open when one decides to make their own choice and allow ourselves to make our own mistakes Rating Sandwiched in Between by Eric Smith The story of a Palestinian boy adopted by a white couple and a young middle eastern girl, this is about how differently each of them perceives their identity and how despite both of them being brown, their attitude towards race isn t the same because of their upbringing I think there were some valid points but I also didn t completely understand it Rating Yuna and the Wall by Lydia Kang I somehow wasn t expecting a kind of fantasy story, so this was a surprise A girl who is misunderstood because her father is a poisoner, and a boy who is ostracized because he is scarred due to a childhood occurrence of pox this is the story of both these unlikely people trying to find their voice and fighting against prejudices in whatever little way they can Rating.5 Something Gay and Magical by Adam Silvera This was again very very short but I m happy that Silvera didn t make me cry It has a very adorable meet cute in a bookstore and some very important commentary on the need for representation I particularly connected with the thought that not all LGBT books have to be issue books and non straight kids should have the opportunity to see themselves in happy and regular stories Rating Color Outside the Lines is an anthology about interracial relationships across time and genres It s about the ways these relationships are both different and the same as the ones that aren t interracial it doesn t only talk about love, culture, and prejudice, but also about family, friendships, communication, expectations and legacies, from many different points of view.I thought this was a solid anthology As usual, I didn t like every single story, but while the ending was a bit weak, I found some favorites in here Turn the Sky To Petals by Anna Marie McLe 5 starsThis might be my favorite McLe short story I ve loved Roja from All Out and Glamour from The Radical Element too, but not as much as this one, and I don t think this even had magical realism elements the atmosphere and themes made this perfect and just as magical as her stories that actually had magic in them.It s a story about a Romani boy who once played the cimbalom and a Latinx girl who liked to dance, brought together by their experiences with chronic pain They meet while they re helping their town to prepare for a rich man s wedding, and said wedding includes the most beautifully described rain of flowers ever.TK by Danielle Page no rating, not in the review copy What We Love by Lauren Gibaldi 2.5 starsThis story is about a Jewish girl and an Indian boy, and it talks about what it s like to not fit in and be othered, and how people who are from different backgrounds can experience this in different yet similar ways It also talks about familial expectations and about legacies the focus on what we leave behind was what I appreciated the most about this story and if you like Star Wars references, read this However, I found this story disappointing, because the antagonist is the stereotypical Blonde Mean Girl Who Wears Revealing Dresses she s wearing a short, tight dress and grinding on a boy It s not that racist bullies who are also attractive white girls don t exist, but the problem is that she s racist and a bully, not her clothes Giving Up the Ghost by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas 2 starsThis is the story that worked for me the least It s about a world in which everyone has a ghost who is one of their ancestors, and it follows a South Asian boy I think , whose ghost is probably the most successful pirate in history, Ching Shih I loved the worldbuilding here and how it talked about communication and history, but sadly the fearsome Ching Shih read like a bratty ten year old and this ended up not being enjoyable at all Your Life Matters by L.L McKinney 4 starsThe first f f story It s about a black superheroine, her white girlfriend sidekick, the Black Lives Matter movement, and people changing for the better It deals with some heavy themes like police violence and dating someone from a racist family and at its heart is an hopeful story, which I really appreciated It made me want to try McKinney s novels, even though Alice in Wonderland retellings have never been my kind of thing Starlight and Moondust by Lori M Lee 5 starsThis is one of the most beautiful things I ve ever read It follows Hlee Khue, a Hmong girl, and it s a story about stories I always love those It s not just about Hlee, even though she s the main character it also talks about an old woman who is a healer, and a boy with a mysterious past It talks about the way non western stories and beliefs are held to different standards from western ones, seen as sillier absurd just because they re not western.It s a magical story full of beautiful descriptions the atmosphere the food the dragons and now I want to read from Lori M Lee, since I never had before Five Times Shiva Met Harry by Sangu Mandanna 4 starsA not always lighthearted but cute story about an Indian girl and a white boy who start dating almost by accident It s about how sheltered, privileged people can grow up without ever challenging racist and imperialist assumptions but they can also change once that s brought to their attention I liked how this story casually mentioned that Shiva s brother is dating a boy who is Zimbabwean American The Agony of a Heart s Wish by Samira Ahmed 4 starsThis was heartbreaking It s a story about colonialism, following an Indian girl and an Irish boy as they meet on a train in colonial India, and bond over Yeats poems They never meet again, but meeting each other changed their lives The Coward s Guide to Falling in Love by Caroline Tung Richmond 4.5 starsNot a Romeo and Juliet retelling I loved the setup in this one, the themes, and the main character s voice It s the kind of lighthearted contemporary I love fun and never lacking in depth It follows a Chinese American girl who has a crush on a boy of Montenegrin descent I remember that I also really liked another short story by this author a few years ago, The Red Raven Ball from A Tyranny of Petticoats, so I can t wait to read her story in Hungry Hearts too Death and the Maiden by Tara Sim 5 starsAn f f Hades and Persephone retelling with an Indian main character This story was beautifully written and it made me want to read of Tara Sim s books even though I didn t love Timekeeper This had the best aesthetics, atmosphere the writing reminded me of Strange Grace, which is one of the most atmospheric books I ve ever read , themes I loved it s about life, death, and growth I want this to become a full length so badly Faithfull by Karuna Riazi 3.5 starsA story about a girl and her complicated relationships with her self absorbed mother, who is now marrying a Moroccan man This is mostly about friendships, food so many food descriptions and what makes a family I didn t feel strongly about it but I liked the message Gilman Street by Michelle Ruiz Keil 3.5 starsThis is a story about self discovery following a biracial, bisexual Mexican girl as she meets a biracial boy who is Filipino, kisses a Mexican girl, and discovers that some people are better left behind This is historical fiction set in 1980, I think and now I want to see what the author will do with her debut novel this year, as I ve heard it s historical fiction too The Boy Is by Elsie Chapman 3.5 starsThis is about dating as a Chinese American girl It talks about the conflicting expectations of family members, yellow fever, and pros and cons It was an interesting read, if really short Elsie Chapman was also a new to me author, and I think I like her writing, so maybe I ll try her novel Caster when it comes out Sandwiched in Between by Eric Smith 3 starsI don t think Eric Smith s writing is for me, and that s the main reason I m not rating this story high I like what this said about family, adoption, communication and colorblindness , but I just can t get into his books Yuna and the Wall by Lydia Kang 3.5 starsA fantasy story following the daughter of a poisoner and a boy who is hated for his scars It s about people finding each other when society doesn t accept them I liked its message and what I saw of this world Like Kang s Toxic, this story almost read like middle grade, but this time I didn t have any problems with that because I expected it.TK by Adam Silvera no rating, not in this copyMy average rating is 3,80, which is pretty good for an anthology and I think that if the Adam Silvera story had been there, the rating would have been even higher. Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Mimi KoehlerListen, I m usually not the biggest fan of anthologies Most times, there are two short stories that I really love and the rest, I just feel meh about Sometimes, I feel obliged to review every single story on its own, while other times I feel like the stories only work as a whole It s a complicated thing.But Color Outside the Lines has my whole heart.This collection of stories approaches interracial and LGBTQIA relationships in various ways, addressing a plethora of topics connected to it Love, culture, family, expectations, prejudice, discrimination, and barred communications are just a few that are explored There are stories about trying to find common ground between cultures, facing the challenges of the privileges of being colorblind and understanding that to be equal is not the same as to simply say the words and be done with the topic There are stories challenging stereotypical points of views, stories about kids who just want to find themselves in popular culture, stories about fierce people who just want to be heard and seen, who just want to be able to say, I matter I deserve to take up space It s a kaleidoscope of voices that illuminate how much we need diverse literature and just how important these voices are.I contemplated reviewing the short stories individually, but I feel like it would be doing this book a disservice I went into the stories not knowing anything besides the title and it made the exploration of the previously mentioned topics all the magical The vibrant mix of stories is what makes this anthology so accessible Truly, there is a story for everybody within these pages whether it s about not being aware of the monumental differences between cultures, the way one kindhearted person can change your life, or the female female Hades Persephone reimagination you ve always wanted Moreover, every single story left me wanting and it is my hope that this anthology is one of the necessary steps to get young readers to pick up diverse stories and find acceptance in them.So what can you expect to get if you pick up this book You will get a Jewish girl and an Indian boy discussing their outsider status and the worry of not fitting in You will experience a world in which everybody has a ghost as their sidekick A story in which colonialism separates two people who might have had one of the most epic love stories of their time A tale about a daughter of a poisoner and a boy shunned for his scars finding common ground And so much What you can expect most of all is finding new authors to obsess over For instance, I ve been following Eric Smith on Twitter for ages, but I ve never read any of his works After reading his contribution to this fine collection, Sandwiched in Between , that tragic mistake will be remedied immediately These authors put so much soul into these stories and it transpires beautifully onto the page Whether it s the lush descriptions of a fantastical land in which a girl gets to decide where and when her story begins or the realistic, no nonsense prose that follows a boy wanting to find a book at the store that gives a queer character a happily ever after there is care behind these words Care to give teens a voice And it is so, so encouraging, I can t even find words for the wholesome feeling in my chest, closing this book.All in all, I m so happy this anthology exists and my hope is that every young individual who is craving to see themselves represented in stories will find they are very welcome in this world to quote this anthology Stories belong to everyone, not just the ones telling them. Disclaimer I received this free book from Edelweiss This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest It s always challenging to review anthologies, because I wonder if I review the stories, or the anthology as a whole First off, the concept of this anthology is not only moving, but also so well executed As Mandanna writes in the introduction, representation matters and these stories of relationships that cross borders, families, prejudices, and are tender and heartfelt Within this anthology are stories about superheros, ghosts, resistance, and poisons They transform in front of your very eyes.full review 4.5 Stars I was provided an ARC via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Color Outside the Lines is an anthology of short stories exploring the complexity and beauty of interracial and LGBTQ relationships where differences are front and center The anthology will contain 16 stories, but my review copy only had 14 since this comes out in November When I rated each story one by one, it gave me an average 4.35 rating which I happily rounded up since I just love the concept of this book and definitely think it s an important one too I really liked most of the story, they were all so different and interesting They weren t two stories that were alike and I just found this anthology to be so captivating and all around amazing Story by story reviews Turn the Sky to Petals by Anna Marie McLe The writing was very Lyrical, it was cute but hard to follow, especially since the characters didn t have names It didn t really capture my attention3.5 StarsTK by Danielle Paige story forthcoming What We Love by Lauren GibaldiThat was so very cute I loved the whole dance thing and the Star Wars references It was short but didn t need.4.5 StarsGiving Up the Ghost by Tarun Shanker and Kelly ZekasThis one was cute and had ghosts I really loved the main character s ghost It felt very short though 4 StarsYour Life Matters by L.L McKinneyF F couple with talk of Black Lives Matter superheroine Perfection.5 StarsStarlight and Moondust by Lori M LeeThis was pretty good, it had nice characters, dragons, a shaman in the woods But it was pretty hard to focus on Kinda lyrical, poetic style I think I have trouble focusing on this kind of style.4 starsFive Times Shiva Met Harry by Sangu MandannaThat was a library romance where Harry educates himself on racism and Shiva has an overbearing dad It was a fun read.4.5 StarsThe Agony of a Heart s Wish by Samira AhmedThat was a historical romance between an Irish soldier and an Indian girl It was a powerful story but too insta love for me.4.5 Stars The Coward s Guide to Falling in Love by Caroline Tung RichmondThat was very good I felt for her immediately and deeply related with her I actually almost cried.5 StarsDeath and the Maiden by Tara SimF F retelling of Persephone and Hades It was pretty damn great.4.5 StarsFaithfull by Karuna RiaziThis one wasn t bad but I felt like something was missing The fact that the spacing wasn t right in my file didn t help4 StarsGilman Street by Michelle Ruiz KeilI loved this one It s set in the 80 s A girl skips school because her best friend abandoned her for her new boyfriend She ends up in Berkeley and has an unforgettable adventure Very cute lgbt story with lots of bi people.5 stars The Boy Is by Elsie ChapmanThis was a cute story It s mostly set in a food court The main character breaks up with her asshole of a boyfriend at the very beginning of the story I really loved the mc, this story left me wanting 4.5 StarsSandwiched in Between by Eric SmithThat story was a Thanksgiving story about a new couple going to both families houses The have weird ass meals, fights It was short and fun 4 Stars Yuna and the Wall by Lydia KangA nice read I loved the whole quiet and wall thing, but had some trouble fully focusing By the end, I felt like something was missing.4 Stars TK by Adam Silvera story forthcoming Review will be posted closer to the publishing date.Buddy read I got the e copy of this ARC from Edelweiss and Soho teen in exchange of my honest opinion This is the book of my heart Love is diverse, and I m so happy this book celebrates that I absolutely loved this collection of stories, and I hope that it paves the way for interracial relationships in fiction that explore the complexities and dynamics of interracial couples Some of the stories you might find the interracial relationship between a Black and white f f couple in the context of BLM, an Asian teen who grapples with her Asian fever white boyfriend, and a Hades Persephone retelling where Hades is a woman and Persephone is an Indian MC Explores a range of interracial relationships and the different challenges associated with them From communication, to finding common ground, to being separated by differences, only for love and hope to bring them together, to differing expectations Offers a range of genres, from mythology retellings, historical fiction, superhero sci fi in a contemporary context, paranormal urban fantasy Honestly I loved it I think this is the sort of stories we need of, and I m so so happy that this exists.Full review to come, closer to release date Thank you so much to the publishers, Soho Press, for giving me a DRC of Color Outside the Lines This Modern, Groundbreaking YA Anthology Explores The Complexity And Beauty Of Interracial And LGBTQ Relationships Where Differences Are Front And CenterWhen People Ask Me What This Anthology Is About, I M Often Tempted To Give Them The Complicated Answer It S About Race, And About How Being Different From The Person You Love Can Matter But How It Can Also Not Matter, And It S About Chinese Pirate Ghosts, Black Girl Vigilantes, Colonial India, A Flower Festival, A Garden Of Poisons, And So, So Much Else Honestly, Though I Think The Answer S Much Simpler Than That Color Outside The Lines Is A Collection Of Stories About Young, Fierce, Brilliantly Hopeful People In Love Sangu Mandanna, Editor Of Color Outside The Lines

About the Author: Sangu Mandanna

Sangu Mandanna was four years old when an elephant chased her down a forest road and she decided to write her first story about it Seventeen years and many, many manuscripts later, she signed her first book deal Sangu now lives in Norwich, a city in the east of England, with her husband and kids.

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