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Glitch A very cute graphic novel where, for once, someone isn t trapped in a RPG All the tropes would be quite familiar to anyone who s played MMO RPGs or watched read series on a similar subject, but this was light hearted and silly The resolution came about a bit too quickly and it was hard to believe that your best friend would take that long to confront youbut otherwise it was a fun read.Not the biggest fan of this drawing style, although it seems to be becoming quite popular lately. Read for 2019 YA Reading Challenge I received an ARC from Graphix at c2e2 this year thanks to the ALA Graphic Novels Comics Round Table.This was a silly book about friendships, video games, making choices that have consequences and growing up just a little The art here works really well for the story being told and I appreciated that poor life choices were reflected as hurting friendships and relationships around us There was some nice subtle work being done for parents here. Nothing earth shattering or super original, but at least it s one tool in the I read all of Raina Telgemeier so find me something similar now or I ll burn this library down kit. Mixed feelings about this one Cute gamer fun for kids, teens and adults of all ages Glitch tells a simple and silly story of friendship in the geekiest way possible Bad decisions have consequences, lies never stay hidden, friendship pwns all Graphic novels, Sarah Graley and video games A winning combination, indeed Plus, it is a really quick read Easy to devour in 1 or 2 sittings 3.5 stars. My thoughts Brilliantly written and illustrated All of my older kids love video games and this book is right up their alley I ve read a few books that have a similar premise, but not a graphic novel like this I really enjoyed being drawn into the author and the writers created world.There is so much that I can say about this book The main thing is that it is spot on about how my children like to act when they get overly involved in playing a video game However, in their case it doesn t matter if it is new or not.Izzy and her friend Eric have been waiting for the release of a new game called Dungeon City Izzy promises her friend Eric that she isn t going to play the game until the weekend She isn t able to keep the promise She ends with issues then she bargained for once she starts playing the video game.This book is great for any child that loves video games It is also a great book that I think even the most reluctant of readers will be able to enjoy I have come to love graphic novels almost as much as my older children and I cannot wait to start introducing them to the babies when they are old enough Review to come Cute and bold, and full of excitement worth reading this middle grade graphic novel From Comics Rising Star Sarah Graley, A Fresh And Funny Middle Grade Graphic Novel Featuring A Girl Who Must Save A Virtual World And Her Own Izzy Has An Incredible Secret She Can Enter The World Of Her New Video Game She Meets Rae, A Robot Who Says Izzy Is Destined To Save Dungeon City From The Big Boss How Is This Possible And How Can She Fight For This Virtual World When She S Got A Whole Real Life To Keep Up With Her Family Though She Could Do Without Her Mom S Annoying Cat , And Her Best Friend, Eric Things Get Even Weirder When Izzy Loses A Life While Inside The Game, And She Starts To Worry About What Might Happen If She Gets A Game Over For Good Meanwhile, Eric Has Been Super Upset With Izzy Since She S Been Keeping Secrets And Bailing On Their Plans Can Izzy Survive Dungeon City And Save Their Friendship Super fun nod to video gaming and friendship

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