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The Never Game (Colter Shaw, #1) As a big fan of the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jefferey Deaver was I curious to see how THE NEVER GAME, the first book in Deaver s new series, would turn out Would this book appeal to just as much as the Lincoln Rhyme books did In this book, are we introduced to Colter Shaw, an expert at tracking people down, thanks to his upbringing with a father who uprooted the whole family to live off the grid Now, he s been contacted by a man in Silicon I ve been a huge fan of Deaver s work over the years, I like that he develops slightly off the wall baddies and as a result his stories are often quite quirky There are always plenty of twists too, enough to prevent me from guessing the ending at any rate OK, that s actually not too hard as I virtually never work out an ending Most recently, his Lincoln Rhyme series has held me captive, but I ve avoided the last couple of books as I was beginning to tire of the format So I was delighted to see that with this book he s introduced a new hunter ofunsubs, a fresh solver of crimes Colter Shaw looks for opportunities to earn rewards offered for missing persons and the like He s not a registered PI but he operates along similar lines and uses a small back up team to help him track down such opportunities and to provide additional information as his investigations progress.A student has gone missing in Silicon Valley and her father is offering up a 10,000 reward right up Colter s street And as he gets into the detail of what he suspects is a kidnapping he notices that developments seem to be tracking events featured in a video game Soon Colter finds himself embroiled in intrigue involving the multi billion dollar gaming industry and now a second case has raised its head I quickly grew to enjoy spending time with Deaver s new front man he s clever of course , has a dry wit and an interesting bac Jeffery Deaver has done it again I have been a fan of Deaver for many years especially of his Rhyme Sachs series So I was really interested to read this new series featuring a character by the name of Colter Shaw.Colter Shaw is a restless and mysterious man who collects rewards from finding missing people or helping to solve crimes He is not a private investigator, nor a detective, but he strictly holds to the fact that he collects rewards By the way, this was an actually ingenious idea for a lead character Colter has gone to the Bay Area of California to help find a missing girl Her father has offered a reward Once he gets involved in this endeavor he is drawn into an even deeper level of investigation involving other missing persons and a villain copying a famous video game on his victims I found the boo The Never Game is the first in a brand new investigative series written by renowned thriller writer Jeffrey Deaver and featuring a fabulous new character Colter Shaw Shaw is an itinerant reward seeker , someone who finds missing people in return for the reward money and makes a refreshing change to the run of the mill, private investigator bounty hunter stories that normally relate in the hunt for missing persons Shaw is an exceedingly well developed character and Deaver s precise attention to detail is totally remarkable and unlike any other author indeed The descriptions of the locations featuring in the story allow for perfect clarity of vision and the way the story is told in such immense detail, you immediately feel a part of the intriguing story and know exactly what is going on in each intelligently written chapter.There s plenty of information on Shaw s background to keep you intrigued and I look forward to learning about him in future books He s a trained survivalist not ex cop or military , quietly spoken, strong both mentally and physically, has personal standards, empathy and respects other people regardless of their stature His trademark way of attempting to solve crimes and dangerous situations by assessing percentages relating to each circumstance is very clever and typical of a Deaver character.Jeffrey Deaver really is one of the best thriller writers in town and I have personally been a fan of his intellectual crime stories for many, many years I Grabbing you from the first page, Jeffery Deaver crafts a devilish plot that unfolds with breakneck speed An excellent start to a new series, Colter Shaw has comfortably nestled onto the bench with Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance one of our best literary puppet masters at the end of This is the first book in the Colter Shaw series by author Jeffery Deaver I am a an avid reader of this authors novels and love the Lincoln Rhyme series so was keen to read this new one I enjoyed the new character investigator Colter Shaw, who I am sure will develop in time to another excellent addition to Jeffery Deaver s repertoire But tbh I struggled getting into the plot in this book, I am not into video games etc and couldn t really connect with the story line Colter Shaw however shows great promise and there are lots of sub plots and secrets to let loose there Not for me this time but will continue to read the series in the future as enjoy not only the authors writing but also Colter Shaw.I would like to thank Net Galley and Harper Collins for supplying a copy of What could possibly be better than finding an exciting new series When it s written by a favorite author, that s what Such is the case here for sure and for sure I m already chomping at the bit for the next installment.The new character is a complex guy named Colter Shaw, who grew up as a son of exceptionally well educated parents who ditched mainstream life for a survivalist existence They taught their children well their father, from off an ever deepening end, and their mother from a practical and loving perspective as she struggled to rein in her husband s paranoia Long since, Colt moved back to reality even going to college and law school and now makes a living primarily by earning reward money offered for locating missing loved ones He s not a bounty hunter he picks his jobs only after carefully researching both the reward offerers and the victims On every case, one of his strengths long ago instilled by his now deceased father is assessing probabilities whether or not he ll be successful, which suspect is likely to be the perpetrator, etc Adding to the overall strength of the book is that interspersed throughout are recollections from Colt s growing up years some good, some not so much all of which give readers intriguing insights into what motivates him.The story opens as Colt is in over his head literally he s trying to save a very pregnant woman who s been locked into a boat that s sinking in frigid The Never Game introduces Mr Deaver s exciting new series featuring the wonderfully mysterious Colter Shaw, and once again he has penned an intense, absorbing an enthralling page turner highlighting that he is indeed still ahead of the game The premise very much reminded me of the horror film Saw and is equally as disturbing with a killer that certainly wouldn t be out of place in the movie Dark, disturbing and very troublesome, Deaver crafts a fast paced runaway train of a novel with thrills and chills aplenty Colter is a fascinating and original protagonist as proved by the background information revealed about him here, and I can t wait to learn about this enigmatic character.Interestingly and rather uniquely Colter effectively uses percentage play to guide himself and the police, and with dogged hard work, Shaw can usually unravel the mystery surrounding his cases There are twists and su I remember the first time I read this author It was the Bone Collector featuring Lincoln Rymes, a parapeligic and Amelia Saks, who was his legs and eyes, in their crime solving Enterprise It was brilliant, such unusual characters, but so likable What really blew me away were his many twists and turns I couldn t follow them, never could figure out where he was going And I tried.This is a new series, and another interesting person with an unusual background fostering unusual skills Colton Shaw, comes from a survivalists family, off the grid living, homeschooled and trained by his father to anticipate all variables This story has much to do with game playing.nim not a player myself but I found this fascinating Had no clue the depth of the games and the competition between writers of codes and developers The story line takes the unreal and makes From The Bestselling And Award Winning Master Of Suspense, The First Novel In A Thrilling New Series, Introducing Colter ShawYou Have Been Abandoned A Young Woman Has Gone Missing In Silicon Valley And Her Father Has Hired Colter Shaw To Find Her The Son Of A Survivalist Family, Shaw Is An Expert Tracker Now He Makes A Living As A Reward Seeker, Traveling The Country To Help Police Solve Crimes And Private Citizens Locate Missing Persons But What Seems A Simple Investigation Quickly Thrusts Him Into The Dark Heart Of America S Tech Hub And The Cutthroat Billion Dollar Video Gaming IndustryEscape If You Can When Another Victim Is Kidnapped, The Clues Point To One Video Game With A Troubled Past The Whispering Man In That Game, The Player Has To Survive After Being Abandoned In An Inhospitable Setting With Five Random Objects Is A Madman Bringing The Game To LifeOr Die With Dignity Shaw Finds Himself Caught In A Cat And Mouse Game, Risking His Own Life To Save The Victims Even As He Pursues The Kidnapper Across Both Silicon Valley And The Dark Net Encountering Eccentric Game Designers, Trigger Happy Gamers And Ruthless Tech Titans, He Soon Learns That He Isn T The Only One On The Hunt Someone Is On His Trail And Closing Fast The Never Game Proves Once Why Deaver Is A Genius When It Comes To Manipulation And Deception Associated Press.

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1 international bestselling author of over thirty novels and three collections of short stories His books are sold in 150 countries and translated into 25 languages His first novel featuring Lincoln Rhyme, The Bone Collector, was made into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie He s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.

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