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Slay By Day, Seventeen Year Old Kiera Johnson Is An Honors Student, A Math Tutor, And One Of The Only Black Kids At Jefferson Academy But At Home, She Joins Hundreds Of Thousands Of Black Gamers Who Duel Worldwide As Nubian Personas In The Secret Multiplayer Online Role Playing Card Game, SLAY No One Knows Kiera Is The Game Developer, Not Her Friends, Her Family, Not Even Her Boyfriend, Malcolm, Who Believes Video Games Are Partially Responsible For The Downfall Of The Black Man But When A Teen In Kansas City Is Murdered Over A Dispute In The SLAY World, News Of The Game Reaches Mainstream Media, And SLAY Is Labeled A Racist, Exclusionist, Violent Hub For Thugs And Criminals Even Worse, An Anonymous Troll Infiltrates The Game, Threatening To Sue Kiera For Anti White Discrimination Driven To Save The Only World In Which She Can Be Herself, Kiera Must Preserve Her Secret Identity And Harness What It Means To Be Unapologetically Black In A World Intimidated By Blackness But Can She Protect Her Game Without Losing Herself In The Process

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    I mean, I think it s pretty cool.

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    I had no idea what this was about going in, but it was so good

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    you can find this review and others on my blog SLAY is a book that I think should be in everyone s hands It s such an important read, and I think it ll be an eye opening experience for many, while Black people will find comfort in this story so openly celebratory of Blackness.The book follows high school student Kiera, who developed the

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    I needbooks about gamer girls in my life and a badass black gamer girl who creates her own video game and takes some racist POS to task YES PLEASE.

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    This isn t the type of story that I would typically read Mainly because I prefer to actually play games than to read about them But SLAY is such a unique and thematic MMORPG that I couldn t help but get curious about it I also loved the fact that it was created by a teenage girl with a normal life many people can relate to Keira Johnson s voice

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    Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestSLAY, on the surface, is everything I want to read about in a book STEM heroine, science fictiony elements, video games, diverse rep, real world issues, and political feminist dialogues Below the surface, however, are several Issue Sharks swimming and circling and waiting for me to dive down below and check it out

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    This whole book was so deeply fantastic It s one of those ones where you have to remind yourself to like, unclench your JAW, because you re reading and stressing and loving the whole thing I admit not not being knowledgeable about video games, but this actually made me wish I played something I mean I did Sims at 14 but WHO DIDN T I also thoroughly resp

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    SO FREAKIN GOOD can t believe i was sleeping on this book for a year read this via the audiobook and absolutely LOVED the narrators this book is filled with compelling and multi faceted characters, incredible game descriptions, and just a fast paced plot with INCREDIBLE TWISTS loved all of the discussions of race and the many parts of black experience that

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    I m going to really work on this review so I ll probably edit it several times, but MY GOD this book is so fucking GOOD So much of our culture packed in 300 some odd pages Generations of Black nuances and expression everywhere I looked UPLIFTING Black people of all shades, all genders, all sexualities, all personalities.Aside from that, this book is just a piec

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    Actual rating 2.75 Now, before we start and you go mouthing off at me, I am a firm believer in equality I hold everyone to the same standards no matter their race, religion sex, sexuality, whatever I m a plot driven reader and honestly don t give a fuck about a characters skin colour The only thing I care about in a main character is a lack of an annoying personali

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About the Author: Brittney Morris

Brittney Morris is the author of SLAY She holds a BA in Economics from Boston University because back then, she wanted to be a financial analyst She s now thankful that didn t happen She spends her spare time reading, playing indie video games, and enjoying the Seattle rain from her apartment She lives with her husband Steven who would rather enjoy the rain from a campsite in the woods because he hasn t played enough horror games Brittney is the founder and former president of the Boston University Creative Writing Club, a four time NaNoWriMo winner and a 2018 Pitch Wars mentor.