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A Cowboy Like You (Heart of Texas #4) In The Heart Of Texas, A Heartthrob Cowboy May Get His Second Chance At Love Danny Oldman, The Handsome Lone Star Sheriff, Is Still Single He Tells Himself, And Anyone Who Asks, That He Is Married To His Job And What Matters Most Is Keeping The People Of His Beloved Texas Hometown Safe The Truth Danny Still Hasn T Gotten Over His High School Crush She Moved Away After Graduation And Took Danny S Heart With HerSkylar Long Never Thought She Would Have To Flee Houston And Return Home Where It All Began For Her But That S What Happened After The Man Of Her Dreams Turned Out To Be An Actual Nightmare Now, Skylar Is Desperate To Escape Her Obsessive Boyfriend Nothing Shocks Her Than Seeing Danny Again And Realizing That Their Long Ago Attraction Is Powerful Than Ever But Can She And Danny Find A Way To Fight Against Skylar S Wealthy, Powerful Ex Who Is Dead Set On Tearing Them Apart A Cowboy Like You was quite the read Intense drama, great suspense, one charmingly sweet cowboy, and a stronger than she knows heroine, there was so much happening, I couldn t turn away I haven t read previous books in this series and had no trouble following who s who However, my curiosity was definitely engaged about recurring characters and I can t wait to read this backlist Possible triggers domestic abuse stalking I received an ARC from NetGalley and this is my honest review. A Cowboy Like You is a well written and addictive story that draws you into the life of Danny Oldman, a positively handsome Lone Star sheriff He is married to his job and longs to have the kind of love and relationship that others have, however the one person he loves is an old high school crush that has made a new life in Houston, TX.It is not until Skylar Long walks back into Danny s life that old memories of her start to resurface His heart stirs up old feelings and a hope that he can get a second chance to win her heart There is only one problem that could keep them apart and that is her crazy obsessive ex boyfriend who is bent on having Skyler for himself and will not let anything get in his waynot even Danny He must protect her at all cost if he wants to get into her heart.This story is well rounded with its share of intimacy, friendship, trust and suspense that had me turning the pages as well as loving the rekindling relationship between the two characters Danny and Skylar are truly made for one another and this book was amazing from start to finish.Donna Grant is a newcomer as authors go to this reader I thought the story was sweet, wonderful, a bit witty in areas, delightful with a pinch of suspense It has the kind of drama that makes you believe that regardless of the circumstances one sees on the outside, when trust and faith are introduced love will prevail.Thanks very much to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own.5 Stars ARC received for reviewAnother great book by Ms Grant, not only can she do dragon kings but also cowboys Danny is the local sheriff and he once loved Skylar She left, but now she s back and trouble is following her Danny is her knight with a shiny star, and lots of hot lovin Lots of help from the previous couples, as well as couple of yummy friends who I hope get their own books. I think of this series this one had been my favorite..We get reacquainted with Danny the towns sheriff and he finds himself lonely, and on one specific night he was remembering his high school crush the only girl he ever really thought of Skylar is running for her life from her abusive boyfriend, while running she stops at a rest area and about to get killed when Danny comes to her rescue, Danny the guy she had a crush on in high school Danny rescues Skylar but could not believe it, it must be fate Lies are revealed about the ex and just trying to keep her safe, luckily for them they have the help of the Harpers and Eastons..Enjoy rcvd an ARc at no cost to author netgalley Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions 3,5 starsA wonderful addition to the series I ve read other books in the series before in general, and a story I just really enjoyed reading from beginning till end It wasn t anything overly spectacular and quite predictable, which is why I didn t rate it higher than 3,5 stars But nonetheless, it was a book I was always excited for to pick up at the end of the day, when I read it on my Kindle in bed It was a fast paced read thanks to the enjoyable writing style I like the main characters in this one a lot, as well as the minor characters that we ve come across in previous books although, the book can be easily read as a stand alone as well btw They are all such a great bunch of people to get to know The Second chance romance was really well written in my opinion and I liked the small presence of suspense present in the story as well.Overall, a contemporary romance that s a good in between read I d definitely recommend picking up the entire series, so you get to read the stories of all the characters you come across It makes it that much fun when you read later written installments and see characters reoccur in each other s story This review was written after receiving an ARC of the book from the publisher and Netgalley The fact that I got the book for free, doesn t mean my opinions aren t my own because they are Danny Oldman may hide his loneliness behind his even temper and cheerful smiles, but his friends know he seems to spend an awful lot of time either working or staying at home and hasn t had a date in a long time Danny lives for his job and does it really well, but all these years of being first a police officer and then the sheriff and seeing awful crimes have left him feeling sad and lonely He knows he has been drinking and just to get through the night and it can t be good On some nights he just gets a takeaway and eats it quietly in his car, not in a mood to talk to anybody This is how Danny happens to witness a woman clearly trying to run away from an abusive husband or boyfriend who catches up with her and drags her out of the car by hair When Danny intervenes he is just doing the right thing, as a sheriff and a decent man, as hopefully anybody would The woman gratefully acknowledges his help and admits that she has a concealed gun with a permit Who knows how the night might have ended, had Danny not arrested Matt Gaudet.Danny knows cases like these are not easy and far from being over with the arrest First of all, Skylar will have to prove what has been happening, even if she manages to do so and victims of domestic abuse rarely report this crime, the perpetrator might still get away with a minimum punishment, while Skylar will have to uproot all her life, trying to find a place where she can feel safe At least, Danny can help her with this by taking her to his friends ranch Danny and Skylar went to the same school and he even had a crush on her, but she always had big dreams and it was clear she d leave their small town in search of something bigger.When Matt Gaudet s lawyer gets him out on a 500 bail and threatens Danny, insinuating that the arrest was a set up, Danny finds out that Matt comes from one of the richest and most powerful families in Texas He also knows he has to help Skylar.Fans of Donna Grant will be delighted with this continuation of the Heart of Texas series There is something comforting in coming back to the same setting and finding out how the familiar characters continue living their lives If you are new to the series, you might still find yourself charmed by the setting and the cast Danny Oldman is a good man who knows right from wrong and who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in swoon and it seems that he almost has been waiting for Skylar to come back into his life because she is The One for him double swoon Skylar is trying to work out ho how to get her own life back without putting other people in danger A romance between them is a predictable, but sweet story of second chances, and it is difficult to resist the charm of this trope There is a lot of drama any true love needs to overcome obstacles and there is a Happily Ever After, of course, which makes this book so suited for this season when we tend to focus on love, family, and hope for new beginnings.Thank you to Edelweiss and St.Martin s paperbacks for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion. Hold on to your hats, because this stoic, lonely cowboy will steal your heart Sheriff Danny Oldman s priority is keeping people in his rural Texas county safe, but no number of calls and hours on the job can ease his loneliness, in spite of the close friends he has When his high school crush finds her way back to Lone Star, however, everything changes.Skylar Long put Lone Star, Texas, in the rearview mirror for the excitement of the big city soon after high school, but she finds herself right back there as she flees her abusive boyfriend He follows her down the highway to a rest stop, but Sheriff Oldman is there to intervene, and Danny vows to keep Skylar safe as she uses the legal system to permanently rid herself of her ex and his family s affluence and old money.This one has everything I love in a good cowboy romance A small town charm with unbreakable bonds between friends A strong, protective hero who will do anything for those he loves A sultry romance with an air of suspense that keeps me riveted to the page and cheering on the characters It brings me back to my cowboy romance roots courtesy of Carolyn Brown and BJ Daniels, and Danny and Skylar owned my heart from the first page to the last Plan your next cowboy adventure with them, because I have no doubt you ll love this one as much as I do I read a pre publication version of this book freely and voluntarily, having made no commitment to provide feedback and receiving no compensation of any kind from any source. I really liked Danny He seemed to subconsciously wait for Skylar to come back into his life He had a crush on her in High School and she moved away as soon as they graduated He never got serious with anyone else in the time they were apart and I like that it might have been because his heart was already taken Skylar also had a crush on Danny in high school If only these two had the guts to approach each other, but then Danny had a point when he said it just wasn t their time yet Great couple This also had some pretty exciting drama with the ex stalking Skylar and his very, rich family trying to bail him out Things escalated pretty quickly which made for a fast paced read I loved how all the guys banded together, and the women too There is still several single men in this tight group so I expect to come in this series. The fourth book has the sheriff Danny Oldman who is still single, and being has brought him to a rest stop to eat his dinner Tired of eating alone at least is has something to look at It is then that he hears a commotion to the side and sees a man smashing a car window as he is yelling at the woman inside, he also makes threats to her and strikes her Once he arrests said man he realizes that he and the woman know each other Skylar Long has been wanting to get away from her boyfriend for a while now and now she has run to a town where she once felt at peace She was not expecting to see Danny and for him to be sheriff, even though the last part did not surprise her for he was always helping someone when they were younger After the arrest of her boyfriend, it is revealed that he comes from a wealthy family in Houston and everything he told her was false Dealing with him and his family hiring an attorney she also finds that she has feelings for Danny and he has them for her Really what this story is about is what can and does happen to women who are stalked by ex s and it must be terrifying for them and a piece of paper will not stop them though you have to start there Overall a very good book I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars Follow us at

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