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Protecting Tanner Hollow I thoroughly enjoy romantic suspense Lynette Eason is very good at this genre and I was excited when I saw she had this book coming out Eason gives us four wonderfully suspenseful novellas AND one of them gives us Derek St John s story I loved her Blue Justice series and the St John siblings, so I was very happy to read Derek s story I recommend this book My thanks to Revell Publishing for a complimentary copy of this book via Net Galley The opinion stated here is my own. Protecting Tanner Hollow was a wonderful compilation of novellas that captured the heart of small town mystery and romance There are four stories, each uniquely written with connections that weave through the stories However, each can be read as a stand alone I enjoyed seeing new and much loved characters pop up From beginning until end these stories are packed with suspense.Lethal Homecoming perhaps a little too fast of a read happy ending, but I loved the story anyway When Kallie returns home she s met with danger before she even gets there Detective Nolan is one of those leading men that will capture your heart He just wants to protect Kallie and maybe steal her heart, too I love seeing their characters pop up in this series, too Lethal Conspiracy When Lily wakes up in a hospital with firefighter, Jason and the doctor believing she is trying to kill herself the sparks are set off immediately As she tries to get them to believe she was running from a murderer another attempt is made on her life It s a face paced story that kept me wanting.Lethal Secrets is such a heartwarming story of a widow of five, just trying to survive Honor has little money and comes to Tanner Hollow to start over, but mysterious accidents and threats are making a fresh start difficult Eli has a wonderful heart and as he steps into help, it just made me yearn for their happy ending.Lethal Agenda is by far my favorite As an avid fan of Eason s Blue Justice series, I loved seeing Derek St John s story merge with the Tanner Hollow community I ve been hoping for his happy ending and though I wish he d gotten a full length story, Eason did a phenomenal job with this novella When Derek sees Claire again, she s in the middle of danger and they both have to figure out how to keep her safe I loved both their strong characters.Overall, I thought this was a great 4 in 1 book It was an easy, fast paced read, that ended with all the feels Loved it For fans of romantic suspense that want a quick read, this four in one will fit the bill It s a must read for Blue Justice fans.I received an advanced reader copy through NetGalley by the publisher, Revell All opinions in this review are my own. This is a great collection of novellas by one of my favorite authors Lynette Eason has a way of ramping up the suspense and action to keep the pages turning All of the four novellas take place in the small town of Tanner Hollow, North Carolina In Lethal Homecoming, Kallie Ainsworth returns home for her stepfather s funeral Kallie left home several years prior because he was abusive to her On her way, close to her home, someone tries to kill her Nolan Tanner is a sheriff deputy and a former boyfriend He tries to keep her safe and find out who is after her There are several suspects.In Lethal Conspiracy, Jason Tanner, Nolan s brother, is a firefighter who rescues a young woman inside a car in the garage of a burning house in a town near Tanner Hollow that appears to be a suicide attempt Lillian Maloney, daughter of a congressman running for the Senate, swears that she is on the run for her life because she witnessed a murder She did not try to kill herself Jason believes her and helps her find out what is going on In Lethal Secrets, Honor McBride and her five children left their home in Texas to get away from some bad people who are after her to get money owed them by her now dead husband Eli Murphy is a bank owner and interim minister in Tanner Hollow and helps Honor with a blown out tire as they arrive in town When it appears that the threatening people have followed Honor and children to Tanner Hollow, Eli takes them in to protect them and help find out who is trying to kill her In Lethal Agenda, forensic specialist Claire Montgomery is attacked in her home by someone that threatens to kill her Help arrives right away as now Sheriff Nolan Tanner and friend Detective Derek St John from Blue Justice series visiting from Columbia, South Carolina hear a quick 911 call from Claire and run the suspect off Derek is on vacation and able to keep an eye on Claire as everyone pitches in to find out who has it out for Claire.My only wish was that the individual stories had been full length, longer lasing instead of novellas but still great, quick reads that are highly entertaining and recommended.I received a complimentary ARC from Revell through NetGalley All thoughts and opinions are mine only. Award winning author Lynette Eason takes readers on a fast paced, adrenaline filled ride through the small town of Tanner Hollow in her latest romantic suspense novella collection, Protecting Tanner Hollow The first three novellas were previously published as e books by this author Lethal Homecoming, Lethal Conspiracy, and Lethal Secrets , so readers will love how these stories come together in this fantastic collection Since the novellas primarily take place in the town of Tanner Hollow, several of the characters have appearances in multiple stories in the collection, which makes the novellas enjoyable to read The addition of Lethal Agenda, the highly anticipated story of Derek St John from Lynette Eason s Blue Justice series, makes this novella collection a must read for fans of the St John family I was thrilled when I found out that Derek St John would be getting his own story As a huge fan of the Blue Justice series, I would have preferred for Derek s story to have been told in a full length novel, but Lethal Agenda does provide an extremely satisfying conclusion to the Blue Justice series I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell and was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are mine. Protecting Tanner Hollow by Lynette Eason is a four novella collection I have been a fan of Lynette Eason for quite a while I frequently say I will read anything she writes This collection did not disappoint LETHAL HOMECOMING starts out with a very exciting scene and the suspense builds Who wants Kallie Ainsworth dead Her stepfather has died, but she isn t a threat, or so she believes Detective Nolan Tanner wants to ensure her safety and to keep her from being accused of murder Ms Eason keeps you guessing until the end LETHAL CONSPIRACY Lillian Maloney sees something she shouldn t and her life is in danger Can firefighter Jason Tanner help find the evidence that conveniently disappeared This was full of twists and turns and unexpected events to keep you on your toes Then the pieces begin to fall into place LETHAL SECRETS Honor McBride is running from her past and the mess her dead husband left for her to deal with She seeks refuge in Tanner Hollow All she wants is to live in peace in the house her great aunt willed to her But someone wants to disrupt that peace Eli Murphy helps her the minute she rolls into town with a flat tire He seems to be there for her no matter the danger Ms Eason portrays a widow with five children with realism and heart as she ramps up the tension and confounds us with possible suspects.LETHAL AGENDA is in my opinion the best of the bunch I read the whole Blue Justice series earlier this year and was longing to see what brother Derek St John s story would be I couldn t be happier Ms Eason has a way of coming up with fresh ideas for criminals to harass and perplex their victims I love the way Derek and Claire found each other again and how he protected her The whole St.John family came together at Thanksgiving for their celebration of love and friendly chaos It was the icing on the cake for the St John family stories A copy of this book was provided by Revell Publishers through Interviews and Reviews.i was under no obligation to post a favorable review All opinions are my own. Lynette Eason never disappoints with her well written plot and high powered, adrenaline laced action and suspense and memorable characters I love that these four novellas take place in the small town of Tanner Hollow, NC and are connected by the characters in each story Lethal Homecoming features Nolan Tanner, a detective in Tanner Hollow, and Kallie who is being targeted as she returns to town for her stepfather s funeral Lethal Conspiracy is about Jason Tanner, Nolan s firefighter brother, and Lilly, a politician s daughter, running from a killer Lethal Secrets features Eli, the Tanner brothers cousin, and Honor who is a single mother of five running from those attempting to kill her and harm her children These three novellas have previously been published separately under their titles Lethal Agenda, a new novella, brings Derek St John from the Blue Justice series into Claire s life as she tries to figure out how her job as a forensic specialist is tied to the near death experiences she keeps having The villains are unexpected and surprising in each story and each story reads like a full length novel If you enjoy romantic suspense, you will love this collection of novellas I received a copy of the book from Baker Publishing via Interviews Reviews and was under no obligation to post a positive review All comments and opinions are solely my own. I really enjoyed this collection of stories from one of my favorite authors These stories have been previously released but were new to me as I hadn t gotten to the individual stories before My favorite of the collection was the 2nd story I really liked the mystery in that one and there were a couple of massive surprises in that one I also loved that Derek St John finally had his story told as well All in all, a fantastic collection of stories Recommended I received this book from NetGalley and was not required to post a positive review All thoughts are my own. I always look forward to Lynette Eason s books because I know I can always expect a brilliantly thought out and well written suspense novel, and Protecting Tanner Hollow was certainly no exception Featuring some amazing characters from the Tanner family Nolan and Jason as well as other characters such as Derek from the beloved St John family and Eli Murphy, I found this set of 4 novellas each 100 pages a delight to read I loved how some of the novellas were written from a male perspective, and also how there were so many family friend interactions in each of the stories, especially so in Honor McBride s story with all her lovely children sweet Beth Ann and her vocabulary and how Eli and the whole town of Tanner Hollow pitched in to help her Even though I adored them all, my favorite novella is probably the last one Derek St John and Claire Montgomery s story because the chance to catch a glimpse of the amazing St John family meant so much to me since I really loved the whole Blue Justice series I rather do wish that Eason could have provided a bit backstory to when they met, but perhaps she did in the Blue Justice series and I just missed it But I m so glad that Derek ended up getting his own story, albeit it being a novella Overall, Protecting Tanner Hallow provided me with such a lovely read with the amazing characters and dynamic family relationships with Kallie s step siblings and the St John family , and it will always have a place on my favorites shelf Well done, Ms Eason Highly recommended 5 stars.This book was provided courtesy of Baker Publishing, Revell Division. This collection of novellas is like a sweet gift from author, Lynette Eason, to her readers Protecting Tanner Hollow has all of the romantic suspense you could possibly want and The stories are quick paced, the characters are charming, and I enjoyed every page turning second I think my favorite characters are the Tanner brothers I liked that each novella wrapped up nicely and each subsequent one beyond the first gave a little sneak peek into the characters from earlier stories I received a copy of this book from the publisher I was under no obligation to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. Four Nail Biting Novellas In One Lethal HomecomingNolan Tanner Never Got Over Kallie Ainsworth S Sudden, Unexplained Departure Now When He Comes To Her Rescue After An Attempt On Her Life, All The Old Feelings Come Rushing BackLethal ConspiracyWhen Professional Fundraiser Lillian Maloney Sees Her Father S Campaign Manager Commit Murder, She Goes On The Run From The Men He Hires To Kill Her A Close Call Brings Firefighter Jason Tanner To The Rescue, But The Killer Is Closing In Lethal SecretsSomeone Wants Honor McBride Dead When Eli Murphy Helps Her Change A Flat Tire And Discovers The Danger Honor Is In, He Longs To Help But Eli Has Secrets Of His Own That Could Get Them All KilledLethal AgendaWhen Detective Derek St John Rescues A Woman He S Met Only Once Before And Has Never Been Able To Forget He Finds Himself Falling For Her But He Ll Have To Keep Claire Montgomery Alive If They Re To Have A Future Together

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