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Hero Monster Villain HeroFour Years After The Perdido Beach Dome Went Down, The Alien Virus That Created It Is Still Wreaking Havoc, And Virus Infested Rock Has Created A New Set Of Humans With Mutant PowersRockborn Gang Members Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, And Francis Are Fresh Off Their Defeat Of Dillion Poe And In Need Of Answers To Some Very Pressing Questions About Their Own Powers Who Are The Dark Watchers And What Is This Fourth Dimension That Only Francis Can Access But Heroes Don T Get Down Time When The Alien Virus Infested Rock Hits New York, A New Foe, Bob Markovic, Rises Amongst The Newly Rockborn Markovic S Arrogance And Lack Of A Moral Compass Already Made Him Unbearable With His Newfound Power To Inflict A Deadly Disease, He Could Send All Of Humanity Into A Living Hell As They Try To Find Their Footing On Morally Gray Grounds, The Rockborn Gang Will Have To Make Some Tough Decisions If They Want To Save The WorldMichael Grant Bids Farewell To The Globally Bestselling Gone Universe With The Finale To The Monster Trilogy Old Friends And New Foes Come Together In This Battle For Humanity The Mind Blowing And Existential Ending Will Make You Rethink What Does It Take To Be A Hero

About the Author: Michael Grant

Co author with Katherine Applegate of Ocean City, Making Out, Summer, Animorphs, Everworld, Remnants, Eve and Adam Pseudonymous coauthor with KA of Christy the TV spin off books , Sweet Valley Twins, Girl Talk and various Disney spin offs Pseudonymous author of Barf O Rama Author of Gone, BZRK, The Magnificent 12, Messenger of Fear, Front Lines, Monster and A Sudden Death in Cyprus AKA Michael Robinson restaurant reviews and newspaper features.AKA Michael Reynolds legal name political media producer Team Blue.

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    oh malik you absolute idiot, this is all your fault

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    I 100% think that Michael Grant is capable of just destroying the whole of the human civilisation, so the series can go out with a bang Best we not think about it If Michael Grant doesn t release a short story after this is published with Dekka happy, at home, with a cat and a girlfriend, I m

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    What an ending Mr Grant Absolutely loved the Gone series, and Hero brings the sequels trilogy to a close Absolutely brilliant, highly recommended, so many memorable characters and all so flawed and perfect and fragile and empowering and diverse and STRONG in every sense Do yourself a favour and binge

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    I don t know what s wrong with me but I absolutely hated this spin off trilogy and am so glad it s finally come to an end There were way too many new characters to constantly keep track of the changing perspectives and I only stayed on to see what would become of the originals.The ending was also the most e

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    The Rockborn Gang face a new horrific monster as the terrifying trilogy races to its action packed finale.well That ending is going to be very divisive I can see wars erupting online over this one There s not a lot I can say about this without spoiling that ending There are a fewof the original characters, a coupl

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    Well, what can I say I am a huge lover of the Gone series, and it stands as one of my favourites book series I have read When I discover Michael would write a three part sequel I was excited The first book delivered a strong and quite believable follow up The second one started to address unknown territory, but I loved i

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    You Dallased it You actually Dallased the gorram ending And you know what I would have been disappointed, but still fine It would explain why the writing is so disjointed at times and how nothing the government was doing made any logical sense even if you assume its with our current president And how the characters never felt r

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    This was heading toward 5 stars, until that ending that was the lousiest cop out of an ending since The Chronicles of Nick I can t rate an unfinished book I changed my mind I am going to rate it Such a let down of a great series.

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    I loved the gone series books 1 6 couldn t put them down , but the 3 follow up books just felt like the author was just trying to cash in on the success of them.

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    This book was good to start with I liked the plot and the characters However it was ruined by the ending SPOILERS The fact that it turned out they had been in a simulation all the long just ruined it for me Up until that point it had been a fun book that had got dark at some moments But, by turning it into something so philosophical, it completely

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