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The Andromeda Evolution Originally published at BORG.com Sept 4, 2019.It s as good as it gets for Michael Crichton fans Not only is The Andromeda Evolution a new thriller being released than a decade after the author s passing, it s a sequel to a Crichton classic novel his original science fiction cautionary tale The Andromeda Strain Created by writer Daniel H Wilson Robopocalypse in collaboration with Crichton s estate CrichtonSun LLC , The Andromeda Evolution is nicely timed to arrive 50 years after The Andromeda Strain was first published, the book that launched Crichton s fame as master of the technothriller The Andromeda Evolution has all the components of Crichton s best works the trademark structure of a team of unique experts colliding to prevent catastrophe, the integration of cutting edge science to both inform the reader and carry the plot forward, and the surprising juxtaposition of the improbable and the unimaginable And the ripped from the headlines timeliness is eerily creepy it all begins with a disaster in the heart of the rainforest, complete with government clashes and misinformation campaigns, and ends with a surprise that will stop you in your tracks.Nothing defines Crichton s storytelling as much as his interaction of characters, always an unlikely grouping of personalities that some far off puppetmaster thinks is the right team to solve problems A mix of the wise, the pragmatic, the cerebral, the sensitive, and the reactionary, common to the Crichton elite team are individuals who must struggle to get along like any group trying to complete a project in the real world Everyone has a piece of the puzzle, but can everyone survive long enough to contribute their piece In The Andromeda Evolution that first means introducing us to Dr James Stone, son of The Andromeda Strain bacteriologist Dr Jeremy Stone The son is a late addition to a core unit assigned to investigate and prevent the spread of what appears to be that dreaded, fast moving viral strain his father faced so many decades ago that almost destroyed Earth Haunted by a lifetime of living with the threat of the virus s return, Stone has acquired expertise under his father s wing With the alert of a new threat, on a moment s notice he s dropped at Ground Zero with only hours to collect data with other similar elite minds to try to save the world again.In The Andromeda Evolution, everything you think you know about the constructs of modern science and technology was a lie, dating back to the original Andromeda Strain virus, documented in Dr Michael Crichton s original account recall Crichton was in medical school when he began his career as author Hidden by world governments, never losing ground as the world s primary threat to security and survival, the Andromeda Strain was real NASA, the Center for Disease Control, all the framework for technological initiatives we think about every day from the 1970s forward have been preparing humanity for the return of the dreaded AS 1 and AS 2 And the biggest secret is staring us all in the face.In fact you ll probably want to read the novel as soon as it s available in November and dodge social media, because some spoiler types on social media lesser and mainstream coverage will no doubt post even introductory photographs in their coverage that will spoil some of the secrets for you Many times new authors will take over the reins for long time storytellers, as done with Tom Clancy s Jack Ryan and Ian Fleming s James Bond stories even back to the beginnings of the genre novel with authors like Doyle and Shelley Rarely do they assimilate the style of the author For The Andromeda Evolution to be successful, Wilson needed to emulate Crichton s style And he s done it How does it compare to past Crichton universe stories For me, Jurassic Park was Crichton s masterpiece, but The Andromeda Evolution is comparable to the best of the rest.The influences and familiarity for readers in this tale may come from all over the spectrum The pandemic and sci fi themes may conjure callbacks to Tom Clancy s Debt of Honor, Isaac Asimov s Fantastic Voyage II, 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Cloverfield Paradox, 2017 s Life, or Crichton s own novels Sphere and Congo What it is not is simply a modern, mainstream pandemic thriller, like Outbreak, Contagion, etc It s in the Crichton universe, so the unexpected lies ahead This time the tale is also peppered with callbacks to storytelling beats from earlier Crichton novels Wilson even sneaks in as an aside a humorous direct homage to Crichton himself, a memorable image from Jurassic Park And Crichton s science, ideas, method, research, and characters are all over this book.The dynamic of the Crichton story approach is easy to grasp Using experts in areas readers may not be experts on, the characters become accessible because they can t help but exhibit the human frailties and quirks that everyone shares, so readers understand why it s difficult to solve each new impossible task, and why they must overcome these barriers so the human spirit may live on, to fight another day It also allows educated readers plenty of opportunity to have their own inner arguments along the way, and no doubt some readers may be able to stay ahead of the science from time to time as not only scientific principles collide, but entire disciplines and maybe even fiction genres.The advance review copy from HarperCollins of The Andromeda Evolution echoes the marketing done for the Coma television series discussed long ago at borg , complete with warning labels this kind of touch is in good company and a nice coincidence considering Coma, the film, was written and directed by Crichton If you missed them, check out my previous reviews of Michael Crichton fiction at borg From Crichton s lost novels there s Odds On, Scratch One, Zero Cool, and Grave Descend, and from his posthumously published novels check out Micro and Dragon s Teeth.The Andromeda Evolution is not available to the public until its launch date November 14, 2019 But it s available from HarperCollins for pre order now audio version read by Julia Whelan Consider it the year s must read for science fiction fans And if you missed it, don t forget the original novel The Andromeda Strain, now in a 50th anniversary edition, also available in audio, read by David Morse. The Andromeda Evolution genuflects appropriately to The Andromeda Strain, the 1969 novel that instantly infected pop culture With little genetic decay, Daniel Wilson replicates Michael Crichton s tone and tics, particularly his wide stance mansplaining Each chapter begins with a quotation by Crichton selected, apparently, for its L Ron Hubbard like profundity, e.g There is a category of event that, once it occurs, cannot be satisfactorily resolved And the pages sanitized of wit are larded with lots of Crichtonian technical explanations, weapons porn, top secret documents and so many acronyms that I began to worry Wilson had accidentally left the caps lock on To read the rest of this review, click here https www.washingtonpost.com entert To watch the Totally Hip Video Book Review of The Andromeda Evolution, click here https www.washingtonpost.com video R E V I E W The Andromeda Evolution by Daniel H Wilson and Michael Crichton 4.5 5Thank you to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for the digital ARC of this book Much appreciated and enjoyed I will preface my review with thisI read The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton in 1972I was nine A schoolmate thanks Mac Q loaned me his paperback copy I devoured it It was new territory for memy first grown up bookscience fictionthriller Set me up for a lifetime of thrilling, mind blowing reading Crichton remained one of my go to authors, and I passed that love on to my grown son, who has taken it to a whole other level But I digress When I learned that there was a sequel to StrainI knew I had to read it I might have begged for an ARCjust a little I was beyond thrilled when it wound up in my inbox Unfortunately, timefree time to really deep dive into the book did not present itself until this weekend I woke up this morning to finish itat 1 AM I couldn t wait for a reasonable hour At first, oddly, I was a little reluctant to readwould it hold up to my memories of the multiple times I had read the original Or would this be the book version of New Coke I even wondered if I should go back and re read Strain again All my fears fell away when I started to read Evolution felt sofamiliar The style The tech The graphics The characters It was like coming home The bookWilson, as did Crichton in the original, writes this as a post incident report, in which someone somewhere has gathered records of audio communication, video footage, electronic documents, personal accounts, etc., interspersed with a traditional narrator style, to document the five day incident that had it s genesis 50 years ago in the little town of Piedmont, Arizona Two people survived that event, a baby and an elderly man Andromeda was contained, but not for long It was just waiting In this iteration, we are taken from the rain forests of South America to the International Space Station 50 years have passed Andromeda has evolved It is loose And growing After the original outbreak a Wildfire team was formed and maintained for 50 years, tasked with the job of finding and notifying officials of any trace of Andromeda in our world The alert finally comes Five scientists are given the seemingly impossible task of containing Andromeda, stopping it s growth and preventing the extinction of mankind The characters are well drawn, each has their own personality and expertise that they bring to the table I liked that one of the characters is a robotist, an area in which Wilson shines, as he is the author of Robopocalypse after reading his work in Andromeda Evolution, I will be adding Robopocalypse and Robogenesis to my to read list No higher praise than that The canary drones become a vital character themselves He also pulls in events that have happened since Andromeda s first appearance, and explains why Andromeda made them happen the way they did For example, the necessity of the Apollo astronauts being in quarantine after their return to earth The science, I will admit, sometimes is over my head, but not nearly enough to make me put down the book It is at it s heart a thriller, and as such, pulled me alongwhat was going to happen next Would earth survive Or would Andromeda win the war This is one of those books I need in my permanent library, so I will be purchasing a copy when it goes on sale November 12, as well as adding a new copy of The Andromeda Strain Michael Crichton may be gone, but his legacy lives on in The Andromeda Evolution and Daniel Wilson. 3.5 Stars I had read The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton when it was first published 50 years ago I recall liking the book a lot and read most of his subsequent techno thrillers We learn that in the decades since, the Andromeda Strain has evolved, mutated, and is replicating I am glad to see that author, Daniel Wilson, has managed to replicate the style of his predecessor to a satisfying extent It took some while for me to become engaged in this story A structure deep in the jungle has been detected and appears to be growing in size A mutated form of the Andromeda Strain seems to be spreading from this anomaly and killing isolated indigenous people and animals in its path Project Wildfire was set up to test and study the two known types of the strain known at the time AS 1 caused death by inhalation and then evolved into AS 2 which destroyed plastics Project Wildfire became Project Eternal Vigilance Their mission was to monitor new outbreaks and any future mutations The project was readying to shut down when new alarms were caused by what was occurring in Brazil A five person team of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and with expertise in specialized fields of science and technology have been selected to go to the to study the phenomena and shut it down Failing their mission, the military would take steps to destroy the anomaly which might result in devastating much of the world The characters may be stereotypes, but this is what made them interesting I struggled with the early part of the book Much of it came across as what I considered techno babble, and there were numerous acronyms This diluted tension and suspense for me, and kept me from engaging with the characters There is no doubt that theories and future predictions of technology were well researched, but I had to suspend disbelief and take technical explanations on faith As the cast grew fewer due to various calamities, the survivors on the mission to contain the newly evolved Andromeda Strain became much compelling I deeply felt the suspense and danger as the remaining characters went to heroic lengths There was some amazing, thrilling action that kept me riveted. The beginning of this a novel wholly by Daniel H Wilson and I rather loathe this idea of presenting it as a Michael Crichton novel seeing as he s been dead for like a decade reminded me of being 12 years old and reading books like THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN for the first time I was riveted, joyfully so Wilson builds upon Crichton s original idea and puts together a plausible, equally terrifying reality around the Andromeda Strain s abilities and purpose, let s say The novel then combines some of the best traits of Crichton novels I got the vibe of SPHERE, a little JURASSIC PARK, a little CONGO and then races forward to be its own thing The ending veers a bit too close to the general plot of THE EXPANSE for me and gets a little too crazy, although I suppose faxing people between dimensions in TIMELINE was also pretty crazy anyway, I found it faltered a bit on the landing, but good god I loved the adventure getting there. DNF at page 50 or so.I m very sorry but this book is practically unreadable It is one long very technical explanation full of acronyms We do meet some characters but the story is very complicated There is too much information without actually any action It is a script for a documentary than it is a novel Pity, because I enjoyed The Andromeda Strain a lot Thanks to Edelweiss for this digital review copy. In this week s Waiting on Wednesday, I take a look at The Andromeda Evolution, the recently announced sequel to Michael Crichton s game changing novel, The Andromeda Strain.Michael Crichton is one of the most iconic authors of the last 50 years, having written a series of varied and highly regarded novels, many of which were turned into movies It goes without saying that you have heard of his most famous novel, Jurassic Park, which was adapted into the movie of the same name Between his debut in 1966 and his death in 2008, Crichton released 28 full length fiction books, including Congo, Sphere, The Lost World, Rising Sun, Binary and Eaters of the Dead also known as The 13th Warrior These books were mostly released under his own name, but several novels were released under the pseudonym John Lange.One of Crichton s most famous books was his 1969 release, The Andromeda Strain, his first foray into the science fiction genre It followed a group of scientists as they attempted to contain and study an extraterrestrial microbe, known as Andromeda, within a high tech government laboratory While not his first book, this was the novel that helped launch his career, and was highly regarded by reviewers at the time of its release It is also considered to be one of the first books of the techno thriller genre, and its success no doubt encouraged Crichton to write science fiction works, such as Jurassic Park.It was announced only a couple of weeks ago that a sequel to The Andromeda Strain will be released later this year to mark the 50th anniversary of its release The Andromeda Evolution will be released worldwide on 12 November 2019 and has been written by bestselling science fiction author Daniel Wilson No real plot details for this book have been released yet, and it will be interesting to see where the story goes The Andromeda Strain ended with Andromeda evolving and being released into the upper atmosphere, where it was severely impacting the space programs of the United States and the Soviet Union From what very little is known, it appears that in the new book the microbe will somehow evolve again to become a much serious threat I am deeply intrigued to see how this new book will continue the story told in The Andromeda Strain, especially as the author could take the story in so many different directions I am very curious about what causes the disease to evolve again, and what new impacts this will have on Earth I imagine that this book will be set in modern times, which also offers up a range of possibilities In particular, this might create an alternate timeline for Earth, as the lack of a space race might have severely altered history.I am quite excited for the author chosen to continue this story, Daniel Wilson Wilson is one of the most intriguing authors of science fiction at the moment, having written several bestselling techno thrillers, including his epic Robopocalypse series I think that Wilson s writing style and imagination will mesh quite well Crichton s original concept, and the resulting collaboration will be something special.I am a bit uncertain whether The Andromeda Evolution will be based on any notes Crichton left behind, or whether it was only inspired by the original novel The three previous Michaels Crichton novels that were released after his death Pirate Latitudes, Micro and Dragon Teeth were either completed or partially written by Crichton himself However, as Wilson is credited as the author on the cover, I am thinking that the story is mostly based on his ideas This new perspective on the story may prove to be extremely interesting, and it could be the first in a new wave of Michael Crichton inspired techno thrillers.The Andromeda Evolution should prove to be an extremely interesting release for later in the year, and I am very eager to check it out Check back here tomorrow for a throwback review for The Andromeda Strain, and I may update this post later when plot details about The Andromeda Evolution become available.For interesting reviews, check out my blog at THE ANDROMEDA EVOLUTION by Daniel H Wilson is a science fiction techno thriller novel and a sequel to Michael Crichton s THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN It can be read as a standalone novel, but it would be beneficial to read Crichton s novel first Wilson continues Crichton s story after approximately 50 years of waiting Research has continued on the strain and the world thought it was now safe The watchdog group, Project Eternal Vigilance is on the verge on being shut down when a large formation appears in the jungle on the equator showing similarities to the original strains of Andromeda A team of scientists Project Wildfire are deployed to the jungle to investigate and determine how to stop it However the microbe is evolving and time is of the essence.This is a well written novel and carries on Crichton s legacy and builds on his original story line I was thoroughly engaged and entertained The novel is written as a post incident report The main characters are well defined with a variety of personalities and traits that came across as very realistic and in the case of one character, highly imaginative.It took me about 7% of the book to get totally committed to the story, but once I was there, I devoured the book There are also some technical explanations and diagrams Don t let that throw you They make sense.Overall, the novel was thought provoking and entertaining If you enjoy Michael Crichton novels or science fiction, I recommend you try this I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Many thanks to HarperCollins Publishers and Daniel H Wilson for a digital ARC of this novel via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. The Evolution Is ComingIn , An Extraterrestrial Microbe Came Crashing Down To Earth And Nearly Ended The Human Race Accidental Exposure To The Particle Designated The Andromeda Strain Killed Every Resident Of The Town Of Piedmont, Arizona, Save For An Elderly Man And An Infant Boy Over The Next Five Days, A Team Of Top Scientists Assigned To Project Wildfire Worked Valiantly To Save The World From An Epidemic Of Unimaginable Proportions In The Moments Before A Catastrophic Nuclear Detonation, They SucceededIn The Ensuing Decades, Research On The Microparticle Continued And The World Thought It Was Safe Deep Inside Fairchild Air Force Base, Project Eternal Vigilance Has Continued To Watch And Wait For The Andromeda Strain To Reappear On The Verge Of Being Shut Down, The Project Has Registered No Activity Until Now A Brazilian Terrain Mapping Drone Has Detected A Bizarre Anomaly Of Otherworldly Matter In The Middle Of The Jungle, And, Worse Yet, The Tell Tale Chemical Signature Of The Deadly MicroparticleWith This Shocking Discovery, The Next Generation Project Wildfire Is Activated, And A Diverse Team Of Experts Hailing From All Over The World Is Dispatched To Investigate The Potentially Apocalyptic ThreatBut The Microbe Is Growing Evolving And If The Wildfire Team Can T Reach The Quarantine Zone, Enter The Anomaly, And Figure Out How To Stop It, This New Andromeda Evolution Will Annihilate All Life As We Know It

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