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La balia Costretta A Letto In Seguito Al Difficile Parto Della Sua Prima Figlia, Didi Accoglie Con Gioia L Assistenza Di Hennequin, L Infermiera Di Maternit Che Aiuta La Famiglia Nei Dieci Giorni Successivi Alla Nascita La Convalescenza Lunga E Dolorosa Rende Didi Sempre Pi Dipendente Dalle Attenzioni Della Donna Ma Le Intenzioni Di Quest Ultima Non Sono Quelle Che Sembrano Hennequin Nasconde Un Terribile Segreto Che Affonda Le Radici In Un Lontano Passato, E Adesso Decisa A Chiudere Il Cerchio Una Persona, Per , Sembra Intuire Il Suo Mistero Miriam, Sua Cognata E Giovane Poliziotta Di Rotterdam Che, Con L Aiuto Di Un Detective Americano, Porta Alla Luce Dettagli Inimmaginabili Sul Suo Conto Miriam Sospetta Che La Donna Sia In Realt Una Pericolosa Psicopatica E Comincia A Pedinarla Quando Scopre Che Lavora A Casa Di Didi, Capisce Che Hennequin Sta Nascondendo Un Piano Diabolico Riuscir La Tenace E Instancabile Poliziotta A Comprendere E Ostacolare Le Inquietanti Intenzioni Di Hannequin Fragilit , Forza Di Volont E Sete Di Vendetta Si Fondono In Un Intenso Romanzo Psicologico Ricco Di Tensione E Colpi Di Scena

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    Creepy, thrilling and full of moments that shocked me, Close to the Cradle was quite a suspenseful quick read While it might make some uncomfortable at certain points, I thought the villain was incredibly well crafted and just the right amount of crazy Overall, a thrilling fast paced read.4 stars

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    Thank you Netgalley and crossing for the ARC of close to the cradle This book was so creepy I cant think of anything scary then being a brand new mom and hiring a nurse to help and she has creepy and scary motives This book had me biting my nails Really good with the suspense Definitely recommend for all you thriller lovers.

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    Close to the cradle is a Dutch book translated to English I d describe it as a psychological thriller We meet three different women from different backgrounds that are all tied together Hennequin a derranged midwifeDidi Vos new mother Miriam police officer POV changes quickly wasn t with a character for long enough to get a feel for their personality at the start of t

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    Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review This was a good read that wasn t hard to get into and stayed interesting with the continuing back and forth perspectives Didi is a new mother with a new maternity nurse, Hennequin Little does she know Hennequin doesn t have the best intentions for her and her family This wasn t really surprising, a lot of the info

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    While the story line sounds familiar, the writing really ups the game in this thriller Three women, all with a piece of the story, keep the tension and suspense moving quickly while setting the scenes for the final confrontations Nova Lee Maier has developed an excellent cast of characters and then pitted them against each other to add a wicked twist to the usual good vs evil story.

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    This is my second book I have read by this author The first was Mother Dear which was fantastic In this book, Close to the Cradle, the author delivers another page turning, full of suspense and thrilling ride If you read the blurb, then you know the basics and the characters involved But the big mystery is why Hennequin Smith has decided to be a baby nurse to a brand new mother when she is very we

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    I wanted to give it 5 stars I did I wanted to give it 5 stars because it was a gripping thriller The main character is pure evil and you know it from the start which is interesting However, there were plot holes Things that made the story unbelievable SPOILERS start now though Didi didn t recognize Hennequin, Nelly definitely would have Didi is just incredibly naive and stupid to the point where it is like

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    Thank you NetGalley and Crossing for the eARC.Being from Holland originally, I was excited to find a book translated from the Dutch It was a good read.However, it made me deeply uncomfortable at times because the story involves a psychopathic woman posing as home help for families with newborns Didi, the young mother, and her newborn, Indy, have just come home from the hospital and Hennequin is the home help, ready t

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    A nifty little thriller about three women Didi, a new mom who is overwhelmed and hires Hennequin, a baby nurse, who is being hunted and investigated by Miriam, a police officer who is convinced Hennequin killed her husband, Miriam s brother in order to inherit his fortune Whew Hennequin is obviously the one to watch here because she has no need to work She s also, as Miriam discovers, got a long and violent history It s not cl

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    Miriam is a police officer She has suspicions that her sister in law murdered her brother They had only been married 18 months when he fell down the stairs and died.When she looks into Hennequin s history, she finds that her suspicions are closer to truth than fiction Hennequin had pushed a girl over a stairwell when she was 16 She was in youth detention for a year.Now people have a habit of disappearing anytime she s around The truth o

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