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A Pale Light in the Black The NEO G books are going to be a departure from the grimdark futures and instead focusing on a moment in time when humanity is at its best This will be accessible science fiction with interesting characters and exciting action Plus, we re going to have all the things I know I love reading about found family, snarky siblings, explosions, and triumphant celebrations SO MUCH YESSource The Rollicking First Entry In A Unique Science Fiction Series That Introduces The Near Earth Orbital Guard NeoG A Military Force Patrolling And Protecting Space Inspired By The Real Life Mission Of The US Coast GuardFor The Past Year, Their Close Loss In The Annual Boarding Games Has Haunted Interceptor Team Zuma S Ghost With This Year S Competition Looming, They Re Looking Forward To Some Payback Until An Unexpected Personnel Change Leaves Them Reeling Their Best Swordsman Has Been Transferred, And A New Lieutenant Has Been Assigned In His PlaceMaxine Carmichael Is Trying To Carve A Place In The World On Her Own Away From The Pressure And Influence Of Her Powerful Family The Last Thing She Wants Is To Cause Trouble At Her Command On Jupiter Station With Her New Team In Turmoil, Max Must Overcome Her Self Doubt And Win Their Trust If She S Going To Succeed Failing Is Not An Option And Would Only Prove Her Parents RightBut Max And The Team Must Learn To Work Together Quickly A Routine Mission To Retrieve A Missing Ship Has Suddenly Turned Dangerous, And Now Their Lives Are On The Line Someone Is Targeting Members Of Zuma S Ghost, A Mysterious Opponent Willing To Kill To Safeguard A Secret That Could Shake Society To Its Core A Secret That Could Lead To Their Deaths And Kill Thousands Unless Max And Her New Team Stop ThemRescue Those In Danger, Find The Bad Guys, Win The Games It S All In A Day S Work At The NeoG I m biased, but this book is so fun First off, military SF is never about the Coast Guard, so focusing on a very different kind of mission makes for a very different kind of book Too, Wagers brings in ideas of community and LGTBQ issues to the fore, while always keying in on the mission And the Boarding Games rock Scalzi meets Marko Kloos meets Becky Chambers from an already brilliant SF writer. Ace and lesbian MCs with queer side characters Damn right I m adding this to my tbr Disclaimer I won a uncorrected proof copy in a twitter contest run by the author Thank you Live your truth, Whatever it is K.B Wagers has done it again Somehow, someway, she s written a set of characters that made me laugh, cry, and everything in between It s a messy, gloriously messy, group of characters that come together as a family that would do damn near anything and everything for each other short sweet review Ace and lesbian main characters, queer people than you can shake a stick at in minor characters Wager s has written a space fantasy in which queer people are everywhere, and it s believable in how they exist within it Space Coast Guard here to save your ass and damn they re good at their job Space ship combat Olympics Swords In Space guns are bad in space yo Conspiracy mystery but not too mystery, it unravels itself then the characters unravel it real life lessons in a space fantasy book that made me cry LEEEEEROOOYYYYYY JENKINSSS lots of memes that made me laugh Long form review Having read Wager s previous books, and loved them to death I was worried about how attached I would feel to an entirely new set of characters, only to find I loved them just as much Jenks is a hilarious riot full of in your face moments, while her counterpart to most of the book, Max, is the quiet contemplative sees through you then you do yourself type And yet somehow, they meld together seamlessly and become thick as thieves Rosa, their commanding officer, is the hard ass loving lesbian mom I always wanted to be when I grew up The plot revolves around three major instances, 1 newcomer Max taking Jenk s older adopted brother s place on their crew as he s promoted off their crew and how she settles into a new family aboard the Zuma s Ghost This being especially difficult considering her family is world famous, and she s not exactly on good terms with them and a boatload of childhood trauma to boot I can relate 2 The Boarding Games Think of the Olympics meets police academy competitions Each service branch, the army, the airforce, the navy, the marines, and finally the Neo G, have tournaments to decide which squad goes to the Boarding Games to compete against other service branches in a Galactic competition to see which branch is the best at sticking it to the baddies The crew of the Zuma s Ghost came in second last year round, by three points and they re out for that top spot this time around, but how to accomplish that when Max just took over from Jenk s adopted brother who was their best sword fighter guns are bad in space yo 3 A GROWING CONSPIRACY happens all at the same time of both of these other story beats take place, as a century old colony ship they arrest that s been used for smuggling leads them on a thread you wouldn t believe that has surprising connections.And it works It s a glorious mess, but it works But that s where I think a lot of readers of this are going to struggle No family is perfect, and as Max slowly finds her place in this new family she s found, the games and the conspiracy can feel like they take a back seat at times The conspiracy feels like it happens to the crew of the Zuma s ghost, rather than the crew working to find out exactly what s going on While the training for the preliminary games takes center stage at the beginning, all of a sudden the games takes a backseat again, until suddenly it s the games time again And while there s supposed to be this navy vs Neo G rivalry, it dosen t feel like it materializes all that much, rather than Max s family problems that surface in the middle of the games that supersedes it But I m willing to forgive all that, because it s making way for some amazing character development Jenks learns to simmer down a tad Max learns to be headstrong Rosa learns real focus But most of all, everyone learns to live their truth Whatever it is And I feel like that is the best lesson of this book This is a family story About losing what you thought was real family who rejects your truth, and finding true family that accepts and loves your truth It s the queer concept Chosen Family in space fantasy form And that is an amazing story that I ve read here Especially in a book about the space coast guard Like right Can you imagine What a fun military science fiction book by a new to me author but one who has five other books to her credit already Set in our solar system, Earth was decimated several hundred years ago by the people on Earth of course and since then has rebuilt and headed out into space The main characters in this book are in the Near Earth Orbital Guard NEO G , basically the Coast Guard of this age This story follows the crew of one their small ships, Zuma s Ghost, stationed on Jupiter As a new lieutenant arrives, Maxine Carmichael finds she is going to take the place of well loved Nika Vagin who is getting a promotion and shipping out much to the distress of his sister and Petty Officer Jenks Max also is part of the extremely wealthy and influential Carmichael family which invented LifeEx, which allows humanity to extend their lives for a price of course This book switches between Max learning her job and also becoming part of a team that competes in the yearly Boarding Games These Games take place every year between the military services and Neo G has never won altho they barely missed out by 3 points the last year Read from an Edelweiss eARC, this is a book that keeps you reading.

About the Author: K.B. Wagers

K.B Wagers lives and runs in the shadow of Pikes Peak She loves flipping tires and lifting heavy things She s especially proud of her second degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and her three Tough Mudder completions When not writing she can be found wrangling cats with her husband.

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