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True to Me From The Bestselling Author Of Wish Me Home Comes A Breathtaking Novel About The Secrets That Families Keep And One Woman S Illuminating Search For The Truth Quinn Maguire Has A Stable Life, A Fianc , And What She Thinks Is A Clear Vision For Her Future All Of That Comes Undone By Her Mother S Deathbed Confession The Absentee Father Quinn Spent Thirty Years Resenting Is Not Her Real Father At All With That One Revealing Whisper, Quinn Embarks On A Journey To Maui, Her Mother S Childhood Home, A Storied Paradise That Holds The Truth About Her Mother S Past And All Its Secrets Quinn Is Determined To UncoverBut Settling On The Island Has Its Complications, And With The Fianc She Left Behind Questioning Every Choice She Makes, Quinn S Quest For Her Truth Is Even Difficult Than She Expected As Time Passes And She Digs Deeper Into Her Family History And Her Own Identity, One Thing Becomes Clear Maui Is As Beautiful As She D Always Imagined, And Its Magic Is Helping Uncover The Woman That Quinn Was Always Meant To Be This book is a beautiful, heartwarming story of long kept secrets, forgiveness, and a young womans journey to find herself The incredible descriptions of the setting are absolutely wonderful and the characters are relatable.Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and Kay Bratt for the Advanced Readers Copy All of the thoughts and opinions are my own True to Me is the first book I have read by author Kay Bratt This was such a heartwarming story of forgiveness, secrets that had been kept for years and a young woman s journey in finding out who she really is Once I sat down to read I didn t put the book down until the very end I found myself totally engrossed in the story and the descriptions of Maui had me seeing the beauty of the island Loved the book Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read this book. A very good story about a girl trying to find who her father is This book sucked me in from page one It was so good I read it in one afternoon If you haven t read a book by this author, you need to run to the nearest bookstore or better yet preorder this one It s book one in a series and I can t wait to read the next one Loved the characters and the story Definitely recommend Thanks to Netgalley,Lake Union Publishers and the author for this early copy I would like to start out this review by sincerely thanking both NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for giving me an advance copy of this book to review All opinions are my own.True to Me is the latest book by Kay Bratt, the bestselling author of Wish Me Home It is a heart warming novel about a young woman named Quinn Maguire who is having a major identity crisis For you see, Quinn s mother has just died, and on her death bed she informed Quinn that her father is not who she thinks she is Quinn has no memories of the man whom she believed to be her absentee father, but she is still completely thrown off by this revelation Quinn needs to know who she is, and where she came from Her mother s dying wish was to be taken back to her native Maui, so that is exactly where Quinn goes.While in Maui, Quinn meets new friends, reconnects with people from her past, and discovers the truth about her family and her history It is a beautiful story of forgiveness and self discovery I was hooked on Quinn s story from the first chapter, and by the end I felt like I had been on an enlightening journey with her The characters in True to Me are beautifully written I formed a real connection with them I m already looking forward to the sequel and seeing how Quinn s relationships progress.The only slightly negative thing I have to say about this book is that the characters and writing could come across as a bit cliche at times That being said, it did fit in with the story, and did not bother me as much as it normally would Kay Bratt is a talented writer, and I look forward to reading of her works in the future. Time to Me by Kay Bratt A By The Sea Novel A truly wonderful novel that is hard to put down It is packed full of emotion, human kindness, the meaning of friendship and family, emotional and mental healing, and the importance taking to time to find yourself Quinn has always wanted a father in her life She had also always wanted to know about her background So she was astounded when her mother s last words were she had a different father than the long gone loser of a man she had as a father figure for several years of her youth When she heads to Maui to spread her mother s ashes, Quinn is in a relationship where she feels unsupported, she has bought a house sight unseen for the most part in Maui, has recently lost her mother and has questions than answers about her background and past Quinn s arrival in Maui doesn t start quite as she planned There are tenants still living in her house clearly the recent walk through by the selling agent didn t happen and the sale was through the bank not via a family , but Quinn doesn t have the heart to just throw them to the curb, yet feels she is on a deadline to upgrade parts of the house Her fianc wants to come down and deal with the issue and she tells him to stay put While she makes some friends as the house is being upgraded and is doing what she can to help move the family, Quinn is still struggling internally with wanting to find about her past and a possible family or whether all should be left as is She also finds out her fianc has been cheating on her While ignoring work and Ethan, Quinn starts to learn about the Hawaiian culture and beliefs, about the country and area and soon finds she is settled and at home there than she has ever been before She also feels a closer connection to her mother in Hawaiian When she decides to reconnect with her long time best friend, Quinn finds the support she most needed to think through everything When Maggie comes to Maui, Quinn is able to find the strength to make several life changing decisions With the support of her best friend and an individual she has become very good friends with, she is able to come to many conclusions about herself, her life, her purpose and how she wants things to be Her decisions also help than herself, but affects several others along the way She is living pono As Quinn learns about her family than she is able to process, Ethan s surprise arrival makes many things clear it is time to be who she has become since her arrival and who she is becoming But most of all it is time be true to herself Rating 4.9 I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this novel All thoughts and opinions in this review are strictly mine. I have been a long time fan of Kay Bratt and was excited to find out that she had a new book Andin my opinion, it was her best book yet The characters are well written, the plot has some mystery and some romance and the Hawaiian setting made me want to buy an airline ticket and visit Hawaii Quinn and her mom were close and there were no other family members, just the two of them Quinn s dad left years earlier and she had no memory of him She lives with and is engaged to a very dominant man who thinks that he can control her life When Quinn s mom was dying, she told Quinn that her real father was not who she s always been told he was Those were her dying words and at her death Quinn not only has to deal with her grief but also with the mystery of who her father really was Her mother had requested that her ashes be scattered in Maui so that is where Quinn decided that she s start her search for her father there This is a beautiful book about love and friendship and the discovery of not only the past but the discovery of learning who you really are and what you want in your future.Thanks to the author for a copy of this book to read and review All opinions are my own. As Christians we know that we are to be true to who God created us to be if we accomplish that we are being true to ourselves as well How often do we allow ourselves to be shaped in the image of who someone else says we should be Parents, spouses, significant others, even friends may set up expectations for how we should live our lives Some of that may truly be good, but are we cognizant of when boundaries are breached If so, do we allow that to occur, or do we reestablish those boundaries Traveling along with Quinn Maguire as she discovers her true self may help readers explore such questions Quinn s story is compelling While I most often review Christian fiction, I did enjoy this secular, contemporary tale Kay Bratt s works are always fully engaging, and transport me into the characters world They give me pause to contemplate some of the social and personal issues of our day True to Me is no exception I am very grateful to have received a copy from the author and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion I was under no obligation to provide a positive review, and received no monetary compensation. 5 stars As a lover of anything Hawaii related I have to say I was super excited to be able to read this book before it s official publish date I ve been to Maui 4 times and it s truly my favorite place in the world It so magical that once you ve been on the island, it s almost like you ve left a piece of yourself there when it s time to go back home But getting back to the bookI have all great things to say about it I love the author s style of writing The chapters flow so nicely and she has a wonderful way of making you feel connected to all of the characters And I honestly did LOVE all the characters in this book especially Quinn, Liam, Kupuna and Maggie I don t want to give away any spoilers but I will say that I hope to see of Liam in the sequel There was a big shocker at the end of the book that I did not see coming at all I love the bonds Quinn formed when she was in Maui trying to find out about her family And I also liked the way the story all came together in the end Also after being in Maui so many times I can honestly say that the author did a wonderful job in describing the beauty of the island She took me back to many of the places that I ve been blessed to see My favorite line in the book was But the article stated it was much , that aloha meant love, peace, and compassion More than a word, a life of aloha meant the heart was overflowing, and when using it, one should be sincerely happy to see the person they said it to.This is not my first book by Kay Bratt and it will definitely not be my last I highly recommend True To Me and I look forward to reading many books by this author Thank you to Net Galley for my advanced review copy All opinions and thoughts are my own. Let me start by saying that I have yet to read a book by Kay Bratt that I have not loved The setting of this book, in Maui, makes one feel as though you are right there with Quinn This book follows Quinn s story She has recently lost her mom and while on her deathbed, her mother reveals that the man whom Quinn thought was her father is not To better understand and process this information, Quinn is on a quest to find the truth, to find her father It all starts with a DNA test that leads her back to Hawaii, where her mother was born It is during this trip to Hawaii that Quinn has time to reflect and find her true self It is during this time that she allows herself time to reflect on the relationship she has with Ethan, her fianc , she allows herself time to mourn the loss of her mother, it allows herself time to reflect on who she is Is Ethan the right man for her, does he make her happy This time of reflection opens doors, starts new friendships, helps to renew an old friendship and helps Quinn to heal and truly find herself and where she came from.Thank you to NetGalley for my advanced review copy All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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