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A Natural Father What Is She Thinking Being Pregnant, Single And Expanding Her Business No Doubt About It, Lucy Basso S Hands Are Full As If That S Not Enough, Hottie Dominic Bianco Is Showing Than A Little Interest In Her Even Her Impending Motherhood Doesn T Seem To Faze Him In Fact, He S Acting As Tender And Protective As If She Were Carrying His BabyBut Something Seems To Be Keeping Dom From Fully Committing To Her If Lucy Could Only Know What It Is, She Might Understand Or Maybe She D Tell Him It Doesn T Matter Because She Knows He S A Good Man And He D Make An Ideal Father

About the Author: Sarah Mayberry

Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book When inspiration didn t strike, she began to wonder if, perhaps, she needed to live some life first before writing about it.This still left the burning question of how to pay the rent She found her way into trade journalism, working off the principle that it was better to write anything for a living than nothing at all Her time there lead to the opportunity to launch a new decorator magazine for one of Australia s major retailers, an invaluable and grueling experience that she found very rewarding.But the opportunity to write fiction for a living soon lured Sarah away She took up a post as storyliner on Australia s longest running soap, Neighbours Over two years she helped plotthan 240 hours of television, as well as writing freelance scripts She remembers her time with the show very fondly especially the dirty jokes and laughter around the story table and still writes scripts on a freelance basis.In 2003 she relocated to New Zealand for her partner s work There Sarah served as storyliner and story editor on the country s top rating drama, Shortland Street, before quitting to pursue writing full time.Sarah picked up a love of romance novels from both her grandmothers, and has submitted manuscripts to Harlequin many times over the years She credits the invaluable story structuring experience she learned on Neighbours as the key to her eventual success along with the patience of her fantastic editor, Wanda.Sarah is revoltingly happy with her partner of twelve years, Chris, who is a talented scriptwriter Not only does he offer fantastic advice and solutions to writing problems, but he s also handsome, funny and sexy When she s not gushing over him, she loves to read romance and fantasy novels, go to the movies, sew and cook for her friends She has also become a recent convert to Pilates, which she knows she should dooften.

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    My least favorite from Sarah Mayberry to date, but that still makes it a fun read Most of this story is forecast from the beginning you can see the twists coming from miles ahead and none of them fail to turn up on time and in costume Still, I was never tempted to put it down or move on.Most of that is due to the lead characters Dom is one of those hot sweeties you can t help falling for from the start and Lucy is as engaging in

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    4 Stars Dominic wantsthan anything to be a father and after years of trying for a family, he discovers that he s sterile When he suggests a sperm donor or adoption, his wife refuses and asks for a divorce With his marriage destroyed and feeling totally rejected, Dom decides to take a break from the family wholesale produce market and travels to Italy for six months When Lucy s boyfriend of eight years dumps her for a young yoga in

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    Contrived sappy story Get thishandsome, kind, well off but sterile hero Dom Enter the pumped and dumped, pregnant Lucy She s saved by a knight in shining armor and he has an insta family These two sad sack characters glom onto each other as lifelines but not a soul deep passionate love This is why I detest contemporary stories.

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    A Natural Father was a pretty nice read Lucy Basso s life is a mess, she has been dumped by her boyfriend of 8 years, is pregnant and has to break the news to her Italian mother, who single handedly raised both her kids and wanted better for them On top of the Lucy s self business can t seem to get a loan from the bank and she is staying with her elder sister Rosie and her husband Andrew.Dominic Bianco has just returned home after a 6

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    Another sweet CR from Sarah Mayberry I found Sarah Mayberry by accident a few years ago, but she s really one of the authors I like to go to when I want to read a sweet, contemporary romance The author certainly didn t disappoint when it came to A NATURAL FATHER This was so sweet I fell in love with both Lucy and Dominic I even liked Lucy s sister and brother in law I thought the story developed well, and I was really glad that Dom didn

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    I m gonna give it a 5 stars because of one heart breaking scene that got stuck in my head at the end of the book.This is Sarah s 4th romantic novel about single parenting that i ve read and i believe is one of the best It s charged with many emotions like all her novels actually but the scene with Dominic Bianco and his confession to his father in the storage toward the end of the novel, is so very touching, you simply want to embrace thi

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    Overall, a good romance The issue of a secondary character not wanting children is thankfully handled better than I originally thought, although there is an underlying notion of if you don t want kids, there may be something wrong you with you off to the therapist to find out , which is a tad patronising Still, a good read and it s obvious that the author is actively trying not to resort to stereotypes, which is no mean feat when you re wri

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    Would have been 4 stars, but there was a bit too much stupid, bullheaded secret keeping going on for my taste Rosie needed to talk to her damn husband about her doubts and fears And Dom needed to talk to Lucy about his sterility, instead of just pushing her away Once again it was that stupid I don t want to hurt you so I m gonna hurt you logic, and I hate that shit.

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    Not bad for a first Super Romance, but not great either I dislike quick forgiveness when the man has been an absolute jerk to the woman You made me suffer for eight weeks Oh, well It s the last chapter of the story so I guess I have to forgive you Blech.

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    On A Natural Father I loved this book Seriously I ve had Sarah Mayberry books sitting on my Kindle and on my to read shelf and now I am going to read them Okay so it will probably be months before I get back to them but still Lucy Basso finds herself single, pregnant, and a relatively new business owner Jilted by the father of her child she turns to family to help her through She s fiercely dependent but knows she cannot do everything since her b

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