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Guide to the Sabbat Shadows Of The Elders War The Sabbat Are Depraved Monsters, Reveling In Their Damned State And Herding The Kine About Them Like Cattle Or So It Would Seem To The Uninitiated In Truth, The Sabbat Wage A Secret War On The Elders, Struggling Night After Night To Free Themselves From The Tyranny Of The Dread Antediluvians And The Jyhad Itself But Are Their Tactics Effective Or Simply Horrific Cast By The Fires Of The Packs The Guide To The Sabbat Examines The Sabbat Exhaustively From The Antitribu, Or Anti Clans That Populate Its Ranks To The Terrifying Disciplines They Use To Their Methods Of Waging War On The Camarilla And Antediluvians Alike This Book Also Explores The Progress The Sabbat Have Made In Their War Effort, Chronicling Their Inexorable Climb Over The East Coast Of The United States And Their Usurped Territories In The Old World The Guide To The Sabbat Includes An Updated, Definitive Look At The Sect And Its Role In The Final Nights New Bloodlines, Disciplines And Layers Of Intrigue In The Jyhad The Secrets And Schemes Of The Most Reviled Sect Of Vampires Ever To Walk The Night

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    One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach all the damn vampires Grandpa, Lost BoysIt s relatively easy to look at the Sabbat as the villains of Vampire, and earlier in the line that s basically what they were There s a reason that Obtenebration allows multiple actions at level three and Vic

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    same problems with this as the camarilla one but goddamn the sabbat are cool as shit plenty of really good ideas and great lore on the sabbat and playing a pack.

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    Before I read this book, the Sabbat just seemed like a bunch of crazy, stupid, violent vampires I wasn t really very interested in reading about them further However, after reading this book, my opinion on them changed significantly.This book fleshes out a group of vampiric zealots in way that makes them have

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    The equivalent of the mainstream Camarilla Vampires, with a decidedly antagonistic ideological difference Freedom, Freedom, let Freedom Ring This rpg book really opened my eyes to what was originally the antagonists in the previous vampire games I d played Things definitely aren t as they seem, and the explorat

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    While I found much of the material in the Guide to the Sabbat to be both well written and capable of expanding the World of Darkness, the mechanics introduced tended to kill what Vampire The Masquerade was about The Sabbat paths effectively philosophies neutered the humanity or shadow thereof in the vampires and

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    again part of my WOD kick

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