Secret Baby

Secret BabyMadeleine has a secret Five months ago, she met an irresistible man and made a very dumb mistake She knows that a random hookup won t want to be saddled with a baby and she s way too vulnerable in this state to be rejected Keeping a baby from the daddy might seem wrong, but it s the best way to

The Darkest Assassin (Lords of the Underworld, #14.6)

The Darkest Assassin (Lords of the Underworld, #14.6)From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Gena Showalter comes a new story in her Lords of the Underworld series Fox is a demon possessed immortal with many talents Ability to open portals check Power to kill the most dangerous Sent Ones check Scare away any man who might want to date

Wonder With Me (With Me In Seattle, #12.5)

Wonder With Me (With Me In Seattle, #12.5)From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby comes a new story in her With Me In Seattle series Reed Taylor doesn t pay much attention to the holidays until he receives a surprise present Four year old Piper is the daughter he never knew about, and with the death of her

Countdown To Christmas

Countdown To ChristmasIt s just a bet Ten days until Christmas and all I have to do is avoid my roommate s delightfully wrapped package When the countdown to Christmas is over, I ll be collecting my own present a generous stack of pretty green bills It doesn t matter that every time he looks at me with those gorgeous

Oh Snowy Night

Oh Snowy NightOh Snowy night the stars are brightly shining It is the night of the lumberjack s big fall Long lay his heart in eternal slumber Till she appeared and his soul felt enthralled A thrill of hope the romance world rejoices For yonder breaks a new and glorious tale Swipe open your Kindles And read the

Valley of the Shadow (Elemental World, #4.5)

Valley of the Shadow (Elemental World, #4.5)I m sure of you Everything else, we ll figure out along the way For eight years, Baojia and Natalie have pursued their goals family, career, friendship and love trying to carve out an ordinary life in an immortal world And for eight years they ve been mostly successful save for a world bending

Two of a Kind (FU High #3)

Two of a Kind (FU High #3)When money is tight and your family relies on you, the rules don t apply For Brad, hacking is not only a way of life but it puts food on his table and sends his brilliant sister to a private school Nighttime, secret fights funds the gaps like special tennis shoes or expensive school uniforms His

Mangos and Mistletoe

Mangos and MistletoeKiskeya Burgos left the tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic with a lot to prove As a pastry chef on the come up, when she arrives in Scotland, she has one goal in mind win the Holiday Baking Challenge Winning is her opportunity to prove to her family, her former boss, and most importantly

Swagger and Sass (Lost Kings MC, #14.5)

Swagger and Sass (Lost Kings MC, #14.5)From USA Today bestselling author, Autumn Jones Lake, sometimes white knights arrive on a motorcycle to rescue you from drowning in three feet of water Ladies love the c ck No, seriously, my road name is Rooster, and women flock to me The feeling s mutual, but life is too short to fall in love

Play Me

Play MeFrom international bestselling authors, Ker Dukey and K Webster comes a fast paced, dark, hot, instalove standalone lunchtime read from their KKinky Reads collection I meet many women in my line of work Play many roles and create elaborate scenes specific to satisfying their darkest desires.

Angels Sing (Daddy Dearest, #2)

Angels Sing (Daddy Dearest, #2)Jamie Bailey has not had such a wonderful life He gave up his dreams of Harvard at 18 to raise his sister s unwanted baby, and later a prized job to help a sick friend Now the father of six year old Mia, and assistant manager at Raven Books, Jamie s dreams are dashed once again when Uncle Billy