The Queen's Choice

The Queen's ChoiceFrance, 1399 The Duke of Brittany is dead and his widow, Joanna of Navarre, has inherited control of their land a testament to her intellect, integrity and political prowess Then comes an unprecedented proposal from Henry IV, King of England The price of becoming his Queen Abandoning her

Candle Flame (The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan #13)

Candle Flame (The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan #13)February, 1381 Splendid Southwark tavern, The Candle Flame, is the site of a brutal massacre in which nine people, including John of Gaunt s tax collectors, their military escort and the prostitutes entertaining them, are murdered The furious Regent orders Brother Athelstan to track down the

The King's Sister

The King's Sister1382 Daughter of John of Gaunt, sister to the future King Henry IV, Elizabeth of Lancaster has learned the shrewd tricks of the court from England s most powerful men In a time of political turmoil, allegiance to family is everything A Plantagenet princess should never defy her father s wishes.

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville: A True Romance

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville: A True RomanceWhen the tall, athletic Edward of York seized the English throne in 1461, he could have chosen any bride he wanted With his dazzling looks and royal descent, the nineteen year old quickly got a reputation for womanising, with few able to resist his charm and promises For three years he had a

The Scandalous Duchess

The Scandalous DuchessIf you will be a great man s mistress you must pay the price 1372, The Savoy Widow Lady Katherine Swynford presents herself for a role in the household of merciless royal prince John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, hoping to end her destitution But the Duke s scandalous proposition leaves her life

The Autumn Throne (Eleanor of Aquitaine, #3)

The Autumn Throne (Eleanor of Aquitaine, #3)England, 1176 Imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England, refuses to let her powerful husband bully her into submission, even as he forces her away from her children and her birthright Freed only by Henry s death, Eleanor becomes dowager Queen of England But

Margaret Pole: The Countess in the Tower

Margaret Pole: The Countess in the TowerOf the many executions ordered by Henry VIII, surely the most horrifying was that of sixty seven year old Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, hacked to pieces on the scaffold by a blundering headsman From the start, Margaret s life had been marred by tragedy and violence her father, George, Duke